Monday, August 2, 2010

No-Kill Right Now

As I think most of you know, Missaroo was abandoned when she was less than a year old. There was nothing wrong with her and by all accounts she is the perfect dog. How someone could just leave that face to fend for herself is beyond me. She was lucky though and still very much is. She was found by a woman who was already a foster mom through Pet Over Population Prevention in the Tri-Cities. She took the Missaroo in and gave her a place to stay for about a month before I found her.

Also lucky for the Missaroo, she was never on a chopping block. Her life wasn't ever in danger and now it never will be. But that's because I consider her my kidaroo, not simply my property. Did you know by law I have the right to "destroy" her if I so chose? There was actually a woman who committed suicide and then left it in her will that her dog should be killed! Because the law considers pets "property" the woman could legally do that, even if it wasn't morally or ethically right. At least not in my book. Lucky for that dog, some wonderful people came to it's rescue, saved the dog's life, and essentially kicked off the No-Kill movement.

I'm getting my Master's degree in public policy. Maybe one day I'll be able to re-write the law. Until then, all I can ask you to do is spread the word about pet adoption. Adopt a pet, tell your friends, and make a difference. You would truly be saving lives. I actually work pretty closely with one of the animal shelters here in town, SpokAnimal. I've teamed up with them for a few projects for school. They are a kill shelter BUT last year they only put down 1 dog! That is amazing for this size of a town. How did they accomplish that? They worked hard to get those dogs adopted. They are now in the position where they are actually taking in dogs from Dallas who were once on the chopping block and giving them a second chance at a life. I don't think any animal should be killed, I understand they shouldn't suffer through extreme sickness though. I haven't really made my mind up about all of that. But I do know No-Kill is a reality. But it takes all of us. Think of the Missaroo. In the end, did I really save her life or did she save mine?

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