Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sick as a Dog

Today, it wasn't even 7am and I woke up to the sound of Missy throwing up in my bed. The ironic part is I rolled over at about 6am and realized she never came to bed the night before. She slept out in her doggy bed like an actual dog for once! Then she got sick as a dog.

Missy threw up on the bed and then on the floor. Good thing I bought the dog stain remover spray at Shopko a while back. I used A LOT of it. Then I stripped the bed. Comfort, sheets, and even the mattress pad need to be washed. After that I made sure she had food and water and then took my poor little girl to pee. She always looks so sad after she throw ups. I tell her it's OK, she's still a good girl. But I think the sound of the spray bottle tells her otherwise. I checked her nose, could be wetter ((or is it more wet?? that's one I struggle with grammatically)). We then relocated to the couch.

Missy is still on the couch. I didn't hear a peep out of her after the throw up. Which tells me she's either really tired, or really not feeling good. The fact that I've written an entire blog and she hasn't come over yet even to put her head on my lap  tells me she's not the usual spunky Missaroo I write about. She didn't get into anything her last night I know that. She was at daycare all day and then came home, ate, chewed her bone, and laid on me the rest of the night until she went into her doggie bed. Plus I cleaned from top to bottom so there's nothing she could have gotten into. I might give daycare a call and see if she got into something there. But I'm hoping it's just another case of puker mcpukerson striking again.

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