Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Time!

It's two days after the official start to summer and we're just now seeing temperatures reach the 80's here in Spokane. It was a LOOONG spring. The term "juneary" has even been thrown around, especially for Seattle. Temperatures were about 20 degrees below average and there were way too many rainy days.

BUT that's all over now and we're headed for sunny skies, and warm temps! Hooray! So I'm taking the start of summer as a fresh start for the Missaroo and me. Since I'm big on lists and plans I thought this would be a good time to start a summer list. Things I want to do this summer. High up on the priority list, but probably the least likely to happen, get Missy to swim.

Missy has never really been in the water. She doesn't seem to want to go in water too badly, but I think she might enjoy swimming. When we lived in the TC she did walk in a very shallow part of the Columbia River. The thing is, there were too many other distractions, and by distractions I mean dogs. She's also checked out the little fountain outside our apartment. She seemed to think it was pretty neat, but still no desire to jump in. It is something I would like for her to experience once in her lifetime though. I don't really know how I'm going to do this though. I'm not a swimmer AT ALL. In fact, I have an irrational fear of drowning! But equipped with a couple of life jackets and a pretty descent swimmer next to us I'd like to give it a shot.

Goal number two is to try and come up with another blog adventure. In May we did Best Buds Day. It was great! We both loved it and hopefully you loved reading about it. Now I want to try something else, but I don't have any ideas yet. ((let us know if you have one)).

The third goal is really get "The Missaroo" to take off. She has about 37 twitter followers, 100 likes on her page, and 109 Fans of the Missaroo members. I would love to see all of those numbers go way up in the next three months.

So that's what I would like to see happen this summer. Like always, I'll keep you posted on our progress. Maybe we'll finally get around to sniffing that motorcycle too. Enjoy the warmth! 

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