Saturday, June 5, 2010

Come On, You Know You Want a Cat

June is adopt a cat month! All the more reason Missaroo and I should expand our family right? Well for those of you who can, seriously consider looking into adopting a cat. Cats stay in shelters and kennels much longer than dogs do. They are harder to adopt out and many more are killed because no one wanted them. When I looked up cats to add to Missy's facebook page, there were nearly 2,000 cats in Washington State on Petfinder alone! Also, if you will consider adopting a cat, and by adopting I mean saving a life, look at the older adult cats first. Those kittens will find homes just because they have cute faces, but the adult cats are closer to death row. As much as I shouldn't be, Missaroo and I are looking into taking a cat who's owner can't take care of him anymore. The thought of that cat dying because I didn't do anything breaks my heart. Just take a look, do it for the Missaroo and me. Please.

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