Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sinatra Saved!

I cannot believe we went the entire month of April without posting! I think that is some sort of record for us, and one we aren't proud of! Not that the dogs and I haven't had our fair share of adventures in the past month. It's amazing what not having the Internet in your home will do for your blog. Anywho, we he have the BEST news. On April 11th, Sinatra went HOME. He now has his very own forever family. They have re-named him Myles (which I don't really like better than Sinatra, but whatev) and he now has a dog brother, a cat brother, and two loving parents! It was hard to say goodbye to my little bud, but I couldn't be happier for him.

I would love to foster another animal in need just like Sinatra. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him, other than he had a cold and was out of time. That is no reason to die. And thank goodness he didn't. We hope Milwaukee Pets Alive will continue to let up open up our hearts and our home to another fantastic cat. Sinatra saved. Who's next?

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