Our Goal

I started this blog out of heart break. I was feeling pretty bad about myself and that just shouldn't be the case. I have a lot going for me including my beautiful dogs. I needed some sort of project to get me to refocus my energy on something creative and positive. The blog and the Missaroo are constantly getting me through life's up and downs. Now Mister has joined us and life is party!

I'm hoping this blog can cure a bad day for someone else too. If there's one thing the Missaroo is great at its making strangers smile. I've seen it on every walk we've ever taken. One look at her and you can't help it.

I'm not out to change the world with my little dog blog, just make you smile in my perfectly made-up face, a pair of heels, and one post at a time. What I would like to do is make the dog blog a must read blog. I want to be relevant and relatable. Any tips on how are welcome.

 You can find me on twitter @bdollymargaret.  Happy Reading!