Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Foot Patrol

Missy and I walk everywhere. We've walked to the vet, the car repair shop, fast food places, we've even walked all the way from the South Hill to Downtown, but if you ask me about it I'll deny it. Today I even walked to the grocery store and then walked back with my bag loaded down. It was pretty empowering actually. Most recently we've been high tailing it down Regal. It's a fairly busy street but I like it because it's a straight shot and there are very few dogs beside the Missaroo along the way.

On these and many other walks we've grown accustom to the various comments people like to throw out. In the Tri-Cities, we received your typical cat calls of "hey baby" and I even got a "how you doin'?" ((yep like Joey from Friends style)). I never did have the heart to tell those jerks that Missy is no cat and I don't meow. We usually just kept walking. Here in Spokane it's gotten even stranger. Once we hustled passed a truck and the driver yelled out "you don't have to run from me baby, I won't hurt you" to which I simply shouted back "yikes!" and kept going. All of which I take with a grain of salt. But last night a few punks really got on my nerves.

This is actually the second time they've done this to me. They threw those snap poppers at us while they drove by and honked as loud as they could. I yelled a lot of profanity at them and then checked on the Missaroo. I don't mind the comments but throwing something that could potentially hurt my dog is NOT OK. I mean she is pretty close to the ground after all. It makes me want to stop walking down that way. I like to switch up our routes so Missy doesn't get bored and that way I don't get as bored either and I hate the thought of those little ruining my route, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the risk.

If it were me by myself I wouldn't think twice, but what if they really hurt the Missaroo? Well if they really hurt the Missaroo I'll chase them down with lightening speed and beat the snot out of them. They are nothing more than some high school brats. Next time I'm going to yell "I got your license plates and I'm calling the cops." But I need to keep the Missaroo safe. It's part of being a dog mom, even if it means turning around and heading out another way next time.

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