Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready for the Beach

Recently, I wrote about the three things I wanted to accomplish this summer. My biggest goal was to get Missy the chance to swim. Well, for those of you who know me best, that goal quickly got added to the good ole, "To Do List" and a plan was in place within days. My grandpa Dallas from the Tri-Cities moved back to the beach in May. It's been apart of his retirement plan since at least the day I met him. So when I thought long and hard about swimming I decided is what off to Dallas' we'd go. We haven't seen grandpa Dallas since we moved to Spokane. We are overdue for a visit and what a more perfect time than in August. Dallas said he'd be happy to host the Missaroo and me for a couple of days. So one of my weekend's next month we're heading to Long Beach, Washington.

But before we head to the beach, I just had to get the Missaroo prepared. As much as I want her to go swimming, I'm also deathly afraid of losing her to the Ocean. Not on my dog mom watch. So like any good dog mom I'm making sure she has the proper equipment before she goes. Today the Missaroo's humiliation was taken to a whole new level. Move over backpack, the construction worker orange life jacket is where it's at.....

I am convinced only the Missaroo can look adorable and crazy all at the same time.

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