Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thanks Grams!

Grams decided to buy Mister and Missy harnesses. It's amazing how much better they are on walks with them on. Missy has a pink one, and blue for Mister. We love them. All we can say is thanks Grams!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grams Loves Mister

Grams thought Missy was chasing Mister a bit too much so she scooped him up out of harms way. Luckily, I was quick with the camera phone to catch the loving moment. This is my rescue action shot: 

Later I caught the three of them watching TV together.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Always an Adventure

Hard to believe it's been another eight weeks since the dogs got groomed but today we were back at Petsmart. It's always an exhausting trip that makes me feel like a true dog mom. Today was no exception. The appointment was set for 10:30am and I worked until 10. So that meant a speedy drive home, a quick run around so there wouldn't be any accidents in the car, than another speedy trip to the valley.

We made it there with five minutes to spare which is perfect because it takes us another five minutes to get out of the car. As I rushed to the passenger side back seat and opened up the car door out popped Mister no longer attached to his leash. He made a run for it down the Petsmart parking lot. Good thing that dog has to pee every two minutes or I'd never catch up to him. It was just enough of an escapee moment to make me panic and for him to break his name tag. ((Now both of them are running around without name tags on, awesome by the way.))

The good news was no accidents in the car or inside the store. Mister did try to escape again once we were inside the actual groomer's however. Someone opened the door and out his head went, luckily this time he was still attached to the leash. By the time I walked out I was exhausted and my face and body language must have shown it. Another dog mom looked at me and said, "exhausting isn't it?" Yes! I said with the two of them. She told me she had two little ones herself, one at the vet having surgery, the other at the groomers. I can relate.

And of course, Mister just couldn't stop there. On the way home he managed to get untangled from the seat belt and hop up front to ride with me. Nothing tests my patience quite like driving up hill at 40 miles an hour with Mister on my lap and Missy barking in my ear.

Once home they both acted like everything was hunky-dory. Which, I guess, is OK by me after all. They do look nice and smell great. They're ready for grams arrival next week. I'm ready for a nap.

Dog Name Fail

When I first saw Mister up for adoption there were two things about him that made me think "I have to adopt this dog!" One thought was, "if Missy were a Chihuahua this is what she would look like" and the second though being "Missy and Mister how cute!" It never occurred to me there might be a down side to having a dog named Mister until last month......

It was 4am when Mister and Missy decided they needed to pee. I reluctantly half woke up in order to take them down the stairs. It's always an emergency so I didn't bother to wake up enough to find my shoes or Mister's collar, just Missy's. Mister bolted, Missy and I followed as fast as we could behind him. But unlike all the other pee emergencies, Mister didn't stop on the patch of grass at the foot of the stairs. Instead he took off down the parking lot barking at something. The something just looked like a blur to me without my glasses on so while I'm still on the stairs with Missy just four feet away I start to yell for Mister. The yelling went something like this, "Mister! Stop! Stop Mister!"

It was then I saw the blur stop moving. Probably because the blur turned out to be a man, you might even call him a mister. Did I mention Mister couldn't be seen running through the parked cars, just Miss and me were visible. So that's right, some dude saw some barefoot woman with a dog attached to her running down her steps at 4 in the morning shouting "mister stop." It wasn't until after Mister popped out from behind the cars he shouted back "Is that really the name of your dog?" Probably the most embarrassing dog mom moment to date. Good thing I wasn't completely awake for it and the embarrassment didn't settle in until my alarm went off a few hours later. When in doubt, don't name your dog mister.