Sunday, November 10, 2013

Too Cute for Words

Life with a foster cat. Filled with staring contests and day naps.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dogs are Pets, Not Science Experiments

As we enter the season of giving, I’m going to make my yearly plea for you to please read the labels of the products you buy and read up on the companies you support. Many companies that produce cosmetics, perfumes, shampoos, ect test on animals. And by animals I mean Beagles. Most people probably think of a rat or mouse when they hear animal testing ((not that I think this makes it any better)) but we are actually talking about Beagles locked in cages who never get so much as a bathroom break. I’ve made the switch myself and it is not easy. As someone who wears makeup every day at work and has a regular appointment with the salon, it was extremely difficult, time consuming, and expensive to make the switch but not impossible. It took a conscience effort but I can now tell you with great pride, from my hair color to my lotion every product I use in my bathroom was only tested on willing participants, not caged dogs. But this was a very long journey as well. I’ve never had the money to ditch all of my products and run out and buy more expensive ones. I did it one foundation and shampoo bottle at a time. I challenge you to replace just ONE item in your cabinet this holiday season and tell ONE friend about it. I would also encourage you to read up on the Beagle Rescue Project and see just how you can save a life this Christmas without even having to step foot in a shelter.

The Numbers Game

I cannot believe it’s been months since we last blogged! I’ll spare you the details for once, but basically my laptop wasn’t functional for a while. But the good news is we are BACK!

Of course our first blog back I have to use to attack MADACC. The September numbers recently came out. Although the month by itself is a bit better, the year to date numbers are truly heartbreaking. Basically, the “shelter” has increased its lifesaving capabilities by 2%. At last check in July, they were on pace to save 6% more animals. I cannot tell you how defeated I feel and how sick this makes me. THOUSANDS of animals are being KILLED in the “shelter” every year! Outrageous.
Some might think, hey 2% increase is better than 2% decrease. Well here’s the thing. There are 200 No Kill communities currently across the country. These communities went No Kill virtually overnight. They didn’t start by decreasing the killing a couple of percentage points at a time; A couple of dozen animals at a time. They went from killing to not killing. MADACC is not on the No Kill path. In fact, MADACC doesn’t even seem to know where the No Kill path is located. My frustration level is at an all-time high and my heart is overwhelmed with dread for all of the animals in Milwaukee County. It’s almost enough to give up….. and then there’s Sinatra.

Sinatra is still alive. He was rescued, fostered, and adopted. He is my own personal experience with survival. Beckham was rescued and is being fostered. I cannot wait for him to get adopted. I will probably sob when that day comes, but yet I still look forward to it so we can open up another space in our apartment, our lives, and our hearts for another animal in desperate need of rescue. Life is greater than death and that is what keeps me motivated to continue to take on the system. Fostering is only one portion of the No Kill equation but it’s what allows me to continue to fight for all of the other pieces to come together. Again, I will desperately plead with you to find a small portion of the equation for you to start implementing in your own life and in your own community. For those of you who already adopt, volunteer, foster, or call for action THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Please don’t give up. Together we can and WILL save them all.