Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding Your Zen Place

I'm not one to take a yoga class let alone a yoga mentality, but I do believe in finding your "happy place." In this day and age people connect more with the term "zen" then "happy place" so that's why I'll use it here. This is my attempt to be "cool. " ((I am so not cool, I could write a whole blog on that topic))

Missy is a dog, so her zen place is pretty obvious: wherever she is when you decide to rub her belly! It brings a big smile to her face first and then she just goes calm. And for anyone who knows the Missaroo, her calm is nothing short of a miracle. ((OK she's getting better, but she's still pretty crazy most of the time))

I'm a person so my zen place, not so obvious. But like the Missaroo, I'm not too picky: any baseball field in the country. Last night I remembered that. I went to a Spokane Indians game. They're a minor A team but so much fun anyway. And it was very fitting to because today my hero's jersey was retired. It was Frank Thomas day at the ballpark. I love Frank Thomas and I mean I LOVE FRANK THOMAS! There aren't many people in history I rather meet than big Frank. I tear up talking about him. He's why I love baseball soooo much and also why a baseball field is my zen place.

I wish I could take the Missaroo to the ballpark with me. They actually have "Take Your Dog to the Ballpark" days at Sox field. If we ever move back to Illinois, we are definitely looking into going to a game together. After all, if I'm always there with the Missaroo in her zen place, isn't it only fair that she get to partake in mine? Do you or your pet have a zen place? We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. My zen place is the Cemetary! As it is quiet and peaceful! A place I feel so amazed with! I like looking at headstones and wondering about the person's life and I also like reading aloud there. Poetry most of the time!