Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are You Dying Shmoo?

If there's anything we've learned by now through this blog it's these three things: 1. I love the Missaroo as though she were the child I'll never get to have. 2. She's a sickly little thing. and 3. I am a dog mom worry wart. With that, I begin our latest adventure.

Today I took Miss out to go potty and number two around two. About three minutes into the walk, she threw up, hardcore. My first thought was, it can't be the heat it's only been a few minutes. Last summer Missy had heatstroke. And being a not so good dog mom I didn't realize it until this summer. What I also didn't realize is that she is more susceptible to the heat now because of it. Today it was about 90 degrees outside when we went for our mini walk. She threw up as I petted her little head and began to panic inside. What is wrong with her? I wondered. We returned home 14 minutes after our journey began. By this time, I am convinced my little puparoo is dying.

It wasn't just three weeks ago that we were at the vet bright and early after a few days of throwing up that I didn't panic over. Turned out she had a gastric-intestinal bacteria. "Is this related?" I wondered.  "Maybe she has something else?" I even thought maybe she is allergic to one of my many cleaning products. I threw that last one my mom's way. She very calmly reminded me that I use all-natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. "Except for the Comet!" I replied. To which she then again reminded me, "dear to clean the bottom of your tub, is she licking the bottom of your tub?" Well no, but what then?

After a chat with my mom, I called the vet. Told them what happened. They weren't so much concerned about the throw up as they were her not eating and sluggish movement. OK now I am really certain she is dying. I wish she could just tell me, say something, anything! Like, mom its from the heat. Or mom its when I eat a certain something. Or mom I have cancer. Even that last one might be better than the unknown.

I do OK for myself, but recently I've been struggling to survive. I'm penny pinching like I did to get through college and back then I barely made it without the sick dog. I would spend my last dollar on the Missaroo, but sometimes I already do. Running tests to just find out if my worry wart status is valid just isn't an option. The other day I was talking over my financial situation with my mom and she told me it was "that damn dog" that's using up all my money. I reminder her that argument will work as well on me as it would on a welfare recipient told to lose a kid to save money. NOT AN OPTION.

So I'm hoping today's throw up is unrelated to all the other throw up I've blogged about in the past six months. I'm hoping this was just from the heat. I will take it even more easy on her. I even froze in my own apartment in order to keep her cool. It did seem to help. Because right as I was getting ready to blog, I heard the most wonderful noise in the world. The sound of the Missaroo eating!

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