Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grams is Coming to Town

My mom is flying into Spokane next week, just in time for my birthday! Missaroo is going to be pretty darn happy, but she's also going to have to learn to behave. Like any good grandma, my mom 1) doesn't want to be called grandma, so we'll go with grams. and 2) gives Missy things I don't approve of.

Last time my mom came, she fed Missy pretzels and Fritos. I was FURIOUS. She almost got away with it too, but unfortunately for Grams we all know what a hoarder Missy is and it use to be much worse. Missy would stash the "treats" in her crate and then eat them later, like when I was around to catch her. Oh Grams!

Another reason Missy loves Grams is because they both love to walk. Missaroo won't be spending a lot of time in her crate either. She'll be loose and fancy free with Grams while I'm at work. Plus, I'm taking vacation to spend time with both of them.

But Grams also promises to muzzle the Missaroo. Missy barks NON-STOP in the car, and well Grams just isn't going to put up with that. It might be a good thing, since I can't seem to get the Missaroo to behave, maybe Grams will be better about laying down the law. Either way, we're both looking forward to her visit even though Missy doesn't yet realize Grams is coming to town.

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