Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saving Sinatra Still

Sinatra and I have reached the two month mark. He is still hanging out with the dogs and me and I am still very happy to have him. However, as hard as it will be, I’m also very ready to let him go. Sinatra needs a home where he can get much more attention. Missy does not like him being here and refuses to let him be. She’s hoping she can bark him right out of the apartment. It works for now, but it is not a life. A Sinatra deserves a life, the best life. Ever. So far he’s been to four adoption events, three at the Petsmart in Greenfield and another at the Petsmart in Brookfield. There have been a few folks that have shown some interest but no takers yet.

Sinatra is the best cat. The greatest part about our two months together has been getting to see his personality come out. He loves people. He likes to watch TV with me, hang out on my chest while I read, or play on the ground. He gets a bit mischievous, but I think that has a lot to do with his boredom. He also seems to be pretty happy just exploring the apartment. He wants to be where ever I am. I wish he could do that more, but because of Missy he can’t. So we continue to show his picture by blogging, posting, and tweeting about him. I also bust butt to make sure he gets to his adoption events. If you know someone who is lonely or in need of a lap cat please consider telling him or her about Sinatra. You can help be a part of our life saving journey. All it takes is one to save Sinatra.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finally, A Real Response

As you know, I started an email campaign shortly after I moved to Milwaukee. It started with my alderman, who never responded, and ended with the mayor. In between, I also emailed several other city leaders in several other cities on a variety of animal rights issues and will continue to do so on a need to basis. However, I say that the email campaign ended with the mayor's office because I finally received a REAL response, if not a satisfactory one. About this time last month I received A response but this time I received this:

Dear Ms. Baumann:

Thank you for contacting my office with your concerns regarding the Milwaukee Area Animal Control Commission (MADACC).  I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I am grateful for your support and commitment to our community, and I will take your suggestions into consideration.

I am dedicated to ensuring that the animals in the City of Milwaukee are safe, healthy and cared for and I commend MADACC for providing effective and cost efficient animal control services. As you know, MADACC represents 19 municipalities in Milwaukee County and their work assures temporary shelter is available, veterinary and humane care for animals in need is prioritized and a central location for owners to find and recover their lost pets is accessible to the public.

I have heard from a number of constituents who share your concerns over the future of MADACC. I want you to know that I have shared your message with the other participatory municipalities and MADACC staff. I am confident that the recently appointed Executive Director, Karen Sparapani, will demonstrate capable leadership during this transition and I urge you to welcome her perspective and continue participating in this discussion in a productive manner.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Your concern for this issue is admirable.   Please do not hesitate to contact my office with any other issues you feel merit my attention.


Tom Barrett

As far as the mayor is concerned this issue has been settled. Not so fast mayor, you forgot to mention NO KILL anywhere in your email to me. That is the issue in which I emailed you about. I am, however, extremely grateful for the email and I'm impressed I got such a long one. I've never thought the mayor was a bad guy and I still don't, just misguided and over simplistic when it comes to the issue of No Kill. And until that day of No Kill Milwaukee comes to pass emails to someone will continue. I will move from here to MADACC directly.And of course, I will keep you updated along the way. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marching On

The Fight for No Kill marches on in Milwaukee. The new executive director of Milwaukee Area Domestic Care and Control has taken over the reign. The media has drawn attention to the killing at the shelter and to the plight of Milwaukee's court case dogs. Unfortunately not all is well in the animal world. I was unable to attend the most recent MADACC operations meeting because of a last minute change to the monthly meeting (I suspect foul play) but MADACC has for the first time posted the time and date to this month's meeting on their Facebook page (a good sign). The new director promises change in a year, I promise to hold her to that. Even if there are significant changes in a year's time, the true test will be to change the law and culture of killing. The only thing worse than continuing the killing now would be have it stop under one director, just for it to be re-implemented under a new one in a few years time. I only have a couple of years here in Milwaukee and it's my mission to the city to go No Kill once and for all. So until Milwaukee is considered a No Kill community we must march on. What a good month to get started. Let's not only show the citizens of this city it can be done, let's convince them it must be done.