Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice Cream Run!

One of my favorite things to do in college was drive around eating ice cream. ((especially in the winter with the heat on)) Thanks to seven year old pictures that are popping up on Facebook, much to my chagrin, I've been reminded of those days. So yesterday Missy and I decided to go for an ice cream run, it might not have been the dead of winter but for the first time at least I wasn't alone.

Missy barked a total of, are you ready for this??? ONE time! Amazing! The new found secret? That seat belt restraint. Now that I am confident she won't go flying through the car, or out of the car, we drove with the windows all the way down. Missy had just enough room to stick her entire head out. It's the most like a dog she's ever looked to me. It was awesome. I was so happy she got to do a "real dog" activity. I always see these other dogs happy as pie to be in a car with their heads out the window. I've always wished that for Miss but never thought it would be possible. But yesterday it happened. She was both safe and secure AND got to fell the wind on her little ears. I wish I could have taken a picture it was so darn cute.

I'm always worried our apartment status and my insistence that she's my kidaroo keep her from living a dog's life. Yesterday she had a dog's life moment, and I think it did a lot of good for both of us.

PS Missy did not get any ice cream of her own. No processed people food remember?

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