Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Grown Up

Today is Missy's 4th birthday, which means she is now older than me in people years. My little girl is all grown up. So just like I took the time to write a little bit about Mister Man I also wanted to put a few more thoughts down about Missy Mae. What a year it's been for her! She got a new brother. Her mom switched careers, left her for more than a day five times ((the most ever)), and she learned to live on a budget. No more regular doggie daycare trips, fewer times to the groomer, and no more random purchases at the pet store. She also learned to share her space, toys, and mom. She did a lot of growing up!

I also learned a lot about the Missaroo this year too. I learned she has no maternal instincts. I mean like none, zero, zlich, notta. You always hear stories about female dogs who take care of a lost litter of kittens or bonding with a sick duck. When Mister had to have knee surgery she barked non-stop at him to come out of her crate, and the moment he did she nailed him to the ground. Since she couldn't play with him she just looked at me as if to say, well he's pointless. I guess I should have figured as much but somehow I was still surprised.

I also learned just how resilient she is. Considering I have never left her for more than a week a year she handled my traveling pretty darn well. Yes she puked, got needy, and had her Missy moments, but overall she recovered better and faster than I ever imagined. I'm never going to be able to leave her without some sort of reaction, but overall she kept it together pretty well. She's also learning not to get overly attached to anyone other than me. I think that's something I taught her. It's a great defense mechanism.

Missy is also a great reminder just how far we have come over the last three years, and not just in distance. Fortunately, the two of us have so much further to go. Recently I was asked by my friend Molly the simple fill in the blanket question: Without my dog I would..... To which I answered: Hide. Missy is the reason I get up every morning and face another day. That is just as true today as it was three years ago. So happy birthday to my reason for never giving up, my best friend, my rock the amazing Missy Mae Baumann.

Three days after I brought her home. 

Missy's 2nd Birthday

Three years old and tired of the mommaritzi 

4 and fantastic! 

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