Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Step Forward, 1,031 Steps Back

By the end of April, MADACC had managed to kill 1,031 animals. The worst part? This is about 30 more lives saved this year compared to this time last year. SICK. Just sick. This is a perfect example of why shelters need to go NO KILL. They cannot simple say we will work to do better. This is what happens when the goal is "doing better" 30 more lives save, 1,031 killed, MURDERED. Trust me when I tell YOU, that saving one life is better than saving none. I believe that I can help. I can save one life at a time and that does make a difference to me and the one life I saved. But one life saved and 1,031 killed is not good enough for a shelter system; a shelter run on the backs of animal loving citizens. I think even folks who don't really care too much about animals as a whole would still agree this is outrageous! At the very least, this is a poor use of tax payer money and is a down right inefficient way to run a government entity.

So what do we do? We continue to push for no kill reform, we continue to support any and all better practices that MADACC comes up with, BUT we continue to hold them accountable. We continue to tell MADACC that we will work with you, we want you to succeed but killing 1,031 animals in four months is not good enough, it is not acceptable and we are watching...

Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate. WE can do this. WE can change the system.

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