Monday, August 9, 2010


We all know that Missaroo loves to bury bones throughout the apartment. I think its adorable and I'm happy to see she isn't letting her apartment status keep her from being a real doggie. BUT it is annoying to wake up sometimes with a bone next to your face or underneath your pillow. She sometimes buries while I'm sleeping or when I'm not in the room. Almost always, I have no idea where her bones end up until I accidentally stumble across them.

Then the other day, when we were camping out in the living room, she started burying her bone again. This time she went for a spot right next to me. See, at first with the burying I thought she just liked the way the bed was laid out, or the fact that I wasn't in the room at the time. But this time she was burying literally right next to my face. As she pushed the "dirt" over it, her nose would bump my pillow. I had to close my eyes, lay real still, and bite the inside of my check to keep from laughing. I did not want to scare her away.

It was then that it occurred to me, she likes to bury her bones near me. She doesn't bury them in her crate ever. Once in a while in her bed or her chair maybe, but usually its right next to my things. She trusts me with her bones! That's quite the honor. I can't think of anything she has that she is more careful about. In dog world, trusting someone with your buried bone would be like me trusting you with my cash. Well at least that's my theory anyway. Boy, it made me feel like a pretty darn good dog mom at that moment. The Missaroo trusts her mommy.

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