Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Missaroo is by nature a sniffer. Anytime we go somewhere new, her nose is to the ground checking out who's been there. Then of course she marks her spot to let all future sniffers know, The Missaroo has been here. I've even caught her barking at scents before. Strange, but extremely true AND hilarious.

Along with all this sniffing comes sneezing. I guess I never realized that dogs even had the capability of sneezing before the Missaroo. But then again, I really didn't know anything about dogs before the Missaroo. But now I wonder, does she have allergies or does she just sniff too much?

Anytime she walks into a room that I just sprayed something, she sneezes; usually more than once and almost always on me. Gross. ((And yes of course I say to her "God Bless you Shmooie")). There are three things that I spray: Fabreeze, which makes her sneeze the most, my perfume, which makes her sneeze the least, and my pillow spray. It's suppose to help relive stress. She sneezes a couple of times depending on how soon she jumps on the bed after the spray down.

I'm hoping all this sneezing is normal. I mean dogs sneeze right? Or is this another weird only the Missaroo who thinks she's a person thing? Does your dog or cat sneeze? Know a dog with allergies? We'd love to hear from you!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Good Night's Sleep

Missaroo and I haven't been sleeping very well lately. ((And if you think it's weird that we both wouldn't sleep well at the same time, well I'm not really sure why you read my blog then))

A couple of nights ago, she wouldn't come to bed. Usually this means she is sick, so like any good dog mom I went to check on her. She seemed fine but definitely wanted to be alone. That's fairly strange for the Missaroo. She usually HAS to be with me all of the time, and I've gotten so use to that I don't like it when she doesn't want to be around me. On top of that, she's been twitching in her sleep a lot too. You know, that dog dream run thing they do. Of course, that makes me feel bad, like the reason she isn't sleeping well and having dreams like that is because we aren't getting enough exercise during the day. I feel like a dog mom failure.

My worry wort status doesn't begin and end with the Missaroo either. I've been tossing and turning most nights as well. I've had a lot on my mind lately, but nothing that really stands out as to why I'm not sleeping. I always have a lot on my mind.

Then last night rolled around and for the second Sunday in a row I didn't feel like death by the time I got home from work. Missaroo and I stayed up until 10 and then headed to bed. We both slept like rocks. The only thing that woke me up was the realization she was laying so close to me, her head was on my back. It took away all my dog mom fail feelings. It felt great to know we both got a good night's sleep.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding Your Zen Place

I'm not one to take a yoga class let alone a yoga mentality, but I do believe in finding your "happy place." In this day and age people connect more with the term "zen" then "happy place" so that's why I'll use it here. This is my attempt to be "cool. " ((I am so not cool, I could write a whole blog on that topic))

Missy is a dog, so her zen place is pretty obvious: wherever she is when you decide to rub her belly! It brings a big smile to her face first and then she just goes calm. And for anyone who knows the Missaroo, her calm is nothing short of a miracle. ((OK she's getting better, but she's still pretty crazy most of the time))

I'm a person so my zen place, not so obvious. But like the Missaroo, I'm not too picky: any baseball field in the country. Last night I remembered that. I went to a Spokane Indians game. They're a minor A team but so much fun anyway. And it was very fitting to because today my hero's jersey was retired. It was Frank Thomas day at the ballpark. I love Frank Thomas and I mean I LOVE FRANK THOMAS! There aren't many people in history I rather meet than big Frank. I tear up talking about him. He's why I love baseball soooo much and also why a baseball field is my zen place.

I wish I could take the Missaroo to the ballpark with me. They actually have "Take Your Dog to the Ballpark" days at Sox field. If we ever move back to Illinois, we are definitely looking into going to a game together. After all, if I'm always there with the Missaroo in her zen place, isn't it only fair that she get to partake in mine? Do you or your pet have a zen place? We'd love to hear from you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Serious Business

That's some serious concentration going on.... Don't get between the Missaroo and her chewie!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Year to Go

If there's one thing I love more than a "To Do" list its a countdown, or a mile-marker of some sort. I remember dates. Today marks my one year working for KREM2. I still remember my news director meeting me at the door with a firm hand shake and this phrase "Welcome to the Mighty 2." It certainly was the start of my Spokane adventure.

But I've already looked back at this past year, and now it's time to look ahead to see where we're going. No worries though, we will be right here in Spokane for at least another year, I signed my new lease a few weeks ago.

The biggest thing yet for us to accomplish is the now infamous motorcycle sniff. I've been wanting her to go up to a bike and just look around and sniff one for a long time. I've blogged about her hatred of motorcycles more than I can count. Now that the love of the Missaroo's life has reentered mine in the best friends kinda way, I think it's time to ask for his help. For those of you new to the blog, you'll have to read an earlier blog post, I think it's called "Overcoming Motorcycle Fears Gus the Bear Style." ((Sorry, my blog post achieves aren't working at the moment or I'd link it here for you)).

I also want to give the Missaroo a chance to swim still. She might not even try it. She might hate it. ((She does do her best to dodge sprinklers)) Or she might be a fish in disguise. Only one way to find out. My other big goal for us this year is to get out more. Sure we walk twice a day everyday, but we either walk through the neighborhoods or up and down Regal. I want to take her on a hike, on a trial, on a day trip when it's not so Darn hot that she can't stand it. In other words, look out fall here we come!

As for me, my goals are more like staying focused and on track. I want to put in another year of producing in a mid-sized market. I don't want to go into my work goals here for a number of reasons. I want to knock off a few things from my life to do list ((yes I have one of those)). I'm not too specific on that, I just try to do a couple a year. And I also want to be another year into my Master's program, which would only leave me with a quarter or two left.

Missaroo and I really are pretty simple at heart. We just want to live our lives, work hard, and have adventures. Although I think we've all learned in the last year, in order for us to have an adventure sometimes all it takes is a walk down the street. Wish us luck! Any goals you guys have for the upcoming year or the rest of this one? We'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Year in Review

A year ago yesterday I moved to Spokane. A year ago tomorrow I started my job at KREM. I know its seems to have become the catch phrase of this blog, but what a difference a year makes. I thought I would take the time to look back on our year here. Don't worry, tomorrow we'll look ahead too.

So what have we accomplished since moving here??? When  it comes to the Missaroo, quite a lot. I wanted to get her into daycare. Although, in the end it didn't work out, we did it, she loved it, and we have a great doggie hotel to fall back on when we need it. ((she'll be spending 5 days there when I fly home)). I wanted to give her a real home. I think the Missaroo wasn't sure what was up with all that moving around we did before I found a job. She was a confused dog and it showed. She didn't have a routine or schedule, and she sure as heck didn't know what belonged to her. Now she has her stuff and I have mine. She's never chewed anything that didn't belong to her here. She's also come to figure out that the crate isn't so bad after all, because after all, that's where all her stuff is. I've also been able to give her everything a dog needs. She now had her own food and water bowls, she has a real doggie bed, and she's been micro chipped. From here on out we can focus on adventures, not stuff. Now I can start to give her experiences and even that we've already gotten started.

When it comes to me, I rather look at the last 6 months, from the time the blog started. In that time, I've finished three quarters of graduate school and healed the broken heart-ness that motivated the start of this blog. And on that second note, I've actually discovered something else. The broken heart-ness has turned into a great friendship. We were great friends to begin with who moved too fast, and I fell too hard. I had to dump the friendship when he dumped me, but now we're back to being good friends. That's uncharted waters for me. I've never been able to do it, but it's working out well and I couldn't ask for a better best friend in all of Spokane.

When it comes to us, the Missaroo and I have continued to bond. She is my best bud too and the love of my life. I've learned we can make it through anything. I've also learned she makes my life better and has given me a new found purpose. This blog and her Facebook page are making a small difference in the lives of animals. We won't stop animal abuse or adopt out every animal that needs a home, but I'm proud to say we have saved exactly two lives. It is such an honor to know people are reading our stories and then going out an adopting pets of their own.

It's been a crazy, hectic year full of life adventures. I have no regrets and I wouldn't change a thing. We love our lives and we're doing the best we can with what we have everyday. Here's to another year in Spokane! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

What's with the Scratching?

We all know that I think almost everything Missaroo does is adorable, especially in those moments when she reminds me that she is in fact a dog. But the key word here is almost.

Recently, she started SCRATCHING the floor! It doesn't seem to be doing any really damage and the marks go away when I vacuum, but I'm still not a fan. This is a new thing too. I thought by now I would have seen all the Missaroo has to offer in the strange behavior department. And because it's a new thing, it makes me nervous.

What would cause her to scratch the floor like she does throughout the apartment? At first I didn't think too much of it, like she was trying to get a bug one time or something. But it's continued for weeks and the scratching is getting more and more aggressive. Not good. I have been scolding her when she starts up and that does get her to stop. My next question of course is how do I get her from starting altogether? And of course what's with the scratching in the first place?

Any suggestions? Have you had a pet that does that too? I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Go Lucky All the Freaking Time

I personally think my writing is my "put on a happy face" moment of the day. It's my positive spin on life, but never sugar coated. It's real, it's everyday, but it's only a glimpse, or a thought I had, or a silly picture. It is not a synopsis of my entire being or who I truly am every moment of every day. So why am I even bringing this up? Because I have now run into this problem twice in my life. There are people who think if I don't announce to the universe everyday that I'm happy, well then I must not be. This irrational state of thinking is exactly why I list breathing as one of my Facebook interests. What!?! You don't have breathing as one of your interests? Then the only conclusion I can draw is that not only do you not like to breathe, you must actually hate breathing. See how silly this is?

It's not silly to my mom. She has people telling her things like "I read Brittany's blog today and she's miserable in Washington. " WHAT!?! I'm not really sure where this notion came from, that Washington is the root of all evil, but I certainly don't ever remember once mentioning that I hate Washington. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love Spokane, I loved living in the Tri-Cities. I hated my job there with a passion, but that had nothing to do with where I lived. Evil people have spread out across the planet. They are not only found in Kennewick, Washington. But to my mom that one sentence equals all problems will be fixed if I just uproot my life, ditch everything I've worked for and at 25 move back with my parents. That is quite possibly the equivalent of my worst nightmare.

I thought I wrote on a semi-regular basis how thankful and blessed I feel. I thought this silly, funny, little blog was just that, silly, funny, and little. A little glimpse into a certain adventure I chose to pick out from my day to write about. I also don't write everyday that I brushed my teeth. Not only do I brush everyday, but I floss too! Don't get me wrong, I've written about sad moments, days and weeks. This blog is part of my healing process. It's part of how I deal with those bad moments. But for anyone to take a blog post and think that is a truly reflection of the complete me, well those are the people who I guess haven't bothered to pick up the phone and really talk to me. This blog is also not a conversation. It's my statement of the day. I read and am thankful for every comment I get, but there really is no back and forth.

And the truth is I'm not happy go lucky all the freaking time, because you know what? I found those people to be boring. Give me some emotion. Give me anger, frustration, sadness, elation, tears of all kids. I also think people that are happy all the time have no idea what it's like to laugh so hard you cry. They are too busy smiling at you all the time, yuck! I probably laugh until I cry or at least it hurts once a week and most of the time that happens at work!

I know I put myself out there to be judged by the world, and there is no subject I won't write about. BUT and this is a big but: please, please take it for what it is, a blog. If you're really worried about me ((and I thank you so much for your concern, really from the bottom of my heart)) write me an email or better yet pick up the phone before you assume what my life is like. And some of you have done just that without judgement and just said hey, is this as bad as it seems? And for that I am eternally grateful for. And guess what? That one person who took the time to say do you really need help? Are you really not OK? Was from right here in WASHINGTON. It wasn't someone from Illinois.

How Is This Comfortable?

Missy and I headed to bed early last night so I could do some reading in a comfortable spot. She fell asleep at the foot of the bed looking out the window. When I was finally done and getting up to turn off the lights, this is how I caught her sleeping. It was SO hard not to laugh and wake her up. What a dog!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice Cream Run!

One of my favorite things to do in college was drive around eating ice cream. ((especially in the winter with the heat on)) Thanks to seven year old pictures that are popping up on Facebook, much to my chagrin, I've been reminded of those days. So yesterday Missy and I decided to go for an ice cream run, it might not have been the dead of winter but for the first time at least I wasn't alone.

Missy barked a total of, are you ready for this??? ONE time! Amazing! The new found secret? That seat belt restraint. Now that I am confident she won't go flying through the car, or out of the car, we drove with the windows all the way down. Missy had just enough room to stick her entire head out. It's the most like a dog she's ever looked to me. It was awesome. I was so happy she got to do a "real dog" activity. I always see these other dogs happy as pie to be in a car with their heads out the window. I've always wished that for Miss but never thought it would be possible. But yesterday it happened. She was both safe and secure AND got to fell the wind on her little ears. I wish I could have taken a picture it was so darn cute.

I'm always worried our apartment status and my insistence that she's my kidaroo keep her from living a dog's life. Yesterday she had a dog's life moment, and I think it did a lot of good for both of us.

PS Missy did not get any ice cream of her own. No processed people food remember?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Animals? Why Care?

In my quest to change the world, I've taken up many causes over the years. I even have a link of three causes that are near and dear to my heart right here on our blog. But recently, I have been taking flack for wanting to do more for animal rights and welfare. You might be thinking what rights should animals have anyway they're only animals not people. Well I think all living creatures have the right to live and not be killed because there are too many of them in one place. Animals have the right to live and a pets have a right to a chance at living in a forever home, not on death's doorstep at a kill shelter. But that's just me.

As most of you know, I've been contemplating a career change for years now. Ever since my adventure in the Tri-Cities left me depressed, disillusioned, and demoralized. Things have perked up here in Spokane by oodels but I started to go to grad school anyway. I'm glad I'm there. I can't even explain to you in this short blog how much I've learned just by talking to my classmates. If you really want to know ask me about my friend David from Kenya.

Along with grad school, has come the real thought of "what would I do if I didn't do this?" My current answer is go into animal welfare. I would love to be in an administrative position at a humane society or animal welfare agency. People ask me, why not help kids, the elderly, cancer patients? All of those are great causes and those who know me also know about my two other causes I champion. But for me, animal welfare makes sense. It's what I live everyday. Kids are great, but I don't have one. I would feel like Oprah preaching to parents about raising kids when I'm a dog owner. The truth is I don't know the first thing about kids so I would feel like a hypocrite. And the same goes for all of those other great causes. I mean I'm talking about a possible career jump, not who to write a check to this month.

I also firmly believe with all my heart we were ALL put on this earth to defend the defenseless. Only the truly coward harm those who can't protect themselves and only the worst of the worse harm the defenseless. Plus the thought of the Missaroo being abandoned and left to survive on the streets for an entire month, well it's just heartbreaking to me. To even talk about it gets me choked up. So this is my reality, this is my life. I live and breathe and am reminded of the need to protect animals everyday. That's why I care.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Teen Years

Missaroo is a teenager and has been for some time. Although she will always be my playful puparoo, she does have the look of a teen, and sometimes the attitude to go along with it. But as long as she stays my Missy Mae for another 10 years I've got no complaints.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Mom Perfected

I strive for perfection in everything I do and get upset when others around me don't seem to strive for it as well. But what I am not, is perfect. And I think that's where both the fun and frustration in my life comes in. Most of the stories I love to tell over and over again, ((and blog about)) are the ones where Missaroo and I are involved in some sort of mishap. Even the other day, we were running ((yes literally)) across the street to go pick up my car from the shop. I got to the other side and realized a car was coming and my credit card was in the middle of the road. It's one thing to risk my life for the credit card, its quite another to take the Missaroo down with me. Luckily, I manged to keep her on the sidewalk while I got the card, and managed to scrap my arm across the curb in the process. I'm sure the drivers flying down the road got a good laugh at me. I bet it was pretty hilarious.

These types of stories flood my everyday life and make me who I am. And the Missaroo is always right there with me as my vivacious sidekick. When it comes to her, I also strive for perfection, but that illusion is shattered every time we take a walk. We will always be the ones that have to cross the street when another dog comes our way because it will always be her that freaks out. We will always be the two who run into poles or scrap our arms on the curbs. Imperfection is the name of the game.

I think I need to re-define my definition of perfect. I am constantly striving to be the idea of womanly perfect. Super women in the 21st century. Perfect mom, producer, student, and all things domestic. What I need to realize is that's just not my life, nor is it Missaroo's. Instead, I need to strive to be dog-mom perfect. To have a GREAT time with my dog everyday. To be great at work and school will always be at the top of my never ending to-do list, but what I don't need to worry about is being perfect for someone else. Dog moms aren't kid moms. There's a BIG difference. So it's time for me and Missaroo to start living within our means, and I'm not talking financially, I'm talking emotionally. And I do mean we. I can't be dog mom perfect without my Missaroo.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Long Without the Missaroo?

I've mentioned earlier that I'm soon heading home for a five day quick trip to see my cousin get married. I decided to leave the Missaroo here after reading an article about how many dogs die a year on air planes. The Missaroo is not my cargo she's my best bud. The more and more I think about it, the more I wonder who's going to have a harder time with it.

Ideally, I would like the Missaroo to stay in the apartment and find a dog sitter. Worse comes to worse and she'll spend the five days in daycare/boarding and I'll be praying she doesn't come home with another illness. The last time I left the Missaroo for more than a day was 2 weeks after I adopted her. I had already planned my trip to Illinois months in advance and couldn't cancel just because I decided a dog was for me. Missy spent the two weeks with her foster mom in a place she already knew. This time we don't have that option.

But the truth is, I don't know how well I'm going to do without her. She goes everywhere with me. And it certainly means no blogging during that time, unless I'm in tears over missing here, which could happen.

It really is just the two of us. We don't close doors. We drive-thru everything. We take short car trips together. She lays on my bed within arm distances of me every night. This might be the longest five days of my life. I'm worried she'll be stressed about being left. I'm worried I'll cry over her stress and my sadness over missing Missy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Great Escape, No More

Missy has successfully escaped her collar leash set up in the car three times. It's always when she sees a motorcycle, and twice it happened while I was going 65 down the highway. The first time she nearly jumped out the window. By now, I don't think its luck, I think she's figured out how to get out. In fact, this last time I tightened her collar as I was strapping her in and said to her "you're not getting out this time." Wrong. I decided enough was enough.

Lucky enough this latest escape came on our way to Petsmart. It was time for Missy's grooming but before we made it to the back of the store, we tried on a little doggie harness seat belt. I dropped her off and then made my purchase. I was pretty please, but hoped it wouldn't go the way of the muzzle.

When I went to pick her up, I got her out to the car before I tried out her new seat belt. It wasn't really that hard, after all she is use to wearing a backpack and now a life jacket. Slipping the harness over her head was the easy part. Figuring out how it actually connected to the seat belt in the car was another story.

I tired and tried but I just didn't see how the seat belt was ever going to go through the little loop and still have enough to come out the other side. I left the Missaroo to go back inside the Petsmart to get help. Lucky for me, I happened to find the cutest guy that works there to help me. ((Thank goodness I showered, but he's probably 19)). Turns out you click the seat belt in and then strap the harness to the seat belt! Ah! I never would have gotten there on my own.

We were ready to hit the road and it wasn't long until the harness was put to the test. She was freaking out at a motorcycle behind us in no time. She freaked, and barked, and even tried to jump but in the end she wasn't going anywhere. I almost drove off the road laughing though. She reminded me of that old SNL skit with Mike Meyers playing the hyper kid who wears a helmet, isn't allowed to eat chocolate, and is strapped to the playground. That's about how crazy she looked. But we got home in one piece and that's what I really cared about. The Escapee is no more.


Monday, August 9, 2010


We all know that Missaroo loves to bury bones throughout the apartment. I think its adorable and I'm happy to see she isn't letting her apartment status keep her from being a real doggie. BUT it is annoying to wake up sometimes with a bone next to your face or underneath your pillow. She sometimes buries while I'm sleeping or when I'm not in the room. Almost always, I have no idea where her bones end up until I accidentally stumble across them.

Then the other day, when we were camping out in the living room, she started burying her bone again. This time she went for a spot right next to me. See, at first with the burying I thought she just liked the way the bed was laid out, or the fact that I wasn't in the room at the time. But this time she was burying literally right next to my face. As she pushed the "dirt" over it, her nose would bump my pillow. I had to close my eyes, lay real still, and bite the inside of my check to keep from laughing. I did not want to scare her away.

It was then that it occurred to me, she likes to bury her bones near me. She doesn't bury them in her crate ever. Once in a while in her bed or her chair maybe, but usually its right next to my things. She trusts me with her bones! That's quite the honor. I can't think of anything she has that she is more careful about. In dog world, trusting someone with your buried bone would be like me trusting you with my cash. Well at least that's my theory anyway. Boy, it made me feel like a pretty darn good dog mom at that moment. The Missaroo trusts her mommy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok, ok before you get too excited, The Missaroo and I are not actually going camp. Not right now anyway, maybe one day. But what we do, do ((insert joke here)) is camp out on the living room floor a lot. Mostly because it's so darn hot! I only have an air conditioner in my living room and nothing in my bedroom so it's always much cooler out there. Plus it feels GREAT to sleep under the fan. I also sleep on the floor when I'm having a tough time emotionally. But that hasn't been the case lately.

So back to the story... I guess I should really start the story over. What I should say is I've been camping out on the floor lately. I tried to make it an adventure for the Missaroo. I make sure to lay real close to her bed and everything. But nope, she's not having it. She's been sleeping on the couch! Ok what's wrong with this picture? I'm on the floor and the dog is on the furniture!?! Yep that's right. The Missaroo has out-smarted me once again. And this time all I was trying to do was have another made up adventure. Kind of like when we go to the pet store and visit all the creatures and I pretend we are really at the zoo. Did you know dogs aren't allowed at the real zoo? Now that would be a true adventure.

I guess I'm just going to have to really take the Missaroo camping instead. Consider it added to the must-have adventures list.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Milk, It Does a Doggie Good

Missaroo and I were HOT last night. We were without our car all day, so that meant lots of walking in 90 degree heat. We all know the Missaroo doesn't do so well when the temperature starts to rise, so I tried to keep her cool as possible in between the ventures out.

By the end of the night, the apartment just didn't seem to be cooling off. I hate to run the air conditioner and if it were just me I wouldn't. But the Missaroo was struggling to cool off so the AC went on. Then I had an idea. How about a late night snack.

Did you know that dairy products lower your body temperatures? It's true, I learned that from my best friend Bobbi. So I thought if it works for me, maybe it will work for the Missaroo.

As much as I seem to be anti-people food when it comes to Miss, I'm actually more like anti-processed people food. She has some "snacks" like carrot bits or the occasional strawberry slice. And then every once in a while, like last night she gets an extra special treat, a bowl of milk.

Now, I'm not really sure it cooled her off any, but it couldn't hurt right? And besides she deserves a little special treat every once in a while, and I deserve to feel like a good dog mom. Don't you know: Milk, it does a doggie good.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Playful Side of Missaroo

I can't decide, is she smiling at me or just sticking her tongue out at me?

Either way, I'm just happy she's happy. Love you Shmooie :)

All You Need is Love

Missaroo and I have had a crappy week. And now today on my Friday, I am happy to report the Missaroo is all smiles thanks to my forgetfulness.

Long story short, I wrote some very important info that I need for tomorrow on my work notepad. After the long night of breaking news, I packed up without the info. I remembered it about half way through our walk. Luckily, I live across the street from work and actually pass it on my home from our walk at night. I was hoping to be in and out, and for the most part we were. But what a surprise for the Missaroo when she saw the love of her life standing there. I thought maybe we could sneak by on the way out, but in the end I was glad he wanted to say hi to her as much as she wanted to say hi to him.

BOY did she go crazy! I wish I had taken video of it. She was up on her hind legs dancing around and barking. She went NUTZO. I think she even scratched his lip with her paw. She really just can't control herself.

After our hello we headed home. The Missaroo was all smiles. She's my little happy camper, if nothing else at least for the night. And when the Missaroo is happy, I'm happy too. Turns out all you need is love to turn a crappy week on it's head. Thanks Missaroo for another life lesson.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cancelling our Trip to the Beach

I've tried my best to give the Missaroo every adventure I can possibly think of. I've never really let our circumstances stop us from living our dreams. I'm really a no excuses type person for the most part, well at least I think I am. But those circumstances have caught up with us and for the Missaroo it means a life jacket without a body of water to swim in.

It all started with my decision to go home in September. My cousin Mike is getting married and there is nothing that would stop me from being there on his big day. Mike and I are only a year apart and even went to grade school together for a couple of years. As adults we've drifted, but as kids we were practically siblings. I can still remember helping his family move and unpack their new home in Yorkville. We thought it was the best house to play hide and go seek in.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as flying for free. One of the downsides of living in Washington is the cost it takes to get back to Illinois for any reason. So the flight home I didn't exactly save up for, plus the new computer I'm blogging on, plus my car needing work, plus all the other expenses we can barely afford as is, means the beach just isn't do-able at the moment. I feel terrible.

The more and more I blog and live my life every single day, the more convinced I am that Missaroo is the kid I'll never get to have. So there is nothing I want more than to give her everything. I really wanted to take her swimming, to give her that opportunity. I thought I was doing all of this for her benefit in the the end, but it seems my decision making has done nothing but take away from her recently. It was bad enough we had to stop daycare and take away any opportunity she had to run around with other doggies, now this.

I hope you aren't feeling sorry for me. That's not the point of this. If anything, feel bad for the poor Missaroo, I know I do. But this is life. And my life includes struggling to survive sometimes. But the Missaroo and I are scrappy, we've been on the brink of homelessness before what's one more time? And who knows, maybe this isn't so much a cancelling of our trip to the beach as it is a postponement. We'll get there one day, we always do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

No-Kill Right Now

As I think most of you know, Missaroo was abandoned when she was less than a year old. There was nothing wrong with her and by all accounts she is the perfect dog. How someone could just leave that face to fend for herself is beyond me. She was lucky though and still very much is. She was found by a woman who was already a foster mom through Pet Over Population Prevention in the Tri-Cities. She took the Missaroo in and gave her a place to stay for about a month before I found her.

Also lucky for the Missaroo, she was never on a chopping block. Her life wasn't ever in danger and now it never will be. But that's because I consider her my kidaroo, not simply my property. Did you know by law I have the right to "destroy" her if I so chose? There was actually a woman who committed suicide and then left it in her will that her dog should be killed! Because the law considers pets "property" the woman could legally do that, even if it wasn't morally or ethically right. At least not in my book. Lucky for that dog, some wonderful people came to it's rescue, saved the dog's life, and essentially kicked off the No-Kill movement.

I'm getting my Master's degree in public policy. Maybe one day I'll be able to re-write the law. Until then, all I can ask you to do is spread the word about pet adoption. Adopt a pet, tell your friends, and make a difference. You would truly be saving lives. I actually work pretty closely with one of the animal shelters here in town, SpokAnimal. I've teamed up with them for a few projects for school. They are a kill shelter BUT last year they only put down 1 dog! That is amazing for this size of a town. How did they accomplish that? They worked hard to get those dogs adopted. They are now in the position where they are actually taking in dogs from Dallas who were once on the chopping block and giving them a second chance at a life. I don't think any animal should be killed, I understand they shouldn't suffer through extreme sickness though. I haven't really made my mind up about all of that. But I do know No-Kill is a reality. But it takes all of us. Think of the Missaroo. In the end, did I really save her life or did she save mine?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

All the Wrong Reasons

Our funny, little dog blog is nearing the sixth month mark. It's hard to believe you are still reading this and more importantly now you are voting for us for world's best dog blog. You guys are really great. It's amazing that everyday I come up with something knew I want to do in this world and everyday I have people in my corner telling me I can do it. And the best part is, recently I've freely been able to tell people my ideas without anyone saying something ridiculous to me like "how much is that going to cost me?"

My most recent thought about what I want to do reconnects me not only to the blog ((which I love)) but also to my grad school pursuits ((which I also love)). I read the latest blog post on PetsAlive ((there's a link on this page to it)) and it made me realize as much as I love this little blog there is so much more I could be doing with it. It's time this blog isn't just about what the Missaroo and I do everyday. It shouldn't just be about my every thought either. It's time to spice things up and take it to the next level. It should be about making a difference.

I love telling stories about the Missaroo because she brings such a light to this world. She lights mine up that's for sure and she puts smiles on faces where ever she goes. I'm hoping she will inspire people to consider adoption first. Adopted is our favorite breed by the way. So I guess what I'm saying is we'll still tell our funny stories about running into polls and buying life jackets, but we'll also work harder to keep all those pets who aren't as lucky as her in the back our minds.

I want to spark this blog into something bigger than just us. It started off as a way for me to vent, which I've done. It started as a way for people to keep connected with me since I'm pretty darn far from my loved ones. Done that too. Now it's time to find ways to do all those things and help pets along the way. Not sure how exactly we are going to accomplish this goal, but like everything else in our lives we'll manage. I look forward to this new adventure with all of you. Thanks for sticking with the Miss-Adventures of Me and the Missaroo!