Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowed In

The puparoos and I are snowed in. I'm not sure how much snow fell, but it's enough to cover Mister. He does not want to go outside. He wants nothing to do with the snow. I even tried to put him out on the balcony to go to the bathroom and he just stood out there shaking and looked like a frozen Popsicle. Unfortunately, his refusal to go outside, means he's going inside, if you catch my drift. Luckily, so far it's been in his crate where everything is washable. But however you slice it, this is no fun.

The good and bad news is I don't have class tonight. That's good because I nearly died trying to drive home from class last night. My car doesn't really do steep hills in snow. I prayed a lot and almost started to cry. It was super scary. I made it, but I'm not sure there's any rubber left on my tires. When I woke up this morning, I quickly realized there was no way my car would make it to class tonight and I was suppose to present a debate, which means I couldn't just skip. I was relived when I found out school was shut down. The bad news is I was ready to present and get it over with. I really didn't need the extra time, but it is nice to have a few extra hours to do homework today.

It is also bad news because today is my day off. This might seem strange to you, but as a news and web producer, this is the kind of day I live for. You are super busy, you know exactly what you are covering, and in our case, you kick the poop out of the competition. Days like today are why I chose to work at KREM in the first place. I'm enjoying the day with my doggies and getting caught up on school, but there is a part of me that wishes I was at work. Instead, I've been secretly updating our Facebook and Twitter pages from home. I'm a nerd.

So I'm trying to enjoy the day at home. Being productive is what I do best after all. Hopefully it will make for a cute pic of the pups I can blog about tomorrow!

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