Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Great Escape, No More

Missy has successfully escaped her collar leash set up in the car three times. It's always when she sees a motorcycle, and twice it happened while I was going 65 down the highway. The first time she nearly jumped out the window. By now, I don't think its luck, I think she's figured out how to get out. In fact, this last time I tightened her collar as I was strapping her in and said to her "you're not getting out this time." Wrong. I decided enough was enough.

Lucky enough this latest escape came on our way to Petsmart. It was time for Missy's grooming but before we made it to the back of the store, we tried on a little doggie harness seat belt. I dropped her off and then made my purchase. I was pretty please, but hoped it wouldn't go the way of the muzzle.

When I went to pick her up, I got her out to the car before I tried out her new seat belt. It wasn't really that hard, after all she is use to wearing a backpack and now a life jacket. Slipping the harness over her head was the easy part. Figuring out how it actually connected to the seat belt in the car was another story.

I tired and tried but I just didn't see how the seat belt was ever going to go through the little loop and still have enough to come out the other side. I left the Missaroo to go back inside the Petsmart to get help. Lucky for me, I happened to find the cutest guy that works there to help me. ((Thank goodness I showered, but he's probably 19)). Turns out you click the seat belt in and then strap the harness to the seat belt! Ah! I never would have gotten there on my own.

We were ready to hit the road and it wasn't long until the harness was put to the test. She was freaking out at a motorcycle behind us in no time. She freaked, and barked, and even tried to jump but in the end she wasn't going anywhere. I almost drove off the road laughing though. She reminded me of that old SNL skit with Mike Meyers playing the hyper kid who wears a helmet, isn't allowed to eat chocolate, and is strapped to the playground. That's about how crazy she looked. But we got home in one piece and that's what I really cared about. The Escapee is no more.


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