Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dog Mom Arms

My mom is freakishly strong. She always has been and to this day I would be a liar if I said I wasn't afraid of her. The worst part is she knows that. At 25, I still fear a quick slap to the back of the head or a flick to the forehead when I get "sassy" to her. I think her strength comes from being a mom. Moms are always carrying their kids, picking them up, pushing strollers, and always on the go, go, go. Now my mom is a nanny to three little girls and still strong as ever.

Me? Not so much. I've been thin my whole life, and that's really an understatement. I've been underweight since the day that I was born. My mom is surprised how tall my brother and I are, she though for sure she'd have a couple of shortys on her hands. I don't work out, well it's more like I refuse to work out. I worked out everyday for four years in high school to prepare for volleyball. At one point, I even manged to get up to 117 pounds! The most I've ever weighed. I could also bench press 95 pounds, also impressive considering my weight, I'm a girl, and my overall lack of athleticism.

Now my strength comes from being a dog mom. Missy PULLS a lot while walking down the road. It's a great resistance training exercise for me. She weighs about 30 pounds, so picking her up and carrying her into a crate is also a weight lifting moment for me. Then there is all the throwing, tug of war playing, and overall walking and chasing that takes place inside and out. What little strength I have comes from being a dog mom. She is my workout. Every day, rain or shine, I'm at the gym of Missy. I might not be the strongest or the most fit person but trust me it's a workout and it beats sitting on the couch being lazy. My mom has kid-mom strength arms, I have dog-mom strength arms. And just like everything else, I'm hoping this is my pre-requisite to kid-mom strength. Gotta start somewhere right?

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