Saturday, July 2, 2011


The scariest dogmom moment for me came on our way home from doggie daycare. After four days away, I missed my pups and I was super excited to have my joys barking up a storm in the backseat. It was a beautifully rare Spokane day so we were all cruising along with the windows partially down. Mister loves to stick his little nose out the window so the backseat windows were down just enough for him to get his sniff on. Missy of course was buckled in her seat belt while Mister man was tied by his leash to that same seat belt.

With Blow blaring on the radio I turned into my driveway while the garage door opened. All of a sudden I heard a little dog noise. I wasn't not sure what it was or which one it came from. All I knew was when I stepped on the brake and looked behind me I only saw Missy. Um, I have two dogs, where did the other one go? I asked Missy, "Where is Mister? Where is my other dog?" I threw the car in park and got out as fast as I could while repeating the phrase "oh my God" over and over again. I wasn't sure what I was going to see when I rounded the corner of the car. The thoughts that ran through my head included no dog, a dragged dog, a dead dog, or a severally injured/bleeding dog.

Luckily, none of the scenario that ran through my head came true. BUT I did see Mister standing outside the car with his head pulled up by his leash, but at least his feet were on the ground. Praise the Lord he wasn't hanging there or worse, he had been dragged. From what I can make of the situation, when I turned into the driveway he either jumped or fell out the window. Either way, I think it's time for Mister to get a seat belt of his own.

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