Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Animals? Why Care?

In my quest to change the world, I've taken up many causes over the years. I even have a link of three causes that are near and dear to my heart right here on our blog. But recently, I have been taking flack for wanting to do more for animal rights and welfare. You might be thinking what rights should animals have anyway they're only animals not people. Well I think all living creatures have the right to live and not be killed because there are too many of them in one place. Animals have the right to live and a pets have a right to a chance at living in a forever home, not on death's doorstep at a kill shelter. But that's just me.

As most of you know, I've been contemplating a career change for years now. Ever since my adventure in the Tri-Cities left me depressed, disillusioned, and demoralized. Things have perked up here in Spokane by oodels but I started to go to grad school anyway. I'm glad I'm there. I can't even explain to you in this short blog how much I've learned just by talking to my classmates. If you really want to know ask me about my friend David from Kenya.

Along with grad school, has come the real thought of "what would I do if I didn't do this?" My current answer is go into animal welfare. I would love to be in an administrative position at a humane society or animal welfare agency. People ask me, why not help kids, the elderly, cancer patients? All of those are great causes and those who know me also know about my two other causes I champion. But for me, animal welfare makes sense. It's what I live everyday. Kids are great, but I don't have one. I would feel like Oprah preaching to parents about raising kids when I'm a dog owner. The truth is I don't know the first thing about kids so I would feel like a hypocrite. And the same goes for all of those other great causes. I mean I'm talking about a possible career jump, not who to write a check to this month.

I also firmly believe with all my heart we were ALL put on this earth to defend the defenseless. Only the truly coward harm those who can't protect themselves and only the worst of the worse harm the defenseless. Plus the thought of the Missaroo being abandoned and left to survive on the streets for an entire month, well it's just heartbreaking to me. To even talk about it gets me choked up. So this is my reality, this is my life. I live and breathe and am reminded of the need to protect animals everyday. That's why I care.

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