Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saving Sinatra Still

Sinatra and I have reached the two month mark. He is still hanging out with the dogs and me and I am still very happy to have him. However, as hard as it will be, I’m also very ready to let him go. Sinatra needs a home where he can get much more attention. Missy does not like him being here and refuses to let him be. She’s hoping she can bark him right out of the apartment. It works for now, but it is not a life. A Sinatra deserves a life, the best life. Ever. So far he’s been to four adoption events, three at the Petsmart in Greenfield and another at the Petsmart in Brookfield. There have been a few folks that have shown some interest but no takers yet.

Sinatra is the best cat. The greatest part about our two months together has been getting to see his personality come out. He loves people. He likes to watch TV with me, hang out on my chest while I read, or play on the ground. He gets a bit mischievous, but I think that has a lot to do with his boredom. He also seems to be pretty happy just exploring the apartment. He wants to be where ever I am. I wish he could do that more, but because of Missy he can’t. So we continue to show his picture by blogging, posting, and tweeting about him. I also bust butt to make sure he gets to his adoption events. If you know someone who is lonely or in need of a lap cat please consider telling him or her about Sinatra. You can help be a part of our life saving journey. All it takes is one to save Sinatra.

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