Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Nope, this isn't about who's in charge in this home. I think we all know the Missaroo wins hands down.

Growing up as a kid, I don't know there were a whole lot of things my brother and I loved more than watching television. Whether it was cartoons in the wee hours of the morning, game shows in the afternoon, or comedies at night, we loved and watched it all. We each have our favorites, his: Speed Racer, Transformers; mine: Mary Tyler Moore, The Cosby Show ((I really, really wanted to be a Cosby kid))and ours: Quantum Leap, the Commish. And these are really just a few.

But recently, I have re-discovered one of my all time favorites, Who's the Boss? It's on for a couple of hours everyday on the Hallmark channel and there I sit laughing out loud at the antics of Tony and Angela. And then the other day it occurred to me, this is where the idea for my life came from.

My whole life I have pictured myself with a career and a kid. There are no real go-it-alone career women in my family. Sure I have some unbelievably great women role models ((my mom of course)) but no one that's been too focused on her career to have a man. Turns out I got the idea from Angela Bower. She was president of one of the world's largest ad firms. And that was in 1984! What a concept. I ran the idea by my mom and she said, "yeah her or Mary Tyler Moore." Hmm... another personal favorite of mine. Uh, she was a news producer after all.

TV I think was always a comfort. I've found it easier to laugh and cry with someone else than to do it about my own life. Don't get me wrong, my brother and I had a great childhood but just like any kids it was sometimes nice to escape, if only for a half an hour at a time. And just think, would I even know how to live this life without the help of Angela and Tony? If nothing else it gives me hope that someone, someday will fall for this quirky, straight laced career gal just like it happened on Who's the Boss?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are You Dying Shmoo?

If there's anything we've learned by now through this blog it's these three things: 1. I love the Missaroo as though she were the child I'll never get to have. 2. She's a sickly little thing. and 3. I am a dog mom worry wart. With that, I begin our latest adventure.

Today I took Miss out to go potty and number two around two. About three minutes into the walk, she threw up, hardcore. My first thought was, it can't be the heat it's only been a few minutes. Last summer Missy had heatstroke. And being a not so good dog mom I didn't realize it until this summer. What I also didn't realize is that she is more susceptible to the heat now because of it. Today it was about 90 degrees outside when we went for our mini walk. She threw up as I petted her little head and began to panic inside. What is wrong with her? I wondered. We returned home 14 minutes after our journey began. By this time, I am convinced my little puparoo is dying.

It wasn't just three weeks ago that we were at the vet bright and early after a few days of throwing up that I didn't panic over. Turned out she had a gastric-intestinal bacteria. "Is this related?" I wondered.  "Maybe she has something else?" I even thought maybe she is allergic to one of my many cleaning products. I threw that last one my mom's way. She very calmly reminded me that I use all-natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. "Except for the Comet!" I replied. To which she then again reminded me, "dear to clean the bottom of your tub, is she licking the bottom of your tub?" Well no, but what then?

After a chat with my mom, I called the vet. Told them what happened. They weren't so much concerned about the throw up as they were her not eating and sluggish movement. OK now I am really certain she is dying. I wish she could just tell me, say something, anything! Like, mom its from the heat. Or mom its when I eat a certain something. Or mom I have cancer. Even that last one might be better than the unknown.

I do OK for myself, but recently I've been struggling to survive. I'm penny pinching like I did to get through college and back then I barely made it without the sick dog. I would spend my last dollar on the Missaroo, but sometimes I already do. Running tests to just find out if my worry wart status is valid just isn't an option. The other day I was talking over my financial situation with my mom and she told me it was "that damn dog" that's using up all my money. I reminder her that argument will work as well on me as it would on a welfare recipient told to lose a kid to save money. NOT AN OPTION.

So I'm hoping today's throw up is unrelated to all the other throw up I've blogged about in the past six months. I'm hoping this was just from the heat. I will take it even more easy on her. I even froze in my own apartment in order to keep her cool. It did seem to help. Because right as I was getting ready to blog, I heard the most wonderful noise in the world. The sound of the Missaroo eating!

Bored with a Capital B

Missaroo has been pretty darn bored lately. The whole computer fiasco left her waiting around for a mom that was entirely too pre-occupied to entertain her. And she's still adjusting to life without daycare. She's being laying around the apartment a lot lately. And although I haven't had all the time in the world to play with her, like any good 21st century dog mom, I did have time to snap a few pictures. She might be bored, but she sure looks good doing nothing! Love you Shmooie!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Technology Hates the Missaroo

I hate technology. I know that sounds like an unbelievable statement coming from a news producer with a blog, but it's true. Now don't get me wrong, I love my crackberry, and I'm addicted to twitter but I also own the cheapest TV Target sells and I have basic cable. And when it comes to computers, I don't have the slightest clue outside the Internet.

Yesterday, my six year old computer made it's way into technology heaven. I was told at Best Buy today a 6 year old computer is the equivalent of 126 years in people life. I took good care of it and we had a good run. I knew yesterday was coming. I had been buying it time by taking off all of my pictures and important documents. But alas, it succumb to the abuse I put it through on an everyday basis with my blogging, tweeting and facebook updating. I was sad to pack it up and put it in my closet. What do you with a dead computer anyway?

I stressed about the thought of purchasing a new computer for two reasons. One, a new computer means I won't be eating for the next three weeks and next quarter's tuition money is in jeopardy. And two, because I don't know where to begin when it comes to buying a computer. I had to ask someone at work where to even go to shop for one. I took a poll as to what to get, desktop or laptop. Then I had one of the production assistants help me out with what it was to look for when shopping. But the scariest part was entering the store alone and making the decision by myself. I wished I could have taken the Missaroo in with me for moral support. I think I would have felt better buying a brand new car on my own then a brand new computer. It was another "I really wish I had a man" moments for me. Who knew bees and computers had something in common?

Really, the bottom line is I hate going through this kind of thing alone. I find myself at work often saying things like, "don't worry, I got this" or "I'll make it work." That's how my mom raised me, to survive, get through things, and essentially carry the world on my back. But it would be nice to hear the words said my way for once. "Don't worry Brittany, I got this for you." It's never happened and it seems to be getting farther and farther away from becoming a reality. It came close once, the time I walked all the way from the South Hill to Downtown, but he went away and I started a blog.

I did buy a computer today so I'm a little hungry. I almost had a panic attack at Best Buy, but I didn't. I'm just about done setting everything up. I also got the laundry done and cleaned my entire apartment. I can get through things, I guess this was another lesson for me on that front. But I don't know if that thought of "why, WHY do I always HAVE to do it alone?" will ever go away.

Oh and by the way, technology fails and cleaning equals a bored Missaroo. She hates technology but likes the extra space underneath the desk. I bought a laptop.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Missy's Favorite Toy

Missy is one lucky duck. Did you know that this dog hasn't gone a single day without a bone? Not one day! She always has a toy, a bone, and food. Not to mention all the other perks. In my personal opinion, she's living the good life. And Petsmart is living the good life too. We spend a lot of money there buying all of these toys, bones, and treats. Dont' forget the treats! But right now her favorite toy didn't come from Petsmart or any other pet store. It came from my dresser drawer, thanks to Grams.

When my mom was here visiting she bought me new socks. I had several with holes in them, including a thick gray pair. You know, my winter socks. They had holes in the heals and it was time for them to go. But instead of trashing them, Grams simply tied them in a knot and threw them in Missaroo's crate. More than a month later and the socks are still the first toy Missy pulls out to play with. Think of all the money I could have been saving. A pair of old gray socks is the Missaroo's favorite toy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Adventures in Micro Chipping

I just keep stealing titles for my blog posts don't I? But let's face it, "Adventures in Babysiting" equals 1980's amazingness! Elizabeth Shue was my favorite actress for a long time, until she never made another movie worth watching that is. But I still love her.

Anyway, yesterday I finally took the Missaroo to get micro chipped. Pet Over Population Prevention had offered to micro chip her when I first got her, but I couldn't afford it. It was just recently that I was able to finally finish purchasing everything I've wanted to get Missy. For the longest time, she was eating out of my good bowls, sleeping on a blanket in her crate, and didn't have a real dog bed. All of that has changed, so it was time to save up for the micro chipping.

I've been teaming up with the local animal shelter SpokAnimal on a few projects and they mentioned they do micro chipping for $15! No need to save up. In the words of my dad, "we were there dude!"

I think it was a strange experience for Missaroo. She hasn't been in a shelter type atmopshere since the day I took her home. Needless to say there wasn't an ounce of aggressiveness in her. She had her tail down as soon as we got out of the car and the whole time in the waiting room. She could hear the other dogs barking who aren't as lucky yet to have a forever home. I gave her lots of love and told her "don't worry, you're my bud for life and you'll never be stuck in a place like this again".

When we got back to the exam room, I had to put Miss on the table. She tried to escape more than once but was unsuccessful. She also didn't like the vet trying to stick her in the neck. The first time the vet tried to stick her, Missy almost fell off the table! I had to catch her, thank goodness! When the vet spun her around to try again she almost fell of the table a second time! Oh the Missaroo. I finally held her head and the vet inserted the micro chip. Mission accomplished.

In case you were wondering about the benefits of micro chipping here it is: If Missy were to get away from me and was found and turned in at a shelter or vet, she can be scanned for her micro chip. Then my name, address, and phone number pops up as her owner. Considering Missy has gotten out of her collar a few times and nearly jumped out the car window once, it never hurts to have an added layer of ID she can't ditch.
So there you have it, adventures in micro chipping.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Miss Daycare

It's only been a week, and I'm already missing daycare. OK, WE are missing daycare. Missy would not leave me alone last night. I was trying to watch the White Sox ((which is a rare thing these days but they were in Seattle playing the Mariners)) and every time I would yell at the TV, talk to our guys, or clap she was in my face. ((I love the White Sox about as much as I love the Missaroo)) She even stepped on the control and turned the channel! AH! We can't have that. But the poor thing has been wearing her sad face non-stop. We walked A LOT yesterday and she still wanted to come home and play. I wanted to come home and pass out. Even right now she's laying on the floor holding onto her rope waiting for me to get up and talk her for a walk. I hate that sad face. It makes me feel like the worst dog mom in the world! I just don't know how else to tucker her out and still get everything I need done. Today we'll walk, maybe head for the park, plus she's getting micro chipped. Hopefully all of the new places will help. We'll see. But one thing is for sure. WE miss daycare!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm not allergic to bees, I don't think. I am not 100% sure though and for this I blame my brother. He's been stung twice in his life. Once as a little kid. The first time nothing happend. The second time he was 13 and his fist blew up to the size of his head. My grandma was picking us up from school that day and instead of taking us home we made a stop at the ER. I've been stung once. The first time I was six. Nothing happend. Now I'm afraid to be stung a second time.

Over the last few days every time I go to sit down on my balcony it seems as though a bee was flying at me as soon as I opened the screen door. I was on the phone with my mom and I was telling her about it. I was headed out the door with the Raid to spray along the top of my balcony when I figured out why there always seemed to be a bee there. I found a very tiny bee nest right above me.

I called maintance and they basically told my wait until morning and then knock it down yourself. Um, great. So in the meantime, Missy and I were kicked off our own blacony. I was afraid to let her out there because usually if she's outside the screen door is open so she can come back inside. She was not happy those bees were keeping her from sunning herself. She is a star now, afterall.

This morning it was time to knock down the bees. It was one of those moments when I REALLY wished I had a boyfriend. Instead little old me grabbed the broom and went to town. The scarest part was the only way to get to the bees was to open the screen door and leave it open to swat away. So if I was unsuccessfull there was a very good chance those angry bees would be headed for me. Luckily, I was able to knock them down. Oh, and yes I screamed as I did it. Now Missaroo is back out on the balcony. She doesn't even know I'm her hero. Darn those bees!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Star is Born

Ok, so I stole the title from Barbara Streisand, but who doesn't love Barbara? Don't get me started on "The Way We Were" or I'll start weeping right here. Missy is not just my star anymore, she's an Internet star. And like any celeb her life is starting to change. The Missaroo now gets brushed everyday to keep her coat nice and shinny. You never know when the paparazzi might snap a picture. ((She already eats top notch dog food to keep her looking good too)). There's also the whole tooth brush thing. Gotta keep her smile looking good. We're also walking more to keep her girlish figure. I think she likes it overall because at the end of the day it's more bonding time for the two of us. Oh the life of a star, it's not easy but somebody has to do it. Why not the Missaroo? She's the next Snoopy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Missy, It's Time to Brush Your Teeth

The one thing I love about this blog is that it really helps to keep me accountable, and it's a great record of what we do when. It was especially helpful when Missy got sick. I couldn't remember when it started and then I looked at the blog and saw she had thrown up the morning after daycare.

A while back, I wrote about debating whether or not to brush Missy's teeth and then promised to keep you updated. Well here's your update. When we went to Petsmart on Friday for the life jacket, we also picked up a tooth brush. Since I didn't exactly know if I would ever actually get the toothpaste in her mouth, I bought the stuff from the clearance section and with a coupon. Yesterday, I tried it out.

I wouldn't call it a success but she actually did better than I thought. Here's what happened: I took the Missaroo out to the balcony because the paste was more like a liquid and I knew it was going to be messy. I put her collar and leash on her and tied her to the chair. I kept telling her how great she was and how much fun this was going to be. Missy being a very smart dog wasn't buying it. In fact she KNEW something was up before we even went to the balcony. I tried to get her to lick the "paste" off my finger before we even started but she wouldn't go near it.  I proceeded to try anyway.

It wasn't like she tried to bite me or get aggressive. Instead, she put on her "I prefer not to" hat. It's the same one she wears at the groomers and at the vet. I was able to get some of it on a couple of teeth. I didn't get to brush them exactly, just make contact.

For me, it was a start. I thought for sure the Missaroo would bark, fight, and be her usual self when it comes to things like that. Instead she became that 2 year old kid who sits at the table with his arms crossed and his mouth closed as you tried to feed him pees. He's not so much crying and carrying on as he is defiant. That was the Missaroo. But I think it's a jumping off point. I think I can perfect the technique a little, come at her with a different approach and be even more successful next time. The important thing here is I made a decision this is going to happen. Missy, it's time to brush your  teeth.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adorable on a Hot Summer Day

I was having a conversation with my friend last week ((see Friends, Still, Hopefully Always)) about how I think the Missaroo is really smart for a dog. He asked, "really, she's pretty smart for a dog?" I said well yes but of course I think that. I returned the question with another question, "Don't all parents (pet or kid) think their baby is the smartest, cutest, most adorable?" I think if you didn't you'd be a really bad parent.

So today, Missy and I went for a nice, short walk on a hot summer day. By the time we hit the door to our apartment, I had sweat down my back and she was panting. We took a breather on the chair and Missaroo seemed to be the most adorable I've seen in a while. Of course I'm bias so I knew I had to do something to make a stronger case. I recorded her. Take a look....

Is she my best bud or what? :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready for the Beach

Recently, I wrote about the three things I wanted to accomplish this summer. My biggest goal was to get Missy the chance to swim. Well, for those of you who know me best, that goal quickly got added to the good ole, "To Do List" and a plan was in place within days. My grandpa Dallas from the Tri-Cities moved back to the beach in May. It's been apart of his retirement plan since at least the day I met him. So when I thought long and hard about swimming I decided is what off to Dallas' we'd go. We haven't seen grandpa Dallas since we moved to Spokane. We are overdue for a visit and what a more perfect time than in August. Dallas said he'd be happy to host the Missaroo and me for a couple of days. So one of my weekend's next month we're heading to Long Beach, Washington.

But before we head to the beach, I just had to get the Missaroo prepared. As much as I want her to go swimming, I'm also deathly afraid of losing her to the Ocean. Not on my dog mom watch. So like any good dog mom I'm making sure she has the proper equipment before she goes. Today the Missaroo's humiliation was taken to a whole new level. Move over backpack, the construction worker orange life jacket is where it's at.....

I am convinced only the Missaroo can look adorable and crazy all at the same time.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Done with Daycare

Missy doesn't know it yet, but yesterday was pretty much her last day at doggie daycare. I say pretty much because it is nice to know it's there in case of an emergency, but the 11 day pass purchasing will stop as will the weekly trips there.

Missaroo just can't take it. She's too sickly. She actually reminds me of myself when I was a tot. I was on the phone with my mom yesterday and she was telling me about how she would feel like the worst parent in the world sometimes because she would come to get me out of my crib and I would be laying there in my own vomit. I can remember being in the single digits still and throwing up in my sleep on more than one occasion. I would then wake up and get my mom. She'd always say "why didn't you make it to the garbage can? or why didn't you wake me up?" and I would have to tell her I was asleep when it happened. She would also get that same worried look on her face. What can I say? I was sickly as a kid.

Now I have my child replacement in the Missaroo and she's turning out the same way. How many times have I come home to find her throw up all over her toys and blanket. She has to leap over it in order to make it out of her crate. Heartbreaking. She always puts on the sad face and hides under the bed when she's not feeling well.

We LOVED daycare though. Both of us. But it's in the Missaroo's best interest overall to keep her away from all of those dogs. Maybe we can find a place that doesn't have as many? Doubtful, but I'll take a look. But for now we are done with daycare.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gnawing Her Foot Off

Last night, Missy started gnawing at her foot. We were both in bed. She was laying at my feet when she started to attack her own. It was loud enough to make me look up over my book at her. I watch her for a little bit before reaching for the phone. Like any good dog mom, I decided to record it before taking a look at her foot for myself. I rubbed her belly while I inspected her paw. I didn't see anything stuck and the pads of her paws didn't seem overly sensitive to the touch. Right after I put her paw down she stopped with the gnawing. I'm not sure what it was all about. But at least you can take a look for yourself.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

World's Best Dog Blog? Like Whoa

In case you missed the memo, and have no idea what the huge "vote for us for best dog blog" banner at the top of the page is about, let me explain. I was going through everyone Missy follows on Twitter the other day looking for pets in need of homes to re-tweet about. That's when I came across an organization twittering about winning a dog blog award. Dog blog award?!? Seriously? Seriously!?! LOVE IT! Oh man I had to check it out. So I did and instantly became obsessed! To win a best dog blog award, well it would be like whoa! In shameless self promotion style, I launched a Facebook campaign to get people to vote, vote, vote.

Ok, so let's get a tad bit real here. I don't for one second thing I have the world's best dog blog. I think our little blog is cute and funny and sometimes makes you think, but it's hardly award winning. I do put a lot of time and effort into it, but at the end of the day it's just not up to snuff with most of the blogs I read. But I am serious about trying to win. What a fun project and thanks to my super competitive nature, I am all in baby!

I'm going to work to make the blog better. First thing's first, re-focus it on Missy. It's about Missy most of the time, but not always. The funny thing about that is I think of all the posts on the page, the one not about her is the best written one. I'm also going to take more time to really gather my thoughts before writing. Most of the time I think about something to write about, write down a title on my little "future blogs" list, and then when I get to it I just start typing away. There's not a lot of editing. I type, spell check, and then read out loud before hitting the publish post button. Hopefully, if nothing else at the end of the day you'll get a better written blog.

So here's how I really feel about the competition. We are the ((pardon the pun)) underdogs. The black sheeps. The little blog that could, if you will. This is for every dog mom out there. For anyone who's ever talked to the their two and a half year old dog like she or he is a two and a half year old child. For anyone that's been at the vet at 7am, who has their doggie daycare number saved in their contacts list and for anyone who worries this dog mom phase of their lives will never advance them to the major leagues. So vote for our little blog if it puts a smile on your face a couple of times a week. World's best dog blog, like whoa!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pill Popper

Getting Missy to take her pills has been no easy task. Since this is not her first time around the block with the pills, she's on to all of my tricks. I've tried smashing it up into powder and mixing it with her food. She still ate around most of it. I tried smashing it up with her treat. She was on to that one too. I had even tried to force it down her throat! Maybe if she was 15 pounds and fit on my lap that would have worked. I was just about at my wits end with an easy fix to our solution when my mom came to the rescue.

Now, you might remember me telling you about how Missy out smarted Grams not so long ago. My mom thought she could simply muzzle Missy in the car. Yep, that worked until about 30 seconds into it when she figure out how to tear it off her nose. Well this time Grams has evened the score. "Peanut butter" She said to me, "Have you tired giving it to her with peanut butter." To which I replied, "Now that's a thought."

Missy loves peanut butter A LOT. And more than that, a crushed up pill would stick nicely to it. So when Missy when to eat it she couldn't avoid the pill particles. So today we tried it. I have to come home in the middle of the day to give Missy her pill so time really is of the essence. I gave her a dab of peanut butter filled with the pill bits and she licked it up no questions asked! Grams is a genius!

I feel like this has definitely been another dog mom moment for me. It's good training if I ever need to try and trick a sick kid into taking medicine. Although I did mention at work the other day that Missy is "the child I'll never have." 

On a side note, I talked to the vet today and everything looks like it's clearing up. Missy is also starting to feel better. She'll be off the bland food and pills in a couple of days and hopefully back to her spunky self.  

Friday, July 9, 2010

Can't Take the Heat

The summer has finally arrived in the Inland Northwest and it feels GREAT! Well at least to me. I have to remember to take it easy on the poor Missaroo in the heat, she doesn't do so well. Last year we got a real scare in the heat. We were walking out of necessity to go pick up my car from the shop. I don't really have any friends and we had to go pick it up in the middle of the day so it was us and our feet to get there. It was easily 100 degrees that day and Missy and I ventured out. She also had her backpack on. It was the biggest mistake I've ever made as a dog mom and boy did I learn my lesson.

We were almost there when Missy stopped, threw up and then fell over. Luckily, I know the sound of throw up all too well and knew she was about ready to so I dropped to the ground with her. I caught her in my arms as she fell. I immediately took off her backpack and got her water out. I started gently pouring it on her head as I held her in the shade. We waited it out and I let her recover before we started heading for the car again. Missy pretty much had a mini heat stroke.

The hottest day this year and we were out again. This time Missy was sick and couldn't make it very far. We weren't in danger of heat stroke this time, but I did have to keep telling her "Good girl Miss you can do it, almost home baby girl." For all the energy this one has, she doesn't do well in the heat. It's something I really have to keep in mind.

And I guess let me take the time to remind you hot cars and pets don't mix. It's something I have to remind myself about as well. Missy loves to go with me everywhere and sometimes before I even realize it we're driving around and it's super hot out. A lot of times I have to turn around and drop her off because even my quick trips are too much in the heat. So I guess you can never really say it enough, pets can't take the heat.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sicky Update

It's been a couple of days and the Missaroo is already starting to feel better. It's been quite the struggle to get her to take her pills but I've become an expert in smashing them with a spoon and mixing them into her new dog food. It is the blandest dog food in the world. The worst part is she's only allowed to eat about half of what she normally would get a day which doesn't help with her low energy. We're taking it slow. Here's a look at how it's going....

World's blandest dog food. Yum.

World's most adorable dog after eating world's blandest dog food.

Our Little Corner of the World

I've pretty much convinced myself that everyone has stopped reading the dog blog, but I kept writing everyday anyway. Missy and I are destined to leave Spokane one of these days. It is our home for now but it won't be forever. Our forever home on earth is here on this blog. It has became our little corner of the world. This is my life, right here in writing. The blog has also become my safe place, my therapist, and my to do list. So here's my blog theme song. I thought I'd share it with you today. I hope every time you hear it you think of the Missaroo and me. I love you all. Especially you guys who aren't reading this.

"Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened."

- Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friends, Still, Hopefully Always

Tonight I had dinner with my friend Tim. It's the first time we've ever gone out as just friends before. It was awkward greatness. I had a fairly decent time and I think he did too. I tried to get caught up on his life as much as he would tell me and I blanked on mine. I was nervous. I was actually shaking a little right before he came in the door of the restaurant. Mostly because I haven't had to look at him for that long in months and I just wasn't sure how well I would do with it. But I felt like I've been ready for a while.  

I had called him earlier in the afternoon to see if he wanted to grab a meal or a drink sometime between then and next week possibly. I was actually surprised when he even answered the phone. I had a whole "leave a message" speech all planned out. He agreed and said tonight would actually work out best. It worked for me too so we made a plan and met for dinner.

We laughed a little, brought up a few old times, and tried to get caught up on each others lives. I think it might have felt a bit forced to him, especially on my part, especially toward the end. I actually had an entire list of things I wanted to talk to him about and I didn't even bring up one of them. I wanted to text him as soon as I got home to tell him sorry for the awkwardness and I'd do better next time, but I didn't.

Here's what was great about it. I did the friends things. I felt like his friend, I liked being his friend and I think in time I'll be a much less awkward friend. I've never been able to be friends with someone I've felt like that about before. I've always thrown such unbelievable out of body witch moments that they've called me crazy and called it a day. They can't ever forgive me working through my process of forgiving them, except for Tim.

This blog, this journey, every adventure for the Missaroo and me, it's felt like a lifetime. And we've learn more life lessons than I ever felt possible in less than 5 months time. We've come a really, really long way. Today was the exclamation point. 5 months ago I had a lot of fears. 6 months ago I had a lot more. Now I'm fearless in so many ways, but here's what I'm afraid of: Tim will leave here and we won't be friends anymore. That's why I called him today. I was thinking about all the amazing people in my life who have made it better, made me better and all of those people I do a horrible job of keeping track of. He's not good at that either but I don't want him to let me fall through the friendship cracks and I don't want the same thing to happen to him either. I want to get back to the point where he trusts me. We lost that along the way and that was totally my doing. We'll never be more than friends again but I want to be friends and don't actually have a lot of those. Three in fact, in all of Washington. Molly, Kristen, Tim.

Sicky McSickerson

WARNING: Probably our grosses blog yet. Don't read while eating.

Missy is sick, again. This time it's a gastrointestinal bacteria. It all started Monday night. I thought she was just too full of energy and being a pain in the butt. It looked like she wanted to play, pulling out every one of her toys but not actually chasing after them when I threw them. Then she started biting my blanket and trying to pull it off of me. When she barked, I knew she had to go potty. So I took her downstairs but she didn't have to go potty, and it wasn't energy she was full of. That should have been clue one something wasn't right.

When we got back up to the apartment, she practically passed out on the couch right away. That should have been clue two something was wrong. About an hour later I headed to bed and she didn't follow. She was still passed out on the couch. This should have been the glaring, red flashing light that something was wrong. But nope, I'm dense or at least a bad dog mom.

At 1am she woke me up to go outside. At 3am she woke me up to go outside. At 6am she threw up in my bedroom. I cleaned it up, fed her and went out into the living room to open up the blinds for her. That's when I saw she pooped on the carpet not very far from where she was sleeping all night. That one hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. The Missaroo is a SICK DOG and not in the cool ghetto "yo yous be a sick dog, dog" kinda way. Then I started to clean up that. Missy laid under the bed. Then I got ready and at 7am we where at the vet making an appointment. Now she is on anti-biotic and a special canned, bland dog food for about a week. It should clear itself up.

So what happened? The vet's guess is that she got into something. But what? She doesn't chew anything she's not suppose to. The kitchen garbage is covered. The bathroom garbage had been dumped. I think it came from daycare. There's no way to prove it but at home she's either in the crate or with me. The only time I don't know where she is or what she's doing is at daycare. She could have snagged something on a walk, but would it really be enough to make her this sick? The thought from the vet is it could have been in water she drank.... hmmm.... like the open buckets of shared water she drinks from at daycare perhaps????

The thing is Missy and I LOVE daycare. She looks forward to going and bolts down the hallway there to see her buds. I love not feeling so guilty for getting basic things done during the day like read for class, clean, or get my hair done. I'll call them today and talk it over with them. We'd both be sad to leave daycare but Missaroo is vaccinated through the roof and she's still getting sick every couple of months. I don't want nor can I afford a Sicky McSickerson that often.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Missy Survives the 4th

The message of the Missaroo this 4th of July was furry friends and fireworks don't mix. It really is true and I've actually heard more pets run away from home on the 4th than any other day of the year. You wouldn't have known it from watching the Missaroo last night. She didn't even seem to notice anything out of the norm. BUT where we live you couldn't even see any fireworks and what you could hear sounded awfully far away. No one was lighting off fireworks here at the apartment complex and the big shows downtown were too far away.

I wasn't sure how the Missaroo was going to do last night. I thought about maybe heading out and watching the fireworks at the Spokane Indians game at Avista Stadium. I ended up staying late at work and just wanted to go home to Missy instead. I'm really bummed I didn't get to see the fireworks since the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, but I don't regret being here with Miss either. I'd like to say I made it into a fun holiday for us like I have in the past with coloring Easter eggs on our own or setting up the world's saddest Christmas tree. But this time I didn't. I didn't even buy hot dogs and pretend we were on a picnic. What a bad dog mom I am. We did sing before bed however, but nothing patriotic. Instead we sang "This little light of mine" and my personal favorite, "You are my sunshine."

The funny part of the night happened on our walk. Missy saw some very small flags along a yard in the neighborhood behind us. She didn't really know what to make of them. She went to bark at the first one and then realized there was a whole row of them. She jumped in between two of them and then decided to walk on the other side of the sidewalk. I love my curious Missy. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. We did, even in our own small way.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Fight It Missaroo

Missaroo and I have been BEYOND tired lately. We've been getting up early and staying up late. Most nights it feels like we're only been getting naps in. It's been a combination of long walks with Missy, walking everywhere to save on gas money in general, playtime in the apartment together, more days at daycare for her, plus school and homework for me, oh and there's that place I spend about 50 hours at called work. We're not complaining, we're just pooped. May nights we find ourselves falling asleep in the chair or on the couch. One night I was up late again working at the computer and Missy was trying to stay by my side under the desk. Sometimes she just heads for her doggie bed, but on this particular night she tried to toughen it out. I commend her effort, but when the sleepy bug comes, don't fight it Missaroo....

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Sorry" No You're Not

I hate when people throw out "sorry" as a forgive-all type of word. It reminds me of two year olds who learn to say please. They use it all the time in hopes it will get them something, not because it's the polite thing to say. This trend seems to stick with some adults in the form of "sorry." They say it, but they don't really mean it. I remember when I was a kid and I would try to throw around the word "sorry." An un-sincere "sorry" got no where with my mom. She would often reply back, "Yeah, sorry you got caught." Or "If you were truly sorry, you wouldn't have done it in the first place." Now I often times find myself at least thinking, if not saying the very same thing. Here's my dog mom example:

Missy and I were trapped the other day. We were walking along when we spotted two large dogs ahead of us who wanted to eat Missy. Missy being not-so-smart wanted to try and eat them right back. No matter how you cut it, it was bad news bears all around. We crossed the street and with the "dog mom grip of death" I walked her out of there. But then a little small yippie dog came barreling down the street from the other direction at us. Missy wanted to eat that one too. We couldn't turn around toward the big dogs, we couldn't move forward because of the small dog, and there were houses to either side. We were trapped.

Following a little too far away from the yippie dog was what appeared to be the owner, or at least the adult who seemed to be taking responsibility for the escapee. He wasn't calling after the dog, nope just running. When he got to the dog and picked it up, he said "sorry." I didn't reply but what I was thinking was, "No you're not, or you wouldn't of let the dog out in the first place."

I think by now we all know my biggest pet peeve is dogs not on leashes. I also hate owners who think opening up the door to let your pet pee is properly caring for the dog. No matter what, I don't for one instant accept this man's apology. I didn't even get an "I'm sorry." Just "Sorry." And maybe that's what I really should have said, "apology unaccepted, next time use a leash."     

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sick as a Dog

Today, it wasn't even 7am and I woke up to the sound of Missy throwing up in my bed. The ironic part is I rolled over at about 6am and realized she never came to bed the night before. She slept out in her doggy bed like an actual dog for once! Then she got sick as a dog.

Missy threw up on the bed and then on the floor. Good thing I bought the dog stain remover spray at Shopko a while back. I used A LOT of it. Then I stripped the bed. Comfort, sheets, and even the mattress pad need to be washed. After that I made sure she had food and water and then took my poor little girl to pee. She always looks so sad after she throw ups. I tell her it's OK, she's still a good girl. But I think the sound of the spray bottle tells her otherwise. I checked her nose, could be wetter ((or is it more wet?? that's one I struggle with grammatically)). We then relocated to the couch.

Missy is still on the couch. I didn't hear a peep out of her after the throw up. Which tells me she's either really tired, or really not feeling good. The fact that I've written an entire blog and she hasn't come over yet even to put her head on my lap  tells me she's not the usual spunky Missaroo I write about. She didn't get into anything her last night I know that. She was at daycare all day and then came home, ate, chewed her bone, and laid on me the rest of the night until she went into her doggie bed. Plus I cleaned from top to bottom so there's nothing she could have gotten into. I might give daycare a call and see if she got into something there. But I'm hoping it's just another case of puker mcpukerson striking again.