Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Just Want You Mom

The doggies didn't sleep last night. I fell in and out of naps in between barking sessions. I just about lost my marbles. It started around 11:30pm last night when I tried to go to sleep. Mister would not stop barking and wining in his cage, but he had just gone to the bathroom. An hour later, he was still at it and I wanted to die. I let him out of his crate. I thought is he thirsty? Does he want to run around with Miss? Let's find out. So I kicked them both out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Then I heard scratching at the door. OH NO YOU DID NOT just scratch the bedroom door. And then more barking. What in the heck!?! I opened the door back up and my two puparoos jumped right on my bed and settled in. I was still standing at the door. They then both looked over at me like, OK bedtime mom. So then I went back to bed, at nearly 1am. But hey at least they were sleeping. Turns out all they really wanted was to snuggle. And who can blame them really?

I wish that had been the end of the night but it wasn't. There was a lot more barking out the window, a potty trip, wrestling with each other, followed by more barking. Needless to say, the puparoos had a great night sleeping in mommy's bed with her. Mommy is tired.

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