Friday, July 23, 2010

Adventures in Micro Chipping

I just keep stealing titles for my blog posts don't I? But let's face it, "Adventures in Babysiting" equals 1980's amazingness! Elizabeth Shue was my favorite actress for a long time, until she never made another movie worth watching that is. But I still love her.

Anyway, yesterday I finally took the Missaroo to get micro chipped. Pet Over Population Prevention had offered to micro chip her when I first got her, but I couldn't afford it. It was just recently that I was able to finally finish purchasing everything I've wanted to get Missy. For the longest time, she was eating out of my good bowls, sleeping on a blanket in her crate, and didn't have a real dog bed. All of that has changed, so it was time to save up for the micro chipping.

I've been teaming up with the local animal shelter SpokAnimal on a few projects and they mentioned they do micro chipping for $15! No need to save up. In the words of my dad, "we were there dude!"

I think it was a strange experience for Missaroo. She hasn't been in a shelter type atmopshere since the day I took her home. Needless to say there wasn't an ounce of aggressiveness in her. She had her tail down as soon as we got out of the car and the whole time in the waiting room. She could hear the other dogs barking who aren't as lucky yet to have a forever home. I gave her lots of love and told her "don't worry, you're my bud for life and you'll never be stuck in a place like this again".

When we got back to the exam room, I had to put Miss on the table. She tried to escape more than once but was unsuccessful. She also didn't like the vet trying to stick her in the neck. The first time the vet tried to stick her, Missy almost fell off the table! I had to catch her, thank goodness! When the vet spun her around to try again she almost fell of the table a second time! Oh the Missaroo. I finally held her head and the vet inserted the micro chip. Mission accomplished.

In case you were wondering about the benefits of micro chipping here it is: If Missy were to get away from me and was found and turned in at a shelter or vet, she can be scanned for her micro chip. Then my name, address, and phone number pops up as her owner. Considering Missy has gotten out of her collar a few times and nearly jumped out the car window once, it never hurts to have an added layer of ID she can't ditch.
So there you have it, adventures in micro chipping.

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