Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok, ok before you get too excited, The Missaroo and I are not actually going camp. Not right now anyway, maybe one day. But what we do, do ((insert joke here)) is camp out on the living room floor a lot. Mostly because it's so darn hot! I only have an air conditioner in my living room and nothing in my bedroom so it's always much cooler out there. Plus it feels GREAT to sleep under the fan. I also sleep on the floor when I'm having a tough time emotionally. But that hasn't been the case lately.

So back to the story... I guess I should really start the story over. What I should say is I've been camping out on the floor lately. I tried to make it an adventure for the Missaroo. I make sure to lay real close to her bed and everything. But nope, she's not having it. She's been sleeping on the couch! Ok what's wrong with this picture? I'm on the floor and the dog is on the furniture!?! Yep that's right. The Missaroo has out-smarted me once again. And this time all I was trying to do was have another made up adventure. Kind of like when we go to the pet store and visit all the creatures and I pretend we are really at the zoo. Did you know dogs aren't allowed at the real zoo? Now that would be a true adventure.

I guess I'm just going to have to really take the Missaroo camping instead. Consider it added to the must-have adventures list.

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