Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Missaroo is by nature a sniffer. Anytime we go somewhere new, her nose is to the ground checking out who's been there. Then of course she marks her spot to let all future sniffers know, The Missaroo has been here. I've even caught her barking at scents before. Strange, but extremely true AND hilarious.

Along with all this sniffing comes sneezing. I guess I never realized that dogs even had the capability of sneezing before the Missaroo. But then again, I really didn't know anything about dogs before the Missaroo. But now I wonder, does she have allergies or does she just sniff too much?

Anytime she walks into a room that I just sprayed something, she sneezes; usually more than once and almost always on me. Gross. ((And yes of course I say to her "God Bless you Shmooie")). There are three things that I spray: Fabreeze, which makes her sneeze the most, my perfume, which makes her sneeze the least, and my pillow spray. It's suppose to help relive stress. She sneezes a couple of times depending on how soon she jumps on the bed after the spray down.

I'm hoping all this sneezing is normal. I mean dogs sneeze right? Or is this another weird only the Missaroo who thinks she's a person thing? Does your dog or cat sneeze? Know a dog with allergies? We'd love to hear from you!

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