Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day!

So here's how we spent our snow day!

What can I say? We lead pretty exciting lives.

Stir Crazy Gophers

Yesterday the puparoos and I stayed inside ALL. DAY. LONG. It was amazing to be able to spend so much time with them. If nothing else, they should feel pretty darn loved! I also spent part of the day doing that thing I never do, relaxing! I only spent about three to four hours on homework! Usually on a day off I hit the eight hour mark and then go to class for another three. Not on the snow day! I ditched the books and papers for the puparoos, even if it was just to snuggle on the couch.

Toward the end of the night, we were all starting to go a little stir crazy. Missy would lay down, but with her eyes wide open, she was tired of sleeping. She wanted to RUN! Mister was more content to sleep away the day but even he wanted to PLAY. At one point, I was laying on the couch when the slip cover started to move. Missy was scratching and barking at the couch. What the heck!?! It was Mister, who had slipped under the slip cover and was investigating underneath gopher style. Seriously, the highlight of my day! Those two are something else. All I can figure is Mister was at one time a gopher in another life. He has mad tunneling skills.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowed In

The puparoos and I are snowed in. I'm not sure how much snow fell, but it's enough to cover Mister. He does not want to go outside. He wants nothing to do with the snow. I even tried to put him out on the balcony to go to the bathroom and he just stood out there shaking and looked like a frozen Popsicle. Unfortunately, his refusal to go outside, means he's going inside, if you catch my drift. Luckily, so far it's been in his crate where everything is washable. But however you slice it, this is no fun.

The good and bad news is I don't have class tonight. That's good because I nearly died trying to drive home from class last night. My car doesn't really do steep hills in snow. I prayed a lot and almost started to cry. It was super scary. I made it, but I'm not sure there's any rubber left on my tires. When I woke up this morning, I quickly realized there was no way my car would make it to class tonight and I was suppose to present a debate, which means I couldn't just skip. I was relived when I found out school was shut down. The bad news is I was ready to present and get it over with. I really didn't need the extra time, but it is nice to have a few extra hours to do homework today.

It is also bad news because today is my day off. This might seem strange to you, but as a news and web producer, this is the kind of day I live for. You are super busy, you know exactly what you are covering, and in our case, you kick the poop out of the competition. Days like today are why I chose to work at KREM in the first place. I'm enjoying the day with my doggies and getting caught up on school, but there is a part of me that wishes I was at work. Instead, I've been secretly updating our Facebook and Twitter pages from home. I'm a nerd.

So I'm trying to enjoy the day at home. Being productive is what I do best after all. Hopefully it will make for a cute pic of the pups I can blog about tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Just Want You Mom

The doggies didn't sleep last night. I fell in and out of naps in between barking sessions. I just about lost my marbles. It started around 11:30pm last night when I tried to go to sleep. Mister would not stop barking and wining in his cage, but he had just gone to the bathroom. An hour later, he was still at it and I wanted to die. I let him out of his crate. I thought is he thirsty? Does he want to run around with Miss? Let's find out. So I kicked them both out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Then I heard scratching at the door. OH NO YOU DID NOT just scratch the bedroom door. And then more barking. What in the heck!?! I opened the door back up and my two puparoos jumped right on my bed and settled in. I was still standing at the door. They then both looked over at me like, OK bedtime mom. So then I went back to bed, at nearly 1am. But hey at least they were sleeping. Turns out all they really wanted was to snuggle. And who can blame them really?

I wish that had been the end of the night but it wasn't. There was a lot more barking out the window, a potty trip, wrestling with each other, followed by more barking. Needless to say, the puparoos had a great night sleeping in mommy's bed with her. Mommy is tired.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watch Your Step!

Having two dogs to walk can be a bit of a challenge. Especially when they've been cooped up in their crates and they just want to go, go, go. As you know by now, the weekends are the worst! I'm super tired by the time I get home and they are full of energy. When they are overly excited it makes the walk more difficult. They become rather scattered brained.

It's only happened twice, but with them running, and stopping everywhere, I've accidentally kicked Mister in the butt. He is pretty notorious already for going after something directly in front of me a moment after he passed it. It's nearly impossible to avoid him when I don't see it coming. I do not have ninja like skills after a ten hour work day. ((Not sure I have them on a day off either)) Even when I do see him coming, or at least react faster, it still requires me to lift my leg up and around him. One of these days I'm going to trip and fall.

Missy use to be a much worse walker as well. She would dart this way and that way, always pulling. But obedience class and a lot of work helped break her of some of that. Now she's pretty good about walking in a straight line. Mister, not so much. It reaffirms the fact for me it would be ideal to take him through obedience class as well. It's getting rather difficult to watch my step.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Like Missy, Like Mister

Missy is a great big sis, I mean she is Big Sis Miss after all!  But more than that, Mister really does look up to her, and not just because he's small. He's actually starting to pick up on her habits. But of course, since this blog is all about our miss-adventures, they are her BAD habits. Just. My. Luck.

Yesterday we were on a walk when Missy spotted another dog in her territory. She did her usual pull, bark, and heavy breathing freak out. Mister, who was walking along right next to her, started to do the same thing. But it was more than that, he would look over AT HER when he did it. He wasn't just reacting as much as he was emulating. He's also started howling out the window like Missy too.

I love how much fun they seem to have together. I LOVE that they get along and are super good sharers of all things. ((They actually switch off bones in the middle of a chew session)) I just wish she had taught him to, I don't know, sit perhaps? Lay down? Go into his crate on his own? All wonderful habits of the Missaroo's but no, it's her pulling and barking he's picked up on.

There is one great quality he shares with her, but I'm pretty sure he had it before the two of them ever met, the cuddle quality. Mister loves to sit on my lap. He loves to be out of his crate finally in the morning and sneak up on the bed to lay with Miss and me. He is a lover just like big sis. Like Missy, Like Mister.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm All In

WARNING: This is one of those all about the dog mom posts. If you rather hear about dog mom moments or my adorable puparoos, please skip this one and scroll down to our other fun loving posts.

It was a year ago today that I started this blog. What an emotional roller coaster year it's been lived out in the words of this blog. I have no regretts about blogging with my heart on my sleeve. I've stayed true to myself, even when it's gotten me into trouble.

I have started to realize that in person I can come off as pretty cold. Maybe I am. What I am not, is someone who takes the word "friend" lightly. I don't have a lot of them, but those I do have I am extremely loyal to, once again even if it gets me in trouble. I am either all in or all out when it comes to people. Finding middle ground for me is very difficult. Here's an example. We have a new reporter at work who is engaged. That is wonderful! I love to be around love and I'm sincerely happy for people who are in love. What I'm not is chatty about it, especially at work. When I was telling my mom about him she had a thousand questions to which I had zero answers. She was like well why don't you ask, my response was cold, "because I don't care." But the reason I don't care is actually that I don't trust. I don't know him well enough work wise to trust him with my personal life, so I really don't want to know about his. Strange probably, but when it comes to causal co-workers I am all out.

To be some one's friend for me is a lifetime commitment. There are a handful of people I would lay on railroad tracks for. I would go to extreme lengths to put smiles on their faces. In college, I was about as busy as a student gets. Always stressed, always on the go, and always covered in coffee stains but I still found the time to write my bff Chad notes to tell him not to stress. To try and make him smile. He is one of those railroad track people.

I wish I could be friends with everyone. I envy the people that can walk around the room and at least make everyone feel like they are your best friend. Tim can do that. He has this incredible gift of making everyone feel included and a part of his world. I am so jealous of him for that, and tell him so. Don't get me wrong, I'm capable of small talk, of schmoozing people, and putting on a smile. I am still very much the girl that went around to everyone at work dropping off personal Valentine's. But there is a difference between that and actual investment. I care about everyone, I guess I use the phrase "I don't care" too much because its very much not true. I just don't trust very much and that leaves me in the cold when it comes to personal relationships. I opt out a lot. I say "not in". With those friends of mine I am all in, all the time, no matter what. To the point of no return. So next time I come across as cold, maybe you'll know there is some sort of explanation behind it and it certainly isn't personal. This still probably makes me a bad person but I truly believe explanations are better than silence, especially when it comes to friendships.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protectors of the Universe

If there is one thing Missy and Mister have down, it's being the world's most annoying barkers. Holy Cow with the barking. Missy mostly barks at dogs, Mister barks at people, so between the two of them, they bark at everything. No UPS driver, garbage picker upper or dog walker makes it through our apartment complex without the two of them knowing and barking about it.

In one of our very first blogs, I wrote about how Missy would not only bark, but she would jump on top of me and bark. I would wake up form napping in my recliner ((I had to sleep out in the living room with her for weeks when I first got her)) with a dog above me, protecting me from a noise she didn't recognize. Today, I was trying to catch a nap after getting up before 6am when the recycling pick up came through. I opened my eyes to find little Mister-mister barking his head off right in front of me. Together I have two protectors of the universe right in my very own apartment,. What a lucky girl I am.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Cute!

Separated at birth, brought back together by fate. Missy and Mister, the puparoos.

Do not disturb their sunbathe. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Whatcha Got!

Happy Valentine's Day from me and the puparoos! Today I spread the love with a simple act of kindness. I wrote every one's name at work on a Valentine's Day card. You know, like the ones you got in elementary school? Yep those! It received an amazing reaction. People were thrilled that I took two seconds out of my night to write their name on a card and give it to them the next night at work. Even though Valentine's Day is over, you can still go forth and spread the love. If there's one thing the Missaroo and now sidekick Mister have taught me, it's to love whatcha got! :)

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vet Trip Times Two

Missy and Mister had their first vet trip together on Thursday. Let's just sad I'm really glad the vet is only down the street. Taking the two of them anywhere, quickly turns into an ordeal. Missy travels easy with her seat belt, although she barks the entire time. Mister requires an extra trip down the stairs with his crate and Missy's blanket to protect the backseats. I need to get a dog carrier for him, but in the meantime, it's just the crate. Then its back up to take the dogs and get them into the car. A third trip allows me to grab my bag and lock  the door. Then we're off to the vet.

As soon as we walk in, another adventure starts. Missy wants to go one way, Mister the other, while I struggle to fill out paperwork. It's a new vet for both of them so I had to go back through Missy's files to look up her shots. I knew she only needed kennel cough and a check up, but they needed more than my word. Then of course, another dog walked in, and we all know how well Missy does with other dogs. The reception gal finally let me put them in an exam room so I could finish up.

It's funny. Missy is always the dominate one. She is the barker, the big sis, and little Mister-Mister always looks like he's about ready to cry. But in the exam room, roles quickly switched. The moment Missy walks in, all of her swagger melts away. She will only sit right next to me, and we have to be touching the entire time. On the other hand, Mister came right out of his shell. He strolled right up to the vet and give her a kiss. He even let her pick him up and carry him around. Miss kept her distance. In fact, I had to pet her while he was being examined to keep her from barking. I didn't want her to freak him out. In the end, they both did great and took the shots like troopers. Then it was home for a quick nap, for them of course. I'm glad the vet appointments only come once a year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

Today Missy and Mister slept in until 6:15am! It was GREAT. With Grams back in Illinois, the doggies have been relocated into the bedroom for the night. It keeps them from hearing every little noise anyone makes outside. I drag Mister's crate inside and he sleeps in his little bed. Missy sleeps in the bed with me as always. It was nice to all be in the same room snug as three bugs.

So after our pee poop walk and feeding time, they wanted to play with each other for a little bit. So I grabbed my pillow and laid out on the couch while they ran around. After a few minutes they were done with that and wanted to be on me instead. They both climbed up on the couch and the three of us watched the sun rise. It's the first time I've watched the sun come up like that in ages. And it was the first time I've ever done it with anyone that loved me. What a beautiful morning it's been!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleepy Heads

I mentioned a few days ago that after my 5am wake up call and dog walk, I feed Missy and Mister and then it's back to bed.... well it's not always exactly back to bed. Sometimes it nap on the couch and hope they be quiet.

Apparently they were being quiet this morning.

I'm starting to notice Grams is pretty good at snapping pictures.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Peed On, Again

If you are new to the dog blog I apologize for all of the pee and poop references. For everyone else, well you should be use to it by now.

Mister peed on me, AGAIN this morning. This time he waited until I had already showered and was in my work clothes before he got me. I think Missy literally excited the pee right out of him. Those two love to play. They run around the apartment all the time. It was in middle of their running around that he got me. I went to break the two of them up for a minute, got in between them, picked him up, and out it came.... ALL. OVER.

Out to the grassy patch we went. I didn't even put his leash on. We just high tailed it out and I put him down until he finished. In the meantime, I had pee on my hand, skirt, sweater, pantyhose, pretty much everything other than my underwear. After we were done outside, he went into the crate, while I stripped down and changed. Missy just kept quiet underneath the bar stool. She was sad she lost her play buddy for a bit.

But the thing is what can you do? We're potty training and accidents happen, right? I mean he did it, I changed, we're working on it. Nothing else to do and you can't be mad at him. He doesn't understand that past about 6 seconds. So you move on.....

And then I was sitting at work looking over videos to put up on the website. The one about a cat saving its owner from a fire caught my eye. I thought, "Missy would do that, she'd wake me up in time.... yeah and then Mister could pee it out!" Always look on the bright side.

I Hate the Newspaper Dude

OK so the title of this blog might seem a bit extreme, hate is a word I probably throw around too much, so let me explain.

With Grams still in town there is a strict "no dogs in the bed" policy in effect. This means Mister sleeps in his crate and Missy sleeps in her chair, both out in the living room. This means they hear and see a lot more than if they were in the bedroom with the door closed like Grams and me. This is also why I hate the newspaper dude. Remember when I use to complain about Missy's wake up calls at 7am? Yeah the newspaper doesn't come quite that late in the day.....

5am is my new wake up time. I get up when they get up barking and wining, Its a quick trip down the stairs and out for a walk. Two pees and two poops later and we're back inside and its time to eat. One bowl of tiny bites for Mister and one bowl of big bites for Miss, water time and then its finally back to bed for this dogmom and her puparoos. And by back to bed of course I mean until the original wake up call at 7:15am when Missy is ready to take on the world.

Seriously newspaper dude, I'm convinced you are a stellar human being and if we met on the street I would say hi and maybe even throw you a high-five,  but you don't even deliver to me. Can you pull up down the block perhaps and creep up the stairs next time? Something tells me he'd still wake the dogs.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dogmom Moment

I've had a lot of random dog mom moments and feelings, but really nothing says dogmom moment quite like getting peed on. It's the first time I've ever been peed on by kid or dog. Missy, one is a little too big, and two she's a little too trained to do anything like that. But Mister, he is def another story. Peeing on me however, seemed a lot more acceptable than most of the accidents he's had in the house.

When he went on me it was as I was getting his collar and leash on him. Miss and Mister had been in their crates for a few hours... I'm thinking like three? three and a half? My mom and I had just come home from running a few errands. She was getting the Missaroo ready, I took care of Mister. Seconds into this adventure and I found myself saying, "Mom, I think he's peeing on me." I looked down at my pants, "yep, he def peed on me." I got him over to the mat near the door right away then outside. And in true dogmom fashion, made my way around the block with dog pee on my pants.

Needless to say, we are still in potty training mode.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


While this dog mom was hard at work, busting her hump to put a roof over their heads, here's how the doggies spent their day:

Ah! The good life!