Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Fight It Missaroo

Missaroo and I have been BEYOND tired lately. We've been getting up early and staying up late. Most nights it feels like we're only been getting naps in. It's been a combination of long walks with Missy, walking everywhere to save on gas money in general, playtime in the apartment together, more days at daycare for her, plus school and homework for me, oh and there's that place I spend about 50 hours at called work. We're not complaining, we're just pooped. May nights we find ourselves falling asleep in the chair or on the couch. One night I was up late again working at the computer and Missy was trying to stay by my side under the desk. Sometimes she just heads for her doggie bed, but on this particular night she tried to toughen it out. I commend her effort, but when the sleepy bug comes, don't fight it Missaroo....

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