Thursday, July 15, 2010

Done with Daycare

Missy doesn't know it yet, but yesterday was pretty much her last day at doggie daycare. I say pretty much because it is nice to know it's there in case of an emergency, but the 11 day pass purchasing will stop as will the weekly trips there.

Missaroo just can't take it. She's too sickly. She actually reminds me of myself when I was a tot. I was on the phone with my mom yesterday and she was telling me about how she would feel like the worst parent in the world sometimes because she would come to get me out of my crib and I would be laying there in my own vomit. I can remember being in the single digits still and throwing up in my sleep on more than one occasion. I would then wake up and get my mom. She'd always say "why didn't you make it to the garbage can? or why didn't you wake me up?" and I would have to tell her I was asleep when it happened. She would also get that same worried look on her face. What can I say? I was sickly as a kid.

Now I have my child replacement in the Missaroo and she's turning out the same way. How many times have I come home to find her throw up all over her toys and blanket. She has to leap over it in order to make it out of her crate. Heartbreaking. She always puts on the sad face and hides under the bed when she's not feeling well.

We LOVED daycare though. Both of us. But it's in the Missaroo's best interest overall to keep her away from all of those dogs. Maybe we can find a place that doesn't have as many? Doubtful, but I'll take a look. But for now we are done with daycare.

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