Thursday, June 3, 2010

Worry Wort

Ok, It's 10:00 pm and I've just spent the last hour FREAKING OUT about the Missaroo's health.

WARNING: If you don't have a pet or a kid you might find this blog beyond gross.

When we went for our potty walk tonight, Missaroo had trouble pooping. She's never really had trouble before, she's pretty darn regular, although she is picky about where to go. Tonight she squatted way longer than normal. I was a tad concerned and took an extra close look at her droppings. Seemed ok, but something I was definitely going to keep my eye on. Then we came home and she did something she's NEVER done before. She scooted her bottom across the floor! OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT! Uh, oh! I thought the Missaroo might be sick. And then I kept thinking about how I've been twittering a lot lately that's she's been peeing more often. It wasn't long before I was in "concerned" dog mom mode.

"Her nose is wet, she must be fine" I kept telling myself. But just in case I wrote "call vet" on my to do list for tomorrow. Never hurts to ask right. But I was curious and worried so I did what any good 21st century mom would do, I went searching for answers on the Internet. I literally typed in "Webmd for dogs" and by golly Webmd's page on dogs popped up! I started to look up what little symptoms she had. It wasn't long before I was in "sheer panic, I don't know anything about raising a dog" dog mom mode.

Missy hacks a lot so I looked up gaging. Turns out she could get a foreign object stuck in her throat. There were instructions on what to do if she can't breathe and collapses! What!?! I never thought about that. There were also lists of symptoms I didn't even know how to check for. OMG I thought! She could have a painful abdomen or an irregular heart beat and I'd never know it. I almost cried at how unprepared I felt. But first things first, lets figure out what the pooping thing is all about.

Basically it told me, wait a day and see if it continues. Oh yeah right, after reading all of the things she could have that I don't know about. No Thanks. Step number two was check out her butt. Gross I know, but I convinced myself this was life or death. Must look at her butt. I can do this. She is my kid after all and real kid moms sometimes stick thermometers up their kids' butts, I could at least look at Missy's right. So I tried.

I thought, maybe if I give her a treat, while she eats it I'll look. GREAT in theory. HORRIBLE in reality. Missy was basically like, "Hey, get away from my butt, mom." About 8 treats later, lots of circling each other, some crawling on the floor, and finally Missy bolting for underneath the bed, I still have no idea what her butt looks like. Dog mom fail. :/

I'm pretty sure she's fine. She's sleeping in her doggie bed at the moment, and by golly her nose is wet! I'll still call the vet first thing in the morning and just ask their opinion on the situation. I probably wouldn't be so freaked out if it weren't for Webmd and the fact that Missy had Kennel Cough. That was SUPER scary and that time I did cry. As always I'll keep you posted and try to calm my dog mom worry wort fears.

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