Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Year to Go

If there's one thing I love more than a "To Do" list its a countdown, or a mile-marker of some sort. I remember dates. Today marks my one year working for KREM2. I still remember my news director meeting me at the door with a firm hand shake and this phrase "Welcome to the Mighty 2." It certainly was the start of my Spokane adventure.

But I've already looked back at this past year, and now it's time to look ahead to see where we're going. No worries though, we will be right here in Spokane for at least another year, I signed my new lease a few weeks ago.

The biggest thing yet for us to accomplish is the now infamous motorcycle sniff. I've been wanting her to go up to a bike and just look around and sniff one for a long time. I've blogged about her hatred of motorcycles more than I can count. Now that the love of the Missaroo's life has reentered mine in the best friends kinda way, I think it's time to ask for his help. For those of you new to the blog, you'll have to read an earlier blog post, I think it's called "Overcoming Motorcycle Fears Gus the Bear Style." ((Sorry, my blog post achieves aren't working at the moment or I'd link it here for you)).

I also want to give the Missaroo a chance to swim still. She might not even try it. She might hate it. ((She does do her best to dodge sprinklers)) Or she might be a fish in disguise. Only one way to find out. My other big goal for us this year is to get out more. Sure we walk twice a day everyday, but we either walk through the neighborhoods or up and down Regal. I want to take her on a hike, on a trial, on a day trip when it's not so Darn hot that she can't stand it. In other words, look out fall here we come!

As for me, my goals are more like staying focused and on track. I want to put in another year of producing in a mid-sized market. I don't want to go into my work goals here for a number of reasons. I want to knock off a few things from my life to do list ((yes I have one of those)). I'm not too specific on that, I just try to do a couple a year. And I also want to be another year into my Master's program, which would only leave me with a quarter or two left.

Missaroo and I really are pretty simple at heart. We just want to live our lives, work hard, and have adventures. Although I think we've all learned in the last year, in order for us to have an adventure sometimes all it takes is a walk down the street. Wish us luck! Any goals you guys have for the upcoming year or the rest of this one? We'd love to hear from you!

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