Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brindle Babies

I'm always fascinated by the questions I get about these two. Recently, it's been "are they hyenas?" and "are they the same dog?" They are starting to morph into each other aren't they: 

It's even funnier when the big one tries to sleep on the little one.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spread the Word

I continue to push the agenda of the no kill movement right here in Milwaukee. Thousands of animals are killed at the animal control shelter every year. Less than 50% of the animals taken in make it out alive. I started an email campaign to my local alderman which included links to these statistics as well as my own Master's thesis which is a road map to no kill communities. I've also joined forces with Milwaukee Pets Alive and Save Milwaukee's court case dogs. These non-profits have also been emailing aldermen and the mayor about the killing going on at the shelter. There has been some forward progress and one of the members has actually spoken with his alderman and the mayor about the problem. My alderman never responded to any of my emails. We have all been asked to lay low on the email campaign for now since there has been progress made and the city is moving forward, even if it is slowly but surely. We have been promised a more detailed explanation after the holidays.

It is hard for me to sit still until then but I don't want to go too rouge. So I'm back to getting the word out about the animals available in Milwaukee and working to volunteer and/or foster to save any animal I can. It is time to spread the word ((AGAIN)) that no kill is possible and will happen in Milwaukee. This is the time to get involved and join this cause with the rest of us. I urge you to read about the killing for yourself and join with one of these groups. Even if you don't live in Milwaukee you can still be a part of the movement. Like these groups on Facebook and follow our efforts. Change is possible. Spread the word.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting Stronger Everyday

It's been a while since I've updated and asked for prayers for Bill. It's not for lack of updates, but instead a protection of privacy. But I do want to take the time to reassure everyone that Bill is getting stronger everyday. We continue to send him cards twice a month and I'm determined to call him more. The last time I spoke to him was two weeks ago today. He smiled a lot but still can't talk, only listen. The dogs and I also sent him our hilarious Halloween pictures. I'm hoping to call today to see if he enjoyed them as much as we did. I'm also on the hunt for a December card to send him before we search for a Christmas card. I'm still not sure if the dogs and I will have personal ones made, or even if we're going to send any at all. Cards and postage in bulk is expensive! I'm still waiting for the day when I can actually fly to North Carolina to see him. Wouldn't that be a dream come true! No, really I've been wanting to do that for more than a year now. In the meantime, I just keep educating and advocating for the No Kill movement and proudly tell Bill about it when I can. Please keep praying for our William to return to us! And enjoy my favorite "Bill" song: Fire and Rain by James Taylor

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Work to do in Milwaukee

We love living in Milwaukee. The dogs and I are super excited to call this city home for the next two years. Knowing us, we probably won't stay any longer than that, but we'll see. What we do know is that Milwaukee has a huge problem: they kill thousands of animals a year. THOUSANDS! In Spokane, 91% of the animals who entered the local animal control shelter made it out alive. At the Humane Society that number was even higher. Here in Milwaukee less than 50% of them make it out alive. That is beyond disgusting and something needs to be done about it. First and foremost, education.

I've started emailing my alderman almost everyday. He's already received about six emails from me since last Monday. I have sent him links to other websites and also a copy of my master's thesis in which I wrote about converting communities into No Kill. I'm also working to become a foster of animals either through the local kill shelter and also through a rescue group. Even if I can only save them one at a time, it's still better than nothing. The dogs and I cannot sit back and let animals die every. single. day. I'm also working on telling EVERYONE about what's going on there. I've already been tweeting and facebooking about the problem, but now I am also taking it to YOU. I know only maybe a handful of you actually live in Milwaukee but EVERYONE can do their part to advance the No Kill movement. If you can't write your lawmaker, volunteer, if you can't volunteer, foster, if you can't foster, donate. DO SOMETHING! There is a lot of work to do here in Milwaukee and it might take me more than two years to make some real changes here but at least I am trying. This is something that I actually lose sleep over.

Secondly, I'm trying to network. There is power in numbers. Milwaukee's situation is soooo bad that even No Kill Nation has started putting the spotlight on this problem. I am working to email local rescues who are also disgusting by the killing and realize pulling one animal out at a time is a start, not an end to this problem. Real changes have to be made at the top. But the good news is it only take one person! One person who says, "the killing has to stop. Let's find someone who is against the killing of animals to be the leader of our animal control system" That's it!

Thirdly actual action. I haven't got this far yet but if I have to sit outside and protest with a sign well then sign me up. I'm trying to get my foot in the door first, then find others to stand alongside me. I know those people are out there and are willing to help, but even if I have to stand alone I'll do it. We can do this. I am committed to saving lives. Are you?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

IBS not BS

It's been a world-wind few months of activity. Long story short we finally moved back out on our own, started a new job, and did all those things that come with moving to a new city and state. The past few days have been nothing but our typical dog fun adventures. Today included a trip to the vet, a visit to the dog park, and a quick stop to the groomers for a small fix. At the vet we discovered Missaroo had Inflammatory Bowl Syndrome, or IBS. Yes, it's the same kind that a human can have. I always knew she was really a person trapped in a dog body. Anyway, she's on a new special food and her grandparents have got to stop feeding her! Like I'm going to kick them next they do it. The last pretzel filled visit ended up with Missy adding blood to her pee. (not the first time this has happened) Can you say awesome sauce? At least I know I'm not crazy. Missy has been puking since the moment I adopted her. She's also had really bad stools every few months for years. The vets always tell me she's find but here's some antibiotics just in case. They basically tell me I'm over reacting. Now this vet sent me away with a disease and no pills. I believe him. She has to be on an even more special food and a little bit of generic yogurt. I have to watch what she eats and it's def a lifestyle change for her, but no magic pills which I like much better. We have to stay away from gluten and find the right protein for her. Chicken is not it. So we're trying lamb and rice which he recommended and a few that is gluten free. We also have to keep the ingredients really simple so we can figure out exactly what she can and cannot tolerate. We'll see how it goes and I'll try to blog more to keep you updated. In the meantime, enjoy a pic from the vet and a shaky Miss at the groomers :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dog Park Fun

There is really nothing better for my heart and soul than to see my two loves scatter around the dog park and just be dogs. Since I have trouble even putting it into words I'd thought I'd just let you take a look for yourself.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shaggy Shack

The dogs are looking mighty shaggy lately. Ever since their adoption, they have never gone more than 9 weeks without a bath and trim. Now they are both heading into week 16. Yikes! Long nails, bad breathe, and overall smelly dogs is not something any of the three of us signed up for. Unfortunately, my lack of income has everything to do with it. BUT I just can't take it anymore, which means neither will they. They are both at the groomers for a major overhaul. SO major it's actually going to cost me more than it ever has before. Oops! Oh well, what's a dog mom to do. I feel so bad every time I look at them and their shaggy messes. We can't all be hot messes all of the time. I'll be picking them up in a few hours and I'll be sure to post pics of my new clean babies. Look for updates soon! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter too. @bdollymargaret and @themissaroo.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

See Ya Later Alligator

This week will be my last official week as intern at Found Chicago; to say I love it there is an understatement. Unfortunately, it has become too costly to make the long trek into the city. I won't miss the 5am alarm clock, paying tolls, or battling drivers for space on the interstate. What I will miss is the dogs and the commitment to those dogs by the wonderful people who work and volunteer there. One of my New Year's resolutions was to advance the No Kill movement; thanks to Found Chicago I can check that one of my list. I hope that one day soon I can go back, but right now the bills are adding up, my gas tank is getting low, and the overwhelming feeling of unemployment is looming. I have asked them to keep me up-to-date and I hope I can still help them out even if it is just from my home computer. It will be hard to get up every morning knowing I have nowhere to be, but luckily for me I still have two amazing dogs of my own. Once again, I will look to Missy and Mister to lift me up off the floor. I really, truly hope this is only see ya later alligator, and not goodbye.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dog Food Woes

Since I am currently unemployed, I get to spend a lot of time with my dogs. It has been nothing short of great. However, I worried about how I will be able to continue to pay for them. They should see the vet in the next few days, they are overdue for a groom, and finally their food supply is running low. I can probably look into free doggie food banks but it still makes me feel uneasy. BUT if I do get a job soon I'm worried they won't eat either. Why? Because ever since I've been home with them they only eat when I sit with them. The worst part is they don't eat at the same time either. Missy goes first, of course. Mister waits and then eats. Yes they have two bowls and two portions of food but that doesn't matter to them. They like their routines and right now they have the time to be this annoying. I might never sleep past 5am again.

Friday, July 20, 2012

BSL is just BS

I know that some of you are HUGE animal lovers and take a special interest in No Kill, but I also know there are others who are just fans of the Missaroo. This post is for both of you.

I recently read an article stating that PetsMart bans bully breeds from its doggie daycare. For those of you who don't know, bully breeds would include dogs like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, any dog deemed to be "dangerous" this decade. It use to include German Shepards. My mom's response to this was "well they must have had problems." To which my retort was "that's like saying no black people are allowed inside the store." Seriously, breed specific legislation or any other forms of breed discrimination are comparable to race discrimination. What PetsMart really needs is educated trainers and dog handlers that can do true assessments on every dog that enters doggie daycare.

As a dog mom, I totally get wanting to keep your babies safe. I would sue the pants off PetsMart if Mister was killed in a dog attack there. If Missy were seriously injured, I'd sue the pants off them. I mean you get it. BUT AGAIN, dogs should be tested on an individual basis. Two quick examples:

One of the people up in arms over PetsMart's' policy is an owner of a pitbull who's day job is therapy dog. Gremlin goes into nursing homes to help patients. She puts the Missaroo to shame with her 11,000 Facebook "likes." Gremlin should be allowed into daycare.

I intern for a fabulous place, Found Chicago. We deal with biters, special needs dogs, and aggressive dogs. The other day one of them bit me. His name is Oliver and he is an 8 pound Maltese. ((those white fluffy dogs smaller than Mister)) He got me twice actually, once on the top of my right hand, the other time on my left thumb. Oliver should not be allowed at daycare.

No two dogs are alike. Period. End of story. I am in the process of figuring out just how to boycott a company I have spent big bucks at in the past. Missy did her training there. Both dogs get groomed there and it is our go to store for all things pet related. It will be hard and we might have ween ourselves off but it is doable. I hope you will take up this challenge with me and tell PetsMart that breed discrimination along with breed specific legislation is really just a bunch of BS.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


On Friday, someone tied his dog to the door of the veterinary clinic next door to Found Chicago where I intern. It was disgusting. Long story short, the guy fed his dog RAW CHICKEN and the dog was super sick; as in Homer has renal failure. My boss of course took Homer in and we starting taking care of him right away. Today, I had the privileged of helping out. I gowned and gloved up before helping administer several pills to the poor guy. I took him for a potty break and then had to clean down the spot where he went so no one else gets sick. I also just sat there and told poor Homer it was going to be alright. The good news is that was a true statement. Homer has been improving every day since we took him.

As with most recent challenges in my life, I could spend my energy being mad at the idiot who got his dog sick and then abandoned him, or I can focus on how I can help save Homer's life. I chose the latter. Just in case you didn't already know this, not everything you read on the Internet is true, especially if the Internet tells you it is OK for you to feed your dog RAW CHICKEN, or any raw meat for that matter.

Challenges like this are what keep me going. As horrible as the story of Homer started, it will have a happy ending. I am so grateful I get to be apart of Homer's story. Dogs like Homer make cleaning kennels and scooping poop all worth it in the end. We all have to do our part to save lives. I challenge you to find out how you can help. Even if it's just sitting with sick dogs or cleaning up after them. All of this can make a huge impact on a dog's life. And every dog saved is another step in the No Kill movement. Keep going!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mister Cool

I cannot believe how much Mister has come into his own over the last couple of months. Everyone knows I am obsessed with Missy, but few in my family can understand why. Why? Because Mister is so cool! He's the class clown, a total ham and yet he's the lay low, pick your moments fella from high school. His future is so bright, I need to get him a pair of shades.

What can I say? He's Mister cool.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saving Brave

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my bonding experience with one of the dogs at Found Chicago. Brave was a hot mess when we last visited her on this blog. She had just been spayed and still needed to be potty trained. She's been through a lot of living in just a year and a half, but now I'm happy to report things are really starting to look up for my beautiful Brave. She has gone from homeless stray to top dog at Found! She has recently been promoted to "office dog" after our last one was adopted over the weekend. So I decided to turn Brave into an internet star! I'll be blogging as her on the Found Chicago dog blog page! I am so excited about the opportunity to write AND help give her the most exposure possible. So go check out the best dog blog you aren't reading, yet ;)



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Love

My aunt is having a huge garage sale for the second weekend in a row. Last week, I checked it out/helped out with my mom. Since I was killing time away from my doggies, I just couldn't return to them empty handed! But what could I bring them back from a garage sale? My first stop was the stuffed animal bin. The only problem is that all of the stuffed animals had those little pellet things inside. Well that's just a disaster waiting to happen. One rip of the fabric and hazardous material would be ready for the consumption. Then my aunt suggested taking a peak inside the free bin where there were a couple of old dolls. Bingo! I found a winner I was sure Mister would love. We named him baby.

Missaroo loves him too.

And by love I mean wants to rip his legs off. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Making Friends

If anyone had told me two years ago that the Missaroo would one day have a brother I would have laughed. "Missy is dog aggressive" I would have retorted, "no way." But she and Mister are the best of buds. Another year later and the Missaroo surprised me again while proving the world wrong about biters. Sunday Mister, Missy, my dad, and I all headed out for the dog park. Yep, you read me right. Missaroo went unleashed at a dog park and you know what? She made friends! And more than that, she and Mister both had a great time.

Missy's biggest problem is leash aggression. She's totally "that guy" who picks fights with really big dudes in bars and then yells to her buddy's "hold me back brah." Except she's no guy, the big dude is a dog, and I'm the posse holding her back via leash. She's all talk to them and all bite at me. I nipped the biting in the bud, but not the leash aggression. She is also waaaay over protective of me. So the dog park really is perfect. It takes her off the leash, lets her socialize so she can see not all dogs are bad, and she can meet and greet without me at the other end of the leash. What a sweet deal! Now, this is not to say I wasn't surprised she did so well. The one thing about dogs that bite, they are a bit less predictable than other dogs. I still monitor her play very closely, but boy has she come along way. I can't tell you how proud I was to see Missy playing with other dogs and making friends.

Today we went back to the park and I think I may have met a friend too. There was another dog mom very much like me with her Peanut. No really, that's her dog's name. We talked about how we would both love to be in the animal welfare/sheltering business as oppose to our career paths, vaccines, dog parks, doggie daycare, and the like. I hope I'll see her again at the dog park soon. Just like the Missaroo, I've had trouble making friends. Maybe this is a turning point for both of us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

There aren't a whole lot of places I rather be than home with my dogs. I mean, come on, my ideal job is what I'm doing right now. Unfortunately, I've only made less than a dollar in two years of doing this so I have to look for work outside my backyard. I think if I could pick a runner up, it would have to be the place I go to everyday, Found Chicago. I love it there! Sure, at noon I'm ready to punch out for the day. BUT I'm also just a lowly intern and most of my day consists of picking up poop. That part of the gig is def not my dream job but I put a big smile on my face while I do it anyway. Why? Simple: Everyday we save lives. I would love to help Found save even more lives for the rest of mine. Not only are they apart of the No Kill movement, they are on the cusp of something really great. I want to be a part of their greatness too. So everyday while I'm cleaning kennels, mopping floors, filing papers, and meeting with the head honcho, I just keep smiling. For me, Found Chicago has become the happiest place on earth.

So, now you're on board right? Totally pumped and want to help Found save lives too, right? You can! And we won't even ask you to pick up poop! Just drink! Cocktails for Canines is June 29th at Parlour on Clark in Chicago. I'll be at the front door to greet you. For ten dollars you get two drinks and the chance to make a difference. There's more info on theFound Facebook Page. See you there!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life and Such

I just wanted to pass along a quick Bill update since it has been three months since his accident. Tomorrow he is being discharged from rehab and will finally go home. Although the best place for him to be right now is probably rehab, that just isn't in the cards for him. So, we will all make the best of it! The good news is he will be home with his loving family. The goal is that he will make enough progress there that he will be able to eventually return to rehab where he can get the care he needs. I am hoping to send him a care package by the weekend. Continue to pray for his recovery. We are just getting started folks! Team Bill.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breakthrough Missaroo

One of the trainers at Found Chicago told me that dogs have three reactions to stressful situations, freeze, flee, or fight. The Missaroo has always chosen fight... until yesterday. As most of you know, I have been working with Miss for three and a half years now. She suffered from terrible separation anxiety and dog aggression on top of her other crazy habits. When I first started working with her on being less aggressive on leash toward other dogs she bit me. I still have the scar on my right arm to prove it. I've had to nail her butt to the ground a couple of times in order to tell her I was the one who was really in charge of the situation. Over the years, she has calmed down quite a lot. She doesn't even snap at me anymore when I try to get between her and another dog, but her choice remained fight.

Now that we have a fenced in yard, I have been able to work with Missy in a new way. There is a neighbor dog who lives behind us who hasn't yet given up barking at Miss the way Rusty did. This dog always starts the barking, but Missy makes sure she gets in the last word. They meet at the fence and go at it. So, I've been working with Missy to stop the barking and climbing on the fence. Success. But I still had to stay right there and hold her back just a tiny bit. So we kept working at it. Every day, every chance I had to be there with her when the other dog barked, I used as a lesson. And then yesterday a miracle happened.... I mean like the clouds parted and a dove might as well have flown down. Missy not only approached the dog without barking, she WALKED AWAY FROM A BARKING DOG! She simply chose to ignore him. AMAZING. Like seriously! I just about died. My mom was like geez it's not that big of deal, but she wasn't there the day Missy turned her head and bit me. Not the time on the leg. Or the time that left the scar on my arm. She wasn't there when I had to force Missy onto the ground and hold her there until she stopped. She wasn't there when I almost gave up. So she didn't understand why Missy simply walking away from a fence made me so overjoyed tears filled my eyes. And more than being happy for my own success, I am happy that Missy can be just as chill as her little brother Mister. Going through life fighting with everyone is no life at all. I'm so happy Missy just improved her own quality of life! I am sure there will be more fights in the future, that this was just another step and not the end of the journey. BUT it was indeed a breakthrough for the Missaroo.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dog Mom Vacation

I turned the big 2-7 on Sunday and, well, I'm not too happy about it. I'm officially in my late 20's and I don't have much to show for it, other than my two beautiful puparoos of course! So I decided I needed to get out of town to celebrate and what better way than visiting a fellow dog mom? So I hopped a plane and headed to Rhode Island for the weekend.

My friend Molly is pretty much the reason I have the Missaroo. We worked together in the Tri-Cities and she was the first person to really tell me "you should get a dog." So this weekend I took a break from my two and visited her and Wiley. While I was there we went to a pet parent event called "Pints for Paws." It was a fundraiser for the Providence Animal Rescue League AND you could bring your dog! It was fun to be surrounded by fellow pet parents who really "get it," although it did make me miss Missy and Mister more than I already did. I told a lot of Missaroo stories, was recommended some books to read, and got to see other dog moms and dads really do their thing.

I met one dog mom who has to spoon feed her dog while he stands up. Then when he's done she has to hold him upright for about 20 minutes while he digests it. Wow! Others just told me funny stories about things their dogs do or heartwarming tales of love and rescue. It was a really great experience and made it even harder to leave. It made me more sad about my current situation.

Coming home, nobody gets it. In fact, I'm sitting out in the garage blogging right now because, seriously, no one gets it. My dogs aren't allowed inside so why would I want to be there? Um, I don't. So I sit outside all day long until it's time for bed. If it weren't for the dogs I probably would have moved into my car and just driven off by now. But there is hope for me out there. There is hope I end up like Molly again one day. Hanging out with my fellow pet parents at the park. Making friends, playing with dogs. It's all I really want.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Missy and Mister are loving their new digs. Between grandpa's undivided attention on the weekends, and grandma's fenced in yard, their days of balcony living seem like a thing of the past. Like a life they use to live, way back when. This new found freedom has also given the Missaroo a chance to rid herself as the neighborhood terror. In one day, she won over even the toughest Missaroo critics in her new home ((my mom's husband)) and in one week flat she became the most beloved dog in the neighborhood. How did she do it? With some good old fashion my way or the high way Missy actions. She put an end to the yipper next door.

Rusty has been terrorizing the neighborhood for nearly a year now. He comes out several times a day and yip, yip, yips. Just like that. Always in threes then a pause and another three barks. Yip, yip, yip..... Yip, yip, yip... Yip, yip, yip. For ten minutes at a time. The worst is at night. He comes out between 9:30 and 10:30 at night and barks. He also manages to set off the motion detectors outside that shine right into my mom's bedroom. Rusty was a terror. Key word was. Enter the Shmoo.

Day one, Rusty comes out with the air of a superior dog ((he's a miniature pinscher mix)). He yip, yip, yips right up to the fence; and then the Missaroo attacked. Mister was trying to make friends when Missy ran up and thwarted his efforts. Halfway through her usually rant and Rusty stopped cold. Just starred at her and walked away. He wanted none of what she was selling. But it gets better.

A few days later and the barker was back at 9:30 pm ((my bedtime)). Now remember, I am a woman who interns inside an animal shelter five hours a day. Three minutes in and I decided Rusty is the most annoying dog ever. YIP, YIP, YIP.... YIP, YIP, YIP.... YIP, YIP, YIP. Enough. I turn to Miss and say, let's go. Out to the yard we went and without making a peep she shushed him. All she did was run over to the fence and Rusty froze. I called her back in and the barking DID NOT start back up again. Mission accomplished. Now every time Rusty comes to annoy the neighborhood Missy is on call to stop him in his tracks. And that's how the Missaroo went from being the old neighborhood terror to the new neighborhood savior in one week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being Brave

Today marks day three of the Found internship and all I can tell you is I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. After taking a few doggies out on their potty break and hanging with the cats, I was asked to run an errand. A rather LARGE errand. Meet Brave

She needed a ride to the Anti-Cruelty Society so she could get spayed. At a year and a half, she's already missed two spay appointment and had to make this one. So they asked me to hop on the Kennedy and take her downtown. It's only 20 minutes away, I was told. Yeah right. So Brave and I headed off ((in my car)) down 94 into the heart of the city. I wanted to intern at 7am for a reason, I didn't want to fight rush hour traffic. Oh well. 30 minutes later I put in a call to Found saying we weren't going to make it there by 9am, but we'd be there soon. Brave and I found the place OK but it's BIG. We parked, ran around the block, up a flight of stairs and right into the vet clinic waiting room. Did I mention I just met Brave this morning? 

Brave was such a good girl. She def lived up to her name. I was quite the hot mess by the time we signed in, but she was in pretty good shape ((minus the whole throwing up in the kennel on the way over thing)). The good news is we made it. I really hope she doesn't associate me with surgery forever! A few wrong turns later and I made it back to Found to finish up my day. What an experience! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Hero Henry

Today I met an amazing dog named Henry. Henry is full of life and loves to smile. He does amazing at agility and is often times the most focused dog in the room during training sessions. Henry just makes me want to smile and forget about my bad day. What's even more amazing about Henry is that he is blind. I've never met a blind dog before. I soon found myself saying things like poor Henry. But that is not Henry's attitude at all and lucky for him that is not the attitude at Found Chicago either. He might be a considered a "special needs" dog, but really it Henry who dishes up the life lesson. He shows us, that just like with humans, blind dogs can do everything seeing dogs can, and then some!

At Found, Henry isn't treated like the other dogs, his trainer is even MORE strict with him. Why? Because who wants a rambunctious, blind pitbull? Now thanks to his training, Henry has a second chance at life! Henry is ready for adoption. Click here to check out his bio. Henry is definitely my hero for the month. I hope that someone loving will make Henry his or her hero for the rest of his life.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Living the Dream

Today was my first day of interning at Found Chicago. It's an animal shelter who's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Chicago's dogs and cats. How awesome is that!?! WAY AWESOME. At the beginning of the year, I set some pretty lofty goals for myself. One was to advance the No Kill movement. What better way than by spending my summer at a premiere rescue shelter in one of the country's largest cities?  I truly am living the dream.

Day one was a lot of dirty work. I spent most of the morning sweeping and mopping floors. I also scooped a lot of poop. But then I got to work with the dogs as well. Most of the dogs were probably chuckling on the inside as they put me through the ringer as I tried to get them in and out of their kennels. I probably had a harder time figuring out how to open the doors than I did with anything else. I learned A LOT. Mostly about how important head control is. These are NOT your ordinary animal shelter dogs. These are dogs with serious issues, not Missaroo issues either. Some have been severely abused. Like so abused they were taken away from their owners by the courts. Again, not your run of the mill dog. This is where Found is truly amazing, or should I say the people behind Found's doors are truly amazing. They give these dogs hope. Real hope and a another shot at a home. With two on-site trainers who work with the dogs every day and caring people wandering the halls at every turn, there is great work being done at Found everyday. I am so blessed to be a part of it. Hopefully, it won't be all poop and dirt for me either. My goal is to learn all the ins and outs of animal sheltering there. Maybe one day the Missaroo, Mister too, and I will be running an awesome animal shelter of our own!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Home

The dogs and I are settling into a new home, in a new state a-ok. The dogs are really enjoying splitting time between grandma's backyard and grandpa's attention. I wish splitting time between the two was as easy for me after 13 years as it seems to be for them.

And somewhere in between we discovered instagram!  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One From the Road

Greetings from North Dakota! I am officially back in the central time zone again, which means the car in my clock is finally on the correct time. I always kept it in central time even after moving out West so I would know what time it was when I called my mom, usually from the car. It has been quite the adventure so far for mom, the dogs, and me. Long days in the car, a tiny bit of sightseeing, and then pool-ing it up at night in the hotels. Of course, with two dogs in toe, there are a LOT of potty breaks along the way.

For those of you who know the Missaroo personally, you might be wondering how she is making it across country. Missaroo might be the craziest dog on the planet and she is hands down the worst car rider of all time. So as my mom says "she's sedated and crated" the whole time. We give her doggie downers via peanut butter crackers before we leave and 30 minutes later she's too drugged up to bark. At pit stops she sometimes needs helping getting up and out of the car, but once she's out she does just fine walking around high.

Mister, on the other hand, might be the world's best traveler. Other than his frequent potty breaks, he just lays there. In fact, while I took a break from driving yesterday he sat shotgun with me! It was fun to have the sidekick next to me.

In the hotels the dogs have done exceptionally well. They bark when they hear people right outside the door, but that's just their stranger-danger instinct. Mom gets mad about it, but that's mostly because she seems to be big on sleeping late. I'm already up and about so it doesn't bother me any.

Welp, tomorrow we should be on to Minnesota, don't-cha-know. I just wanted to send a quick note from the road. Don't forget to follow the Missaroo and me on Twitter to see pics and thoughts as we travel along the way!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


We have been doing some serious blog slacking lately. And by we of course, I'm trying to blame the dogs along with myself. But unfortunately they can't type so at the end of the day, all fingers point here. So what's up with the slacking you might be asking? Here's the sitc (short for situation) I have serious writer's block. Like I've never, ever had before. The words just aren't coming. All I can think about is Bill and silly little blog posts just don't seem as important as they once did. I also don't want to bore everyone with the minute details of his recovery. I live for those details. I patiently wait by the phone every night, checking it every few minutes to see if there's a new post about how he is doing. But I realize that is my thing and probably not your thing. Especially because this is still the dog blog and is suppose to be stories about the dogs, not always me.

So I just don't know what else to say. The dogs have an appointment with the vet on Tuesday. Maybe something so dog-blogish will happened that I'll just have to post about it. Until then we wish you all well, and please pray for Bill.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I've been in a funk lately. I think trying to stay positive while Bill lies in a coma is harder worker than I ever imagined it would be. 25 days in and my positive attitude is starting to wane. What's worse is the guilt of our doggie-sized divorce weighs so heavy on my heart most days I have trouble breathing. I am very much in love with Bill and have been for months and months. My heart broke everyday we didn't talk and I recently found out he thought I was the one who wasn't speaking to him. I felt like the world's biggest jerk. I thought he was tired of me so I backed off. Tried to give him space and not make him feel guilty. His word not mine. I didn't know how I continually managed to make him feel that way but I would do anything to prevent that, even if it meant not talking to him. After he left for his road trip I decided some of the things that drove us apart didn't really matter if I didn't have him anyway. I wrote last month in the blog about how I was trying to move on, well I didn't get very far. And by the following Monday I decided living without Bill just wasn't an option. I still knew we needed space and wanted to wait until he settled back in to life at home in North Carolina. That never happened. This new added information about the pain I caused Bill just makes me ill. Don't get me wrong, I do not feel sorry for myself. How could I? I just feel sick. About the whole thing. All the time. Sick for Bill. Sick for his family. Sick about the fact I can be the world's biggest jerk sometimes and not even know it. Sick that I hurt someone I love so much it hurts. Sick. Sick. Sick. It's no wonder Missy threw up.....

Needless to say, Bill would not be proud of me. He knows sitting around the apartment is not me and he would be even more upset that he was the cause of my sadness. Like you, he is an avid reader the dog blog and knows how much I love to write. Of course this guilt quickly turns into a vicious cycle that just leads to more guilt. More sick.

The dogs as always are the bright in my funk darkness. I bought them matching red raincoats. I've taken them on long walks now that the weather is starting to take a turn toward Spring. We've all spent time on the balcony. We are ready to meet with out wonderful vet one last time at the end of the month to prepare for our own move home. And all of these things make me miss Bill even more. The best dog dad the three of us could ever ask for. I hope he comes out of this coma soon. I have to fly to see him. Must. Hold. Hands. He's scheduled to go in for skull surgery on Wednesday to repair where the doctors had to cut in to relieve the brain swelling. Good news from the Bill camp would certainly get me out of this funk. It's the waiting that's so hard on all of us. Please keep praying everyone. I can just feel the prayers everyday. I love you all.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Missy has been uncomfortable lately and I have no idea why. She just lays next to me at night at wines. She's up every couple of hours ((so am I)) and I can never figure out what is wrong. I try taking her out to go to the bathroom but half the time she won't even walk on the grass because it is too wet outside, let alone actually do her business. ((it's April 1st and it's snowing)) I think part of her problem has been the terrible weather we have been having lately. It's been raining since Thursday, today snow. Tomorrow the same. It's wet, wet, wet outside and there is nothing Missy dislikes more than rain, puddles, and mud.

Of course, I always look too far into her problems and try to relate them with my own life or what's happening around me. We've been reading a lot about how restless Bill has been lately. The only word I can think of to describe it is uncomfortable. He's been batting at the nurses when they wipe around his mouth. He's tried pulling his tubes out. He flinches when they change the bandages around his eyes. I know Bill, and I know he is uncomfortable. He hates what's going on, but the good news is he seems to be aware of what's going on. I hope that he wakes up any day now. And once he is awake, I'm hoping he'll be out of the ICU soon, and once he leaves the ICU they will allow him to have flowers and visitors. And well I want to be one of the flower bearing visitors. Although Missy is probably uncomfortable because of an overall lack of exercise, I like to think, again, she feels Bill all the way from Dayton and she won't be happy until he is better. Well Missaroo, that makes two of us.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Team Bill

I wanted to thank you all for your love and support of Bill. It has been amazing how many people in my life have been taking time out of their day to pray for Bill. The good news is the prayers are working. Bill is still unconscious, but moving more and more each day. The brain swelling is down and his lungs are healing. Each day we receive more positive news from Dayton, Ohio. Bill will have a long road of recovery ahead of him so keep up the prayers please as he keeps up the fight.

Although the news overall has been positive, the truth is right now we are just waiting for Bill to come out of this coma. It could be up to three weeks total. That is a lot of time to sit and wait, and ultimately become negative. So far, I personally have only had a few moments in the week and a half since the accident that I have thought a negative thought. Your prayers and support are part of what keeps me sending Bill positive vibes. I also just keep thinking about seeing Bill in the hospital. I continually go over what I want to tell him about, what I'm going to say, I've even tried to put together an outfit in my head. All of those thoughts might seem pretensions, but really it's about the fact that I will see and speak to Bill again. The dogs will have their dog dad alive and well, even if he is across the country.

I am really proud of those two dogs by the way. Missy had a rough few days. She threw up everyday and became extra needy. ((Since Missy is already needy in general, extra needy is almost unbearable. It's like moving around with an extra 26 pounds on top of you at all times)) Strangely enough, as soon as Bill's brain swelling went down, the puking stopped. Even more strange, I didn't know his brain swelling went down until after the fact. Now try and tell me those two aren't forever linked emotionally and spiritually. We might have opposable thumbs, but dogs are one with the universe in a way we can never imagine. At least that's my take on it anyway.

So again, thank you for joining Team Bill. Keep up the fight.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please Pray for Bill

On Wednesday morning in Dayton, Ohio the dogs' dad, Bill, was in a horrible car accident. His friend, who was driving, was killed instantly. Bill is in critical condition in the ICU. He's unconscious, and will continue to be for possibly another 3 weeks. To say our world has been rocked is an understatement.

I love Bill with all my heart. In the days leading up to the accident, that's all I could think about. How much I just love him and how I just had to call him to tell him that, again, once he arrived in North Carolina. To tell him how nothing else really mattered and that no matter what, we had to find away to stay in each others lives. Then Wednesday I answered the phone at work and seconds later ended up on the floor trying to catch my breath.

Now, every free thought I have is with Bill and his family. There is no use traveling to Dayton at this point because only family is allowed in the ICU ((if I thought I could see him I'd be on the next plane, the first one leaves at 6am from Spokane every day)) Instead I'm making it my mission that every single person in my life pray for Bill. So far I have him on the prayer list at my church, my church family in the Tri-Cities, and almost every member's of my family.

The good news is Bill is a fighter. There are actual signs he is fighting. Bill also has an amazing will to live, love, and laugh. He has an amazing heart and a passion that burns inside of him. Now he needs our prayers. Please pray for Bill. I know if my dogs were people they would be praying too. If there was one person who deserved this less I can't name them.

We love you Bill. Keep fighting. We'll keep praying.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trying to Move On

It's been nearly a week since I tried to say goodbye and hoped the dogs would get their chance even if I didn't get or deserve one. Now we take it one day at a time. The dogs, as always, are doing much better than I am. I miss having someone to talk about them to all of the time: About the chance to blog as the Missaroo. About Mister peeing on everything. The latest thing the two of them got into the night before. Our day to day lives really. We also miss the added attention.

I'm also really mad at myself most days. It's been hard to turn my frown upside down. Being mad at yourself is sometimes the hardest kind of mad to get over because you have to wake up next to you everyday. You have to look yourself in the mirror everyday. You have to be you everyday. How could I mess up so badly there is no way for me to fix it? And how do I live with that? I don't know. I do know I am blessed to always have the love of Mister and Missy. Although I messed up for them too, they always forgive and forget. Hopefully I can do the same. But it is an uphill climb every day. It's a journey I begin in the morning, wrestle with all day, and doesn't end when I close my eyes at night. I dream about it too. I pray for forgiveness each step of the way. I'm trying to move on one moment at a time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Special Invitation

I promised a happier blog post in the coming days and well, the wait is over! The Spokane Humane Society has asked the Missaroo to be a guest blogger on their Gizmo blog! How exciting is that!?! We are so stoked and honored. There is one slight problem. I have never actually blogged as the Missaroo before. I've tried to capture her voice a few times on her Facebook page, but only in one or two sentences. Never in a full fledged blog. But I am up for the challenge. I can tell you one thing, it's been really fun trying to think of what to write about. At first I wanted her to tell her adoption story but apparently a cat already beat us to it. So it was back to the drawing board. Thanks to Grams I've come up with two other topics. I've sent one to the humane society to see what they think. Of course, we will keep you updated right here on our blog, plus we'll give you the link when it becomes available. Thanks everyone for your continued support in helping the Missaroo become a star! Loves.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One More Sad One

So it looks like the dogs didn't get to say goodbye after all. Their dad is probably half way across the country by now. On Saturday morning we got up early, walked early, and waited. I had hoped he'd make contact saying he wanted to see them. I was all ready to take off and leave the extra key under the mat. But my phone never went off and no cars pulled up in my driveway. It looks like he's gone for good. Done with our crap. And I'm too hurt to even function. I get up to walk the dogs, feed the dogs, blog about the dogs, and pee. I spent the rest of the day on the couch. I'm thinking about 14-18 hours. It's hard to keep track after a while. All I know for sure is I'm headed back to it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

On Another Personal Note

Wow! I logged onto the dog blog this morning and checked out the stats like I do pretty regularly. Normally the top post has maybe four page views. Nothing to write home about, but I'm always happy to see someone is reading it. Today, however, the top post had 19 page views! 19! I think that's pretty close to the all time dog blog record and in record time no doubt. I'm not really sure what to think about all the attention, especially because I cried as I typed it. Doggie-sized Divorce was not easy to write the first time. It was a whole lot harder to proof read. But there you have it. 19 posts. And all by March 2nd to boot. The second of each month has significant meaning for me personally in regards to all of this.

I want to thank you all for reading and apologize for the less up-beat posts. I'll try to catch the dogs doing something hilarious soon. Loves and hugs. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doggie-sized Divorce

Welp, this week the dogs have to say goodbye to the only dog dad they've ever known. Whether they will actually get the chance to say goodbye is not up to me. For them, it must feel like a doggie parent divorce. And like with every divorce, it is a thin line between using the dogs and wanting what's best for them. I wish I could just fix the weirdness so the dogs and I could both say goodbye. But I just don't know how. Saying I'm sorry is a start, but I'm not even sure I can say that without crying and my tears have been accused of creating guilt in the past. What's a dog mom to do? I have no idea. But this time it seems as though my cure-all dogs don't have the cure after all. What I have been doing is keeping my head down and my pleasantries to a minimum for fear of making dog dad uncomfortable, again.

And I want to make sure it's clear I don't use the word divorce lightly. It is a word that defined my teens and early twenties. A word I wish I had no concept of today. But for the dogs, it signifies they will never have another dog dad. No replacement. Just one person who loved them almost as much as I did. Who took them for walks and runs, took care of them when mom went away, slept with them like mom does, and came bearing gifts at Christmas time. This is a sad week for all of us because it's all over now.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucky Dogs

I am constantly reminded just how lucky Mister and Missy are, and last night was no exception. This gets a little personal and there needs to be a little bit of a back story so bear with me. I am currently in a fight with someone who means the world to me and is probably the most wonderful person I've ever met. It sucks. We both caused it. And yet somehow I let this squabble continue because at least being in a fight is still being in a something. There's no one else I rather talk to so if fighting is the only way to hear his voice anymore so be it. Stupid I know, but the reality is a week from now his voice will be gone from my life completely. So back to the dogs.

Last night the dogs were able to see their favorite person in world, despite our fight. He said hello to them and it made me so happy that those two are so perfect even their stupid mom can't keep goodness out of their lives.  It meant the world to them and to me that they only know love and happiness. It's just another reason why they are my love and happiness.They are so lucky to still have such an amazing person in their lives. I'm so glad even I can't take that away from them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's mornings like these when I wish the dogs could walk themselves. I'm tired, it's cool, and it's really, really wet. 15 minutes around the block and my feet are soaked. Missy and Mister were pretty wet too by the time we made it back inside. Heavy, compact snow mixed with above freezing temps means puddles of water and ice everywhere. Just gross. Another thought that comes to mind: litter box training. Maybe for Mister, but Missy would just kick litter all over the apartment. So I guess today is what we call a lose, lose situation. I'm not sure the picture does it justice, but I tried. I cannot wait until summer.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Year Older

February 17th marked the dog blog's two year anniversary. It's hard to believe people are still following our miss-adventures and new people are checking us out everyday! I've worked hard over the last year to re-focus the blog while still making it a touch personal, a touch witty, and a touch smart. Oh yeah, and I added videos of the most adorable dogs in the world! Last month the blog received a face-lift and some early spring cleaning. Now it's time to remind everyone where I want to go with the little dog blog that could.

 By this time next year I would love to reach 10,000 page views. I think we are well on our way and I can't wait to watch that little counter thingy click over. I also want to get everyone who reads the blog to "like" the Missaroo on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. Missy also has her very own Google+ page too! I also want to inspire more, live more, love more, and make more people aware of animal welfare issues facing this country. I hope you are ready to take this journey with us. Welcome to year three.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


It is very rare we use our little dog blog to directly ask for help ((except for shameless plugs and self-promotion of the Missaroo of course)) so we must really, really need it. Here's the sitc. ((that's short for situation for those not in the know)) My cousin found two really adorable dogs abandoned along the side of a busy road in the Elgin, Illinois area. Like any good dog mom she pulled over and rescued them. Since she is already a dogmom keeping them is not an option, but handing them over to be killed at the local animal control facility really isn't on the table as a choice either. So we're asking for your help.

I don't have a pic of the dogs myself but with a little help from Facebook, I can guide you to them. We need to find these little tykes a home pronto. Even if you can't adopt them we're hoping you'll share the news with everyone you know, and well, you know how the sharing thing goes. Thanks so much for all you do for pets already. Hugs!

Update: The two dogs have found a forever home! Thanks again. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love love, so I love Valentine's Day! I can't wait to hand out my Valentine's Day cards to my kiddos at daycare and my co-workers. There are exactly two reasons I walk around with love in my heart, one because Jesus died and rose again for my sins, the other is my two Valentines Missy and Mister. So we thought we'd spread the love today with great Missaroo and Mister too pics. Enjoy! Love!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


For those who know me best, they know I love greeting cards. OK I'm more like obsessed with greeting cards. I love the hunt in the card aisle, trying to pick out the perfect one for someone. Most of the time the person I'm shopping for receives two. One funny, one serious. I love licking the envelopes and sending them off. I especially love when I get to send it to someone who can't return the favor. And more than that I love getting cards in the mail. This is also obvious for anyone who's ever been to my apartment. I use old cards as decorations. Now my amazing friend and fellow dog mom Molly has come up with a new reason to love cards. She's spreading the love with a recycled card and I was the first lucky recipient!

I cannot even begin to describe how happy this made me. Like lots oh LOVE! I opened the card right before heading to work and it put me in the best mood to face the night job. Now I can't wait to spread the love to another dog mom or dad in need of a mood pick-me-up. I even think I have someone in mind. Spread the love. High five a friend. And tell them the Missaroo made you do it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When the Missaroo Attacks

Monday morning is home to one of the scariest dog mom moments I've ever had. Missy got loose and took off after another dog. Don't believe me? I have a purple lip to prove it. So what happened? It was 6:30am, still dark out, and we had just gotten up. We were going to make our way around the block when we ran into the neighbor and her two large dogs. Very calm, very relaxed dogs mind you. I went to turn directions and started dragging Mister and Missy the other way when I quickly realized I had one dog and two leashes. Not. Good.

The next few seconds felt like hours and yet seems like one big blur. All I remember is running, screaming at Missy. Yelling my apologizes and trying to explain while going after my crazy dog. I remember being on my knees trying to grab her from behind to gain control. It was while I was on my knees and grabbing her from the hips that she popped up and headbutted me in the lip. Ouch! But I didn't lose my grip. I carried her home with Mister still just on his leash and just being the innocent bystander to the madness surrounding him. When I got back up the stairs to the apartment I put Missy's harness back on her. Tight everywhere. I must not have clipped it well enough in the morning. My fault! Oh the guilt. I cannot even tell you how horrible I feel that Missy went after another dog.

Missy on the attack is truly my biggest fear. If she really were to get after another dog there is a good chance she could lose her life and with that I would lose mine. I cannot wait to move out of doggie hell, get those two into a backyard, and try working on this temperament problem of hers. AGAIN. In the meantime, you better believe I give her one big tug before I open the door.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


For Christmas, I challenged all of you to find companies that didn't test on animals to buy from. I hope you took it to heart and did the best you could looking at labels before you checked out. This is a challenge I am still taking every day and I thought it was time to tell YOU where I'm at so you can continue to hold me accountable. So here we go.

There are still two pieces of makeup that I wear that needs to change. But I promise the next time I run out of foundation or mascara I'll hit up the MAC counter instead of Rite Aid.

I still need to switch over my shampoo and conditioner. I have two HUGE bottles so it might still be months before I can make it happen.

And there are still a lot of facial products that need to be replaced.

So where have I made progress? Check out this list of TMI: With my lotion, body wash, hair products, acne cream, face wash, chap-stick, makeup remover wipes, most of my makeup ((OK that doesn't really count because I've always bought MAC)) and my shoes! That's right my first pair of Tom's came in the mail this past week. Very excited to have vegan shoes that are partially recycled! I still have a long way to go but every day, every purchase I am now conscience about it and for me, that's the first step.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shameless Plug

I recently entered Missy in the Human Society of the United States's World Spay Day 2012 photo contest. Think what you will about HSUS and believe me I have issues with their refusal to go No Kill myself. BUT I think we can all agree spaying and neutering your pet is awesome. PLUS the contest gives you the option to allow your pet's donations to go to a LOCAL animal shelter instead of them. I chose the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League which is located just north of my hometown. So VOTE FOR MISSY and share with your friends. Here's how is works:

  1. To vote for a pet, a person must first donate -- every $1 means 1 vote for your pet ($5 = 5 votes, and so on). Every dollar raised by your best friend will help the organization you chose spay and neuter animals -- and get you closer to winning the grand prize! 
  2. Share your pet's photo with the animal lovers in your life. You can post it to Facebook, tweet it, spread the word by email, and more—all using our easy share tools! 
  3. You can also join your friends and family in voting for your pet - just donate $5 for 5 votes, $10 for 10 votes, and so on. 
Every vote in your pet's honor promotes spay and neuter efforts across the globe and right in your own neighborhood, helping to lower the number of animals who are euthanized each day and control pet overpopulation. Be sure to check the World Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest website to find your pet and see how he or she is doing in the contest. And don't forget: The deadline for voting is 10 p.m., Eastern Time, February 29, 2012.

Thanks everyone! Let's help pets and share the Missaroo with the world! Loves.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gimpin' It

Ever since I fell on my ankle, the dogs have not been on a true walk. That was Sunday. In fact, for the first few days, I could barely take them out to go to the bathroom without crying from the pain. For Missy's birthday then spent the day at doggie daycare just so they could play and run. It was a life saving maneuver for all three of us.

Then yesterday, my ankle was feeling pretty good and I tried to take the dogs for a longer walk. Now, my ankle is killing me again. I forgot how hard it is to walk the two of them. There's a lot of changing directions, avoiding other dogs, weaving in and out of people and cars taking up the entire street. A lot of holding them back and redirecting them when they see a cat or squirrel. It takes a lot of work and a good ankle. I feel so bad for my doggies but a day at doggie daycare costs about what I make in a day so its a win-lose overall.

I'm hoping this ankle will heel before the dogs revolt and leave me since I can't really walk them anymore. It's tough gimpin' it around the block.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Grown Up

Today is Missy's 4th birthday, which means she is now older than me in people years. My little girl is all grown up. So just like I took the time to write a little bit about Mister Man I also wanted to put a few more thoughts down about Missy Mae. What a year it's been for her! She got a new brother. Her mom switched careers, left her for more than a day five times ((the most ever)), and she learned to live on a budget. No more regular doggie daycare trips, fewer times to the groomer, and no more random purchases at the pet store. She also learned to share her space, toys, and mom. She did a lot of growing up!

I also learned a lot about the Missaroo this year too. I learned she has no maternal instincts. I mean like none, zero, zlich, notta. You always hear stories about female dogs who take care of a lost litter of kittens or bonding with a sick duck. When Mister had to have knee surgery she barked non-stop at him to come out of her crate, and the moment he did she nailed him to the ground. Since she couldn't play with him she just looked at me as if to say, well he's pointless. I guess I should have figured as much but somehow I was still surprised.

I also learned just how resilient she is. Considering I have never left her for more than a week a year she handled my traveling pretty darn well. Yes she puked, got needy, and had her Missy moments, but overall she recovered better and faster than I ever imagined. I'm never going to be able to leave her without some sort of reaction, but overall she kept it together pretty well. She's also learning not to get overly attached to anyone other than me. I think that's something I taught her. It's a great defense mechanism.

Missy is also a great reminder just how far we have come over the last three years, and not just in distance. Fortunately, the two of us have so much further to go. Recently I was asked by my friend Molly the simple fill in the blanket question: Without my dog I would..... To which I answered: Hide. Missy is the reason I get up every morning and face another day. That is just as true today as it was three years ago. So happy birthday to my reason for never giving up, my best friend, my rock the amazing Missy Mae Baumann.

Three days after I brought her home. 

Missy's 2nd Birthday

Three years old and tired of the mommaritzi 

4 and fantastic! 

The Birthday Girl

I love you sooo much shmooie! Happy 4th birthday to my best bud Missy Mae.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Just call me gimpy. I was trying to take the dogs on a walk yesterday when I fell directly on my ankle. The parking lot is filled with icy patches and I tried to change directions to avoid another dog coming our way when I went from dry to ice and lost my footing. It hurt so bad I cried. The worst part is, now I can't walk the dogs at all. It takes all my effort and a lot of Ibuprofen just to get them outside to go to the bathroom. They are miserable, which makes me miserable. I might take them to doggie daycare in the morning just so they have a chance to run around since they can't get the exercise they need at home. It's the day before Missy's birthday too and we should be celebrating not commiserating.  Ouch! This really hurts.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

One More About Mister

So Mister turned the big oh-two on Thursday but the poor little dude didn't get to properly celebrate until Saturday. Lucky for him, he has no idea when his birthday is so it didn't really matter.

We started our Saturday like every other one, with a walk. Missy came too of course. Then it was just Mister and me for the rest of the morning. We headed to our fav Petsmart in the Valley. We walked up and down every aisle. He got lots of pets from workers and customers alike. He even got attacked by a hyper puppy named Bear. Let me tell you, Mister is not so tough without the Missaroo there to save him. I had to pick him up! I also got to pick him up to show him the cats and the birds and the gerbils. Usually it's just the Missaroo who is tall enough to take a peak at the other animals. This time Mister got to take a peak too. He actually wasn't as thrilled as I hoped he be. He kinda just put his head on my shoulder and looked around. I liked it though.

We also made some Mister purchases at the store. He has a new bag of dog food, a new rope (steak flavored) and some new bones to share with the Missaroo. I still need to make him a blanket to match Missy's present from last year.

Then we spent the rest of the day playing, chewing, and napping. It was a pretty good birthday celebration. Next up is the Missaroo! She turns four on Tuesday and they both have matching groom appointments for the day.

ps I think Mister is starting to lose some weight. What do you think? Skinny yet? 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Almost Good Samaritians

We are pretty much snowed in here in Spokane this weekend. In fact, the school district closed today which meant daycare closed too which means no work! At least not this morning anyway. So last night the doggies and I decided to go for a walk in our winter wonderland. We just made it outside the apartment complex when we noticed a car stuck in the snow. I called out to the girl "are you stuck?" When she said yes the doggies and I hiked it through the snow and across the street to see if we could be of any assistance. Turns out, not so much.

I tried to help her dig out and even tried to help her push but I'm not very strong, especially while attached to two dogs. We ended up just keeping her company until her family got there and pushed her out in no time. Her mom thanked me, but for what I'm not sure. The doggies and I didn't do anything. But I did tell her at least the dogs are good for a smile. I did let them run around a bit in the parking lot and Mister seemed to like that a lot. Missy got kinda mad at everyone because they were more interested in helping than petting. After we knew the girl was on her way home we wandered back to our side of the street and continued out snowy walk. At least we tried!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Win!

Since it is all about the birthday boy today, here's one of Mister's finer moments.

On a blogging note, I'll try to remember to mute the TV next time, you're listening to a scene from Parenthood in the background. Sorry. 

Happy Birthday Mister!

My little guy is all grown up! Happy Birthday Mister! Mommy loves you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Take the Treat Miss

Because there's nothing better to do on a snow day than eat treats and take video of it.

Mister Man

It's hard to believe my little Mister Man is going to be two years old tomorrow. Which also means it is hard to believe he's been a part of my life for the last year. And what a year it has been! Mister was potty trained, had knee surgery, took on the Missaroo, and survived to be my morning cuddle bug. I am constantly impressed by his adorableness. Sometimes I think, "what am I doing with this little Chihuahua?" and then he falls asleep on me.

Gosh! What a cutie! In the past week I've also been thinking a lot about why I decided to adopt Mister in the first place. Yes Missy needed a buddy. Yes he just looked too much like the Missaroo to pass up. Yes their names must be fate. But more than that, he was adopted because I wanted him. When I turned 25 my biological clock went into overdrive. All I could think about was how much I wanted to have a baby. I convinced myself no one wanted to marry a stressed out news producer determined to climb the corporate ladder. Lots of other factors played into my decision to leave my career but I think that had a huge role. Six months into realizing I wasn't living the life I thought I would be at 25 I adopted Mister. His job was to silence the ticking clock. 

I'm 26 now, going on 27and the clock's ticking has now managed to sync up with my heartbeat. It's something I can't silence with another animal. But as they say, acceptance is the first step. I can't do anything about it and even without the stressed out job I'm no more appealing as a potential mother than I was a year ago. What I do have is two precious babies I wouldn't trade in for the world. 

I have come to terms with my role in life as dogmom. Mister reminds me of that every time he plays the part of my cuddle bug or falls asleep in my lap. With every adorable picture I take, the closer I come to being at peace. I've learned to live more like Mister: This is my life right now, I can't keep waiting for it to start. My babies are already in my lap. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Failure and Triumph

I've come down with this awful cold and the only thing I can really do is take advantage of my iPhone and lay in bed all day. The good thing is that it's given me time to think.

I've failed at almost everything I've ever done. Most recently I failed at being an employee and a good friend all in the same day. The heartbreak that came with that literally made me sick from the worry. The fact that my manager and former friend won't talk to me just makes me feel about two inches small. The same as I felt when he belittled me. It's been the biggest fail I've had in a while and to tell you the truth I don't even know what I did except be me.

As I stay awake all night and ponder this, I always look down at my doggies snuggling with me. It is a constant reminder that they are the one place I am not a complete failure. Sure I have my moments (if I didn't I wouldn't have a very interesting blog) but I also seem to triumph in this department. Good thing too. I need to triumph somewhere in my life, glad it's as a dog mom.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Better Than a Picture

While I'm watching TV at night after work the dogs are trying to get my attention or each others:

Saturday, January 7, 2012


After spending 90 minutes at the AT&T store on Thursday morning, I walked away with a paid off cell phone bill and a new iPhone. Thank you upgrade, goodbye blackberry. So what does this mean for you? Better quality pictures and waaaay better videos! I mean, come on, could the Missaroo look any better? Love.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dark Side of Doing the Right Thing

Over the last several weeks, I have truly engrossed myself in all things No Kill. I finished a fantastic and eye opening book by Nathan Winograd entitled "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill revolution in America". The book is really the kick start to my final Master's paper focusing on No Kill. I've also been checking out even more websites and blogs on the topic. The majority of it has driven my passion to write this paper and ultimately advance the No Kill movement, but today it all just makes me sad.

As most of you know, I attended, and blogged about, Best Friends Humane Society's "No More Homeless Pets 2011" conference. I had such a blast there and it really helped ignite the spark in me to read more about No Kill. Today I came across a Facebook post, linked to a Twitter account, connected to a blog that blasted Best Friends. I understand that it is not easy to make and keep friends when you know in your heart No Kill is not just an answer it is the only answer. BUT it is also a hard pill to swallow to accept the very organization that showed me the light could also be helping others stay in the dark. My entire opinion about Best Friends hasn't changed by something I read on a blog, but I will take a second look at the controversy, tomorrow.

Today I'm saddened that No Kill is not a reality yet. I'm sad that everyone, everywhere, every single pet owner across the country is not up in arms about animal killing. I'm too sad to keep reading about it today. I'll pick up my torch tomorrow before heading to the Spokane Humane Society for my volunteer shift. Tonight I'm just going to love my dogs as much as I can and thank God no one killed them before I got the chance to look them in the eye.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Dog, My Cat

Last night was a great night with the dogs. Correct that, a great night with Missy. The dogs and I went on a nice hour long walk yesterday morning, followed by a couple of 20 minute walks. By the end of the night both dogs, and I, were pooped. None of us could even think about moving.

For Miss and me, this meant curling up on the couch and watching TV together. Those moments are usually my fav with the Missaroo. She never leaves my side. She looks so peaceful. She looks like a perfect angel. Not only that but it always reaffirms for me she really is my best bud in the whole wide world. Mister is another story.

Where was Mister during our impromptu snuggle session? Sleeping, on my bed, with his back to the door. He wasn't even in the same room with us! Sometimes he is as useless as a cat.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It always feels good to have a new beginning. And it feels even better to set a new list of goals to accomplish! For me, it always helps to put it in writing, so here we go a list of this year's resolutions:

1) Blog more! We were really blog slackers in 2011. The dogs promise to have more hilarious adventures for me to write about.

2) Volunteer more. The dogs promise to share me more with other pups not as lucky as them.

3) Do more to advance the no kill movement. No Kill is possible, in fact it's already happening. If you don't believe me make it your new year's resolution to read "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America"

4) Read the Bible more. I've been through the good book twice, but third time is really the charm isn't it?

5) Take better care of myself. I recently read a book about giving until your heart is content without giving yourself away ((that might have even been the title)) by the woman who founded the rescue group Blessed Bonds in Naperville, Illinois. It talked about how taking care of yourself allows you to be happier and give more generously to those around you. I'm sold on the idea.

6) Last but not least, have more amazing adventures with the dogs. There are still soooo many things I want to do and see with them, like watch them swim in the ocean or climb a mountain with them. I hope this is the year we make it happen.

So what about you? What are YOU going to do differently this year? We'd love to know!

Catching Up

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2012 turns into an amazing year for everyone. I know it's been a while since our last blog, so I thought I'd get you up to speed as we enter the new year together. First, this was the first Christmas I've spent away from the Missaroo and on Mister's first Christmas as a Baumann to boot! It was so great to be in Illinois with my family for the week, but I did miss my puparoos terribly and I felt horrible I wasn't there to spend Christmas with them.

While I was vaca-ing it up, the dogs spent the week at home with their fav and only pet sitter, Bill. The three of them had such a good time together I'm not really sure the dogs even really noticed I was gone. Bill also introduced them to a new brand of dog food that is suppose to be just as good as what they already eat for nearly half the price! The verdict is still out on that one. We'll keep you posted.

Lucky for me, the dogs have no idea it was New Year's Eve last night, so for us it was just another day. I spent the morning walking them, then headed to the Spokane Humane Society to walk some more doggies. After working all day, we walked some more and then headed to bed. It was hard to sleep with the fireworks going off. It just freaked out the dogs.

Now that the holidays are all over it's time to get excited about the double dose of doggie birthdays headed our way! This month Mister turns two and Missy hits the big oh-four! That means he will officially be a teenager and Missy will be older than me! Time flies when you're having fun.