Friday, June 4, 2010

Well the Good News Is No More Pooping Problems

Yep you guessed it, Another GROSS blog headed your way. Just be glad there are no pictures.

So the rain has been getting us down, BIG TIME. I hate staying inside all day and even when I don't really want to walk the Missaroo it does make me feel better. Yesterday, I was having a depression hurts the Missaroo kinda day and we really didn't walk too much although she did enjoy the balcony. Today the rain is back.

I decided the rain wasn't going to get the best of again though. We would beat the rain by taking a walk inside Petco instead. We made sure to poop before we left and then headed off in the car for the store. We walked up and down each aisle, saying hello to the other creatures, and sniffing around as much as we could. We were making our final rounds when Missy squatted on the floor and Peed. Whoops! I forgot she hadn't peed before we went inside. So I'm standing there, looking for a doggie clean up station or an employee. I find the most disgruntled looking one around of course and chased after her yelling "Excuse me" to which I get the reply of "Yeah?" "My dog just had an accident, do you have a clean up station?" She points behind her and I grab the entire roll of paper towels and the spray cleaner. Missy is pretty embarrassed at this point and it's hard to get her back to her spot. I reassure her it's ok and that she's a good girl.

It seems like it takes forever and most of the roll to clean it up. And of course the spray bottle is pretty much empty. Then we trek over to the garbage can and I use way too much hand sanitizer. We finish our walk and then head back out. As we're walking to the car I realize, OH NO she has to poop. And she has to poop now. No grass anywhere. We RUN across the parking lot to try and find anything close to resembling grass and make it there just in time. This is really starting to defeat the purpose of walking inside the store. Like any good dog mom I pulled out a poopy bag from my pocket to clean up after her. We're both soaked by the time I clip her into the backseat.

The good news is she pooped twice in less than an hour, so my fears from last night are gone and covered with dog mom embarrassment moments. Also, if things went as planned, what on earth would be blog about? I mean this is about our miss-adventures for a reason.

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