Thursday, August 5, 2010

Milk, It Does a Doggie Good

Missaroo and I were HOT last night. We were without our car all day, so that meant lots of walking in 90 degree heat. We all know the Missaroo doesn't do so well when the temperature starts to rise, so I tried to keep her cool as possible in between the ventures out.

By the end of the night, the apartment just didn't seem to be cooling off. I hate to run the air conditioner and if it were just me I wouldn't. But the Missaroo was struggling to cool off so the AC went on. Then I had an idea. How about a late night snack.

Did you know that dairy products lower your body temperatures? It's true, I learned that from my best friend Bobbi. So I thought if it works for me, maybe it will work for the Missaroo.

As much as I seem to be anti-people food when it comes to Miss, I'm actually more like anti-processed people food. She has some "snacks" like carrot bits or the occasional strawberry slice. And then every once in a while, like last night she gets an extra special treat, a bowl of milk.

Now, I'm not really sure it cooled her off any, but it couldn't hurt right? And besides she deserves a little special treat every once in a while, and I deserve to feel like a good dog mom. Don't you know: Milk, it does a doggie good.

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