Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sicky McSickerson

WARNING: Probably our grosses blog yet. Don't read while eating.

Missy is sick, again. This time it's a gastrointestinal bacteria. It all started Monday night. I thought she was just too full of energy and being a pain in the butt. It looked like she wanted to play, pulling out every one of her toys but not actually chasing after them when I threw them. Then she started biting my blanket and trying to pull it off of me. When she barked, I knew she had to go potty. So I took her downstairs but she didn't have to go potty, and it wasn't energy she was full of. That should have been clue one something wasn't right.

When we got back up to the apartment, she practically passed out on the couch right away. That should have been clue two something was wrong. About an hour later I headed to bed and she didn't follow. She was still passed out on the couch. This should have been the glaring, red flashing light that something was wrong. But nope, I'm dense or at least a bad dog mom.

At 1am she woke me up to go outside. At 3am she woke me up to go outside. At 6am she threw up in my bedroom. I cleaned it up, fed her and went out into the living room to open up the blinds for her. That's when I saw she pooped on the carpet not very far from where she was sleeping all night. That one hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. The Missaroo is a SICK DOG and not in the cool ghetto "yo yous be a sick dog, dog" kinda way. Then I started to clean up that. Missy laid under the bed. Then I got ready and at 7am we where at the vet making an appointment. Now she is on anti-biotic and a special canned, bland dog food for about a week. It should clear itself up.

So what happened? The vet's guess is that she got into something. But what? She doesn't chew anything she's not suppose to. The kitchen garbage is covered. The bathroom garbage had been dumped. I think it came from daycare. There's no way to prove it but at home she's either in the crate or with me. The only time I don't know where she is or what she's doing is at daycare. She could have snagged something on a walk, but would it really be enough to make her this sick? The thought from the vet is it could have been in water she drank.... hmmm.... like the open buckets of shared water she drinks from at daycare perhaps????

The thing is Missy and I LOVE daycare. She looks forward to going and bolts down the hallway there to see her buds. I love not feeling so guilty for getting basic things done during the day like read for class, clean, or get my hair done. I'll call them today and talk it over with them. We'd both be sad to leave daycare but Missaroo is vaccinated through the roof and she's still getting sick every couple of months. I don't want nor can I afford a Sicky McSickerson that often.

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