Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saving Sinatra

What I love most about this blog it that it gives me the chance to show the power of the pen, or in this day in age, the power of the Internet. My blog has gotten more unique page views since I started writing about the No Kill movement in Milwaukee than anytime in it's three year existence. But I believe in more than just the power of the written word, or any other words, above all I believe in actions. That is why about a month and a half ago I decided to put my money where my mouth is and foster a cat. Today 3-year-old Tabby Sinatra is looking for his forever home. This is how I would describe him if anyone were to ask:

Sinatra is quite the crooner.. He loves to lay in the sun, or better yet soaking up the rays while taking over your lap. He digs attention, petting, and purring. But don’t let this lover boy fool you, he’s quite the champ. When Milwaukee Pets Alive rescued him from MADACC he had a pretty bad cold and a cracked tooth. He didn't let any of that bother him while he ventured around his foster home. When it came time to get neutered and have that tooth taken care of, his only worry was a taking a trip in the car. Once he was back to his foster home, he recovered quickly and was back to jumping, purring, and eating hard food in just two days! Nothing fazes this guy, not even the dogs barking at him from the other side of the door. As thankful as he is to be in his foster home, he’s ready to love his forever home so much more. Take him home today.

But since I'm all about the words, a picture would be better right?

So help me help this little guy. He's getting a little stir crazy at my place and deserves to be someone's number one guy. You can adopt him through Milwaukee Pets Alive.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally, a Response

After sending more than a dozen emails to local government officials about the mass killing of animals at MADACC, I finally received a response from the mayor's office. Although it was not from the mayor himself, which I would have preferred, any response is welcome. ((I emailed my alderman several times and never heard anything back which he will regret when I help his opponent campaign against him in the next election.))

Back to my response: The city emailed me with a tracking number of my "case" showing that I am "dissatisfied with the euthanasia at MADACC." When I click on the link it really only shows me that my case complaint is "open" but hey, at least I am officially on record and I brought it to someone's attention.

Again, all this is is a step in the right direction, just as my last post showed as well. And really what this means is that I will continue to push the No Kill agenda forward. I truly believe that enough "open cases" will force local government to do something about this. Enough pressure from tax payers usually can move mountains, even if ever so slowly. Like many things in my life right now, this is a marathon not a sprint. So put on your most comfortable running shoes people because I am in it to win it.