Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Escape

On the way home from daycare last night, Missaroo has a GIGANTIC freak out in the car. There was a motorcycle behind us, that then switched lanes and passed us on the road. Missy was in such a barking, panic mode that she somehow managed to un-clip her collar. How do I know she didn't just slip out of it? Because when I buckle her into the back seat, I un-clip her collar and slip her leash through it, essentially cutting the leash in half. Then I re-clip her collar and seat-buckle the leash. This makes sure Missy can't roam freely around the car. She was without a collar and the leash was at full length.

Well she not only managed to get out of it, but she did it on the warmest day of the year. So what? So the windows were down. She actually tried to climb out the window to get to the motorcycle. Lucky for me and lucky for her she tried to get out the passenger side window. I caught her by the tail just as she got her head out. I pulled her back in and then went into OH CRAP! panic dog mom mode.

I rolled all of the windows up, pulled into a nearby parking lot after sitting at a red light holding her by the tail, and manged to re-buckle her in. WOW! We need the Dog Whisperer and we need him now.

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