Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Over Our Heads

Some days I think Missaroo and I are in over our heads. We have a blog, two twitter accounts, a facebook page, and a facebook group; all of which we maintain pretty much everyday. And of course be we I mean me. Now don't get me wrong, Missy is the star of the show and my world. But she's just living out the adventures by being her. I'm the one who decided we needed to document them all.

I almost feel a little like Kate Gosslin, you know from "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on TLC? Ok, I feel like Kate minus 8 kids, a mid-life crisis having ex-husband, and a boat load of money. So how am I feeling like Kate? Because I'm creating adventures for Missaroo in order to blog about them, which I think is great for her actually. So what they took their kids to certain places because it made for good TV? The point is two loving parents took their kids somewhere fun and spent time with them, who cares why. Now, I'm not going to even touch the part about whether the kids should be on TV at such a young age without really having a say or the debacle of the show once the parents started a tabloid feud. I'm talking about why they took their kids places on the show, not the rationale behind the show. So before you start writing me hate mail let me compare it to Missy.

If it weren't for the blog, page, group, and twitter account we probably would not of had any Best Buds Days. I thought of it to give us something to share, pictures to take, stories to write. I kind of forced the adventure. But it was fun! For both of us. It really made me accountable too. There were moments on Best Buds Days when I would find myself getting upset, or wanting to yell at Miss, but then I thought NO! It's Best Buds Day, we're having fun, WE ARE DOING THIS NO MATTER WHAT! And I stuck to it, because the blog held me accountable.

And that is ultimately what keeps me going, the Missaroo. Sometimes I think, is this too much? Is this taking time away from her? Is this endeavour something anybody but us cares about? Are we really making an impact in any way? But then I think about our little forced adventures and I realize none of those questions really matter at the end of the day. If there is a yes in there, GREAT! but totally a bonus. The point is, I'm spending time with Missaroo, I'm healing my broken heart, and I'm finding a new way to occupy my time. Yes, we are getting pretty deep and I'm not sure if I could allow myself to turn around. But as long as I remember, our blog statement, "this is all about the most adorable dog in the world, Missaroo" I guess it's ok that we are in over our heads.

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