Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Balcony Wars

The dogs and I have been without our balcony for more than a week now. We should be able to walk on it again by tomorrow morning, we shall see. This is one of those apartment fixer uppers that's totally annoying for the renter and no one can really tell the difference or even knew there was something wrong with their balconies in the first place.

More than the fact I can't use balcony, park in my own garage for a few days, and have my entire block smell like paint, the dogs were officially freaked out. I came home one day and Missy was just shaking in her crate. Most of the time when I was home she was either barking at the strange men on our balcony, who by the way got there via ladder, or hiding under the bed. It was not fun for any of us but did serve as a reminder for me as to how easily I could be robbed.

Anyone that knows me, knows this is one of those things that would just light a fire under my butt. And yes I did lose my cool on a few of the workers and let the apartment complex know how annoying I found the whole thing to be. I even encouraged Mister to go pee on their stuff once. He didn't, but I would have thought it was hilarious if he had.

So there are two things I've figured out from this whole balcony war of words with the apartment complex. One: I'm so happy I have my dogs to protect me from people who decide to climb up onto my balcony. And two: I am first and foremost a dog mom and the fact that my pups were shaking really, really pissed me off. My poor babies listening to strangers in their apartment all day long with nothing they could do about it broke my heart. I wanted to kill those guys, but I didn't and of course I would have let the Missaroo have the first go-round.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We are a Family

The other day one of my bosses asked if I had roommates. "Nope, just me and the dogs," I told her. It's just the three of us for better or for worse. Mister thinks I'm a chew toy. He likes to gnaw on my fingers while he sits on my lap. Missaroo thinks she's at the very least my equal and that Mister is "our dog." Of course Missy doesn't have the slightest clue she might also be a dog. I am of course, the dogmom, keeper of the food and treats, and opener of the door. But for us this works. We're weird, wacky, and filled with love for one another. Sounds like a pretty good family to me. The three amigos, till death do us part! Now, if only they could remember to leave me some room....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Missaroo as Kidaroo

I had a really, really bad day at daycare the other day. I actually had to leave early because I just knew I couldn't take care of those kids any more. I've been hit, slapped, kicked, punched, and shoved by some of them, but it was their words that finally got to me. When I came home I was happy to see Mister and Missy waiting for me. Apparently, I'm not so good with kids, but dogs I get. Missy is the best kid a girl could ask for. Who needs kids with this face to love every day?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Favorite Breed

The Spokane Humane Society's slogan is "Adopted is our favorite breed." I couldn't agree more. We all know the Missaroo is my pure bred mutt and Mister is her mini-me although we do know he is a Chihuahua mix. A mix of what to turn out like Miss is anyone's guess. Needless to say, I've never really been good with dogs breeds and it's because I just don't care. A good dog is a good dog.

Now, I've been debating about whether to blog about this right here on the dog blog or the other blog. There is always a little bit of a cross over because my dogs are my life, but I decided to write right here because the Missaroo is all about helping dogs not as lucky as she is.... so what's this about? 

I really wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful people at the Spokane Humane Society. I love walking dogs every week ((if I can)) and I love the nice people who work there as well. When I volunteered at SpokAnimal I also loved the dogs, but walking around for 30 minutes in a parking lot drove me nuts! And the staff there acted like the volunteers were in the way, not there to help. At the humane society, everyone seems to be on the same page, we are there because people kinda suck, animals don't.

Friday when I went I was really mad at people, specifically the owners' of these amazing dogs who gave them up for, in my opinion, crap reasons. One of my new found favs there is Roxy. I played fetch with Rox for 20 minutes after walking her. She is the best dog to play fetch with of all time. She dropped the ball right in front of me every time. My job was easy, I just sat there and threw it. At the end of our time together, Rox didn't want to give the ball back so I did have to take it out of her mouth when she wouldn't give it up willingly. When I brought her back and looked at her intake form it said "aggressive toward people." Um, no she is not.  She is awesome, sweet, calm, and a wonderful fetch player. Not aggressive. The dog next to her's form said "aggressive toward animals." Again, no way. That dog was the only dog that didn't bark at anyone or anything at the shelter. Not the other dogs or cats. People suck, these animals do not.

The reason I'm going on this rant is to tell you this: I watch people walk by kennels passing up dogs after looking at their forms alone. Don't do this. Take the dog out, ask the volunteers at the shelter or the staff about the dog's real behavior. Experience for yourself. I can only imagine how many shelters the Missaroo would have gone through if someone else had adopted her. Want to talk about aggressive toward other animals? Uh, Miss is. And yet, she's still my best bud and the source of great entertainment. Shelter dogs are the best dogs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Parks and Rec

My goal is to have as much fun with the puparoos as possible this summer! So far, we've made it to two parks for nice long walks and fun in the sun. First up, Manito Park on Spokane's South Hill. We walked for about 45 minutes in the heat before they needed a break. Luckily, mommy found some sun for her and shade for the pups. How cute are they!?!

Then, for the 4th we headed downtown bright and early before the people and the fireworks took over. I love this beautiful city so much, I just had to take the pups on my latest trip of playing tourist.

Of course when we aren't off having adventures somewhere, we're spending the summer the same way we usually do.

Hopefully more fun on the way! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fat Guy in a Little Coat

One of my favorite movies is "Tommy Boy." No matter how many times I watch it, it still makes me laugh, even when I know exactly what's going to happen next. One of the classic parts of the movie is Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat"  Although, I'm pretty sure Missy has never seen the movie, I think this is her take on it, minus the dancing of course and no she didn't brake the crate either. But still, totally funny!


The scariest dogmom moment for me came on our way home from doggie daycare. After four days away, I missed my pups and I was super excited to have my joys barking up a storm in the backseat. It was a beautifully rare Spokane day so we were all cruising along with the windows partially down. Mister loves to stick his little nose out the window so the backseat windows were down just enough for him to get his sniff on. Missy of course was buckled in her seat belt while Mister man was tied by his leash to that same seat belt.

With Blow blaring on the radio I turned into my driveway while the garage door opened. All of a sudden I heard a little dog noise. I wasn't not sure what it was or which one it came from. All I knew was when I stepped on the brake and looked behind me I only saw Missy. Um, I have two dogs, where did the other one go? I asked Missy, "Where is Mister? Where is my other dog?" I threw the car in park and got out as fast as I could while repeating the phrase "oh my God" over and over again. I wasn't sure what I was going to see when I rounded the corner of the car. The thoughts that ran through my head included no dog, a dragged dog, a dead dog, or a severally injured/bleeding dog.

Luckily, none of the scenario that ran through my head came true. BUT I did see Mister standing outside the car with his head pulled up by his leash, but at least his feet were on the ground. Praise the Lord he wasn't hanging there or worse, he had been dragged. From what I can make of the situation, when I turned into the driveway he either jumped or fell out the window. Either way, I think it's time for Mister to get a seat belt of his own.