Friday, June 17, 2011

The Return of Doggie Daycare

I'm blogging from Denver International Airport right now while I wait for my connecting flight to Chicago. I'm only going to be on the ground for less than four days, but it's plenty of time to miss my puparoos. They are spending a long weekend at doggie daycare.

Like any good dogmom I packed them up the night before and labeled everything I could. Nothing makes me feel more like a dogmom than writing Missy and Mister Baumann on every bag I packed. Dishing out their food in large quantities is also very momish. We spent our last night together like we do every other night, fighting over sleeping positions and waking up as soon as the neighbor's newspaper hit the pavement. Then the real adventure began.

Getting Mister and Missy anywhere is a pain. Mister is my happy little traveler, Missy not so much. But the real surprise came moments after we walked inside daycare. Missy pooped on the floor, right there on the carpet. Yikes. They took her back right away and I made sure she was put with the big dogs. Then they came for Mister. He went with the small dogs but the two of them will sleep in the same suite at night. This way they can tell each other all about how much fun they had during the day. They stay just feet apart from each other at daycare, but they might as well be in two different universes. The small dogs can't see the big dogs.

The nice part about doggie daycare this time around is it is located in a new building and construction on the inside is finally complete. Mister stayed there when they were still under construction a month ago. Since the inside was all done, I also got to see around the place. It was the first time I got to see Missy with the other dogs before. I barely recognized her. She was the happy go lucky dog I've always wished her to be. She walked around in a pack with the other dogs and seemed, well calm. Not a word I've ever used to describe the Missaroo before. She seemed to fit right in and it made me happy to see her so darn happy, but sad to know that only happens every once in a blue moon. Mister on the other had didn't have as many buds to play with on his side. He seemed pretty content like always, but he needed a friend. I hope he was able to find one.

As always, I'll call and check on them at least once this weekend before I pick them up on Monday. The silence last night was nice, but I sure did miss my Missaroo and little buddy too!

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