Monday, July 5, 2010

Missy Survives the 4th

The message of the Missaroo this 4th of July was furry friends and fireworks don't mix. It really is true and I've actually heard more pets run away from home on the 4th than any other day of the year. You wouldn't have known it from watching the Missaroo last night. She didn't even seem to notice anything out of the norm. BUT where we live you couldn't even see any fireworks and what you could hear sounded awfully far away. No one was lighting off fireworks here at the apartment complex and the big shows downtown were too far away.

I wasn't sure how the Missaroo was going to do last night. I thought about maybe heading out and watching the fireworks at the Spokane Indians game at Avista Stadium. I ended up staying late at work and just wanted to go home to Missy instead. I'm really bummed I didn't get to see the fireworks since the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, but I don't regret being here with Miss either. I'd like to say I made it into a fun holiday for us like I have in the past with coloring Easter eggs on our own or setting up the world's saddest Christmas tree. But this time I didn't. I didn't even buy hot dogs and pretend we were on a picnic. What a bad dog mom I am. We did sing before bed however, but nothing patriotic. Instead we sang "This little light of mine" and my personal favorite, "You are my sunshine."

The funny part of the night happened on our walk. Missy saw some very small flags along a yard in the neighborhood behind us. She didn't really know what to make of them. She went to bark at the first one and then realized there was a whole row of them. She jumped in between two of them and then decided to walk on the other side of the sidewalk. I love my curious Missy. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. We did, even in our own small way.

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