Saturday, November 26, 2011

What a Great Idea!

I love when people find a way to help homeless pets get adopted. I mean like LOVE. The other day I was wondering through Petco foot loose and doggie free when I noticed something on the shelves that Missy would also L-O-V-E. Cats! SpokAnimal  has added cat shelving to the wall where cats are now up for adoption at the pet store. This is a GREAT idea. I know several other shelters have already done this and it's nothing really new but still great. I was happy to see it. Missy loves to say hello to the kitties at Petsmart every time she gets groomed. Now we can just walk down the street to say hello. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the display. I will get back on track with the pictures soon, I promise.

The reason I am so in love with this idea is because people don't want to go to the shelter. Period. End of story. They have this horrible impression of all shelters. There is a stigma against shelters and the idea of pound puppies. But take those same animals and adopt them out at the pet store and people just feel better about the idea. Same animal, same adoption, just different place. And it works! There is a group in LA doing this too the umth degree. They actually have a store in a strip mall where they sell adopted animals from the shelters. They average length for a stay there is 2 weeks! 2 weeks! That is amazing. Most animals average 30 days at a shelter. And I want to make it clear these are shelter animals. The shelters transport them and get paid. It's just another way to showcase these wonderful animals. This is so amazing I can hardly stand it. Anyone with a great idea like this is a great friend of mine and Missy's and Mister's.

Friday, November 25, 2011

We Are Thankful

There is sooo much the doggies and I are thankful for this Thanksgiving. First, we are thankful for each other. Those two drive me nuts and I'm not always a good dog mom to them but we love each other.

Second, we are thankful to all of you. I can't tell you how much it means to me to check the blog stats and see how many of you came here and read our thoughts each and every day. I've always thought of this as our little dog blog that could. Well it can. YOU are making it possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Finally we are thankful for everything we have. My dogs have never gone a day hungry since their adoption dates. They have an entire ASPCA tote bag full of treats. Their dog food bins are also full. And every night they snuggle up to each other in their nice warm beds. We have it made.

I hope that you found something to be thankful for this weekend too! I hope you have a pet in your life that makes all the difference too. And if you don't I hope reading this makes you wish you had. Now take our Black Friday challenge and add one more: think adoption first. There are plenty of deals on shelter pets too this weekend. Give the gift of unconditional love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everyday We're Strugglin'

One of the songs I get stuck in my head randomly is Party Rock Anthem The only part I really know is "everyday we're shuffling." The worst part is I think I can dance to the song as well. Thank goodness the dogs can't work the video record button on my blackberry. Anywho... That's why I think the title to this post is funny.

The dogs have been having a hard time lately ((it's almost hard to write about with party rock anthem still playing in the background)) Missy peed on my bed a few nights ago, like really peed on it. I went to go to bed and yep there it was. I had to sleep on the couch. She's also been throwing up all the time. She's upset. Not enough attention and not enough mom. Mister has also been having a hard time but it's forced him to come out of his shell a bit too. Mister has actually started growling at Missy when she dives in to steal the show and ultimately mom time. It's probably one of the few things he does that makes him actually look like a chihuahua. Those little teeth show and his ears go back. Yikes! Watch out Missaroo. I laugh, although I guess I shouldn't think it's funny.

Then the other day between the pee, throw up, barking, growling, and overall attention seeking, crazy dogs I was about ready to throw in the towel. It gets really difficult to keep it all together sometimes. I wish I had a safe place for them to go even for a night just so I can get a break. Instead, I gave them the apartment and I took a nap in the backseat of my car. I finally gave up when I woke up from the back pain. But it was still worth it, I needed a break!

It happens you know. Everyone gets frustrated when they feel likes the walls are caving in and there's no one there to help. Everyone deserves a break, even stressed out dog moms. It's amazing what a nap in the car and a long talk with my ex Bill did to pull me out of my over the edge frustration. He's really a great guy and my only friend here. I don't know what I would do without him ((oh yeah pull out my hair)) I hope other dog moms have a support system too. If nothing else you can read all about my screw ups and dogmom fails. It should at least make you feel like you're not that bad and at best that you are not alone. We can do this one poop scoop at a time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life on the Internet

I'm not really sure why, but every time I get really down in the dumps I seem to create something for the Missaroo on the Internet. It's as though I'm trying to convince myself how cool we are, at least on the Internet. There are some great intentions behind it all including helping homeless pets who aren't as lucky as her and Mister Man. But even though there are great intentions there is also a definite pattern developing.

Another Sunday night, another night online. I've spent most of my free time sleeping since the one time thought of a dog dad left us. After the sleepiness turns into aches all over, I usually have a moment or two where I've decided we are better off alone in this world anyway and we can fend for ourselves. I then create something for the Missaroo. First it was the blog. Then a fans group on Facebook, which turned into a page on Facebook to go along with her Twitter account. Then I adopted Mister so she would have a little brother. Now Missy has taken over Google with her very own Google+ page. I'm still not even sure how to use Google+.

I guess there are worse things I could turn to for therapy: drugs, alcohol, shopping. None of which I have the money for. But it's essentially free to click, type, and upload every night. Plus maybe we're convincing a few peeps here and there that they need a Missy and Mister of their own. Adopted is the best kind of dog. At least now, several social media outlets in, I see the pattern and maybe at least I can do something about it. In the meantime enjoy following Missy as she takes over the world one Internet encounter at a time.

Answering the Critics

When I first started the Master's of Public Administration program at Eastern Washington University I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was still loving everything about KREM and thought this would just be a nice backup plan. My first few papers for the program I wrote about DUI laws and drunk driving policies. I've been a supporter of MADD all my life ((see the other blog)). But my professors kept telling me to find something I was passionate about and write about that for my two years there. Then Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke came to one of my classes to talk about switching over to regional animal control ((something that still hasn't happened in Spokane County)). I decided to write a case study based on his plan and from there on out I knew I wanted to go into animal welfare policy.

The critics tell me I should be more worried about homeless people than homeless pets. Or, that I should help  people in need instead of animals in need. I'm not sure why it is we can only love one or the other, people or animals, but I've been told that's the case. What I think a lot of people don't get is that animals help people. Even though we abuse them, neglect them, lock them up, and kill them, animals still love the company of humans. I can't say my heart is that big. I can't continue to love people through the horribleness they inflict ((believe me I wish I could)) but animals can.

When I was volunteering at the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission as a  clothes sorter I really felt like I was making a difference. I loved the women who came every Monday morning to go through old clothes in order to help the homeless make a better life for themselves. At the Mission, it is very common for those who come in as homeless to end up getting a job there. This was the case with the man in charge of the men's clothing. About three months into my volunteering, we found out he had been stealing the clothes for himself and selling them for drug money. He was fired and told to leave the Mission. My heart broke.

Also while living in Kennewick I volunteered as a greeter in the ER on Saturday nights into Sunday mornings. I can't tell you how many times I was yelled at over the wait, tried to calmly explain to drunk idiots who had gotten into bar fights why they couldn't see their friend in the back, or even watched as grieving family members came in to find out their loved one didn't make it out of the car wreck alive. Again. Heartbreaking.

There are amazing people out there who have the heart for this kind of work, I am not one of them. I have a heart for those who are grateful and give their love back and so far I've only found that in those locked behind doors at animal shelters. My goal is to make people's lives better indirectly by helping them discover their very own Missaroo and Mister too. I would not be the person I am today without the help and unconditional love of the Missaroo and it is that love that I want to spread to others. And I don't think that's a bad way to spend the rest of my life or something that should be frown upon either.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Just before the snow started to fall in Spokane, I made a trip to Petco for food and a new jacket for Mister. His old coat was a little too small for my wiener-dog length Chihuahua. The Velcro in the front no longer Velcro-ed and it was pretty much a disaster every time I took him outside. I ended up carrying it until I finally gave up. Then, I went back to his sweater. When I first adopted Mister he was wearing it and his foster mom let us keep it. I thought that was pretty cool, even though I wasn't too keen on the sweater itself. I'm still not, for this reason: When it rains or snows he's now a wet dog in a wet sweater. I don't really see the benefit in that. So it was off in search of a water-proof jacket instead. And tada!

Pretty snazy huh? He thinks he's looking pretty good too.

Now they are both ready for the cold and the snow!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Had High Hopes

Missy and Mister have yet to know and love a dog dad. I know, I know, this is a subject I have blogged about several times before but this time they were really, really close to getting one; or so I thought. For the first time in their lives they had a man who helped take care of them. I mean REALLY take care of them. Like take them out for walks and runs, he picked up poop, and snuggled with them at night. He was also a positive influence on the Missaroo. His overall calmness helped Miss become calm as well. Calm for her anyway. No one has ever taken those two on a walk other than my mom and me.

But as usu, when the dogs are not the only factor and I am involved, it didn't work out. I wasn't good enough, again. The dogs are the ones who will suffer the most. I should have been much more careful. They are my children after all. I have strict rules about who enters their lives and I'm truly sorry I was WAY wrong again. Now they just stare out the window, Missy throws up pretty regularly, and even Mister seems a lot more needy than he has ever been. He's even started growling at the Missaroo when she tries to butt into his time with mommy. They have been left too many times already, they didn't deserve this. They never do.

We'll move on like we always do, together. I'll take another year or so to get my heart right again, but never again will I let someone into Missy and Mister's lives like that. Not when we had such high hopes for a complete family.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black Friday Challenge

I'm just about ready to send out my Christmas list for this year's family gift exchange. This is the first time I will be home to participate since I moved out to Washington four years ago so I'm SUPER pumped for it. This year, I'd like to make a difference and have a rockin' good time this season, because after all doesn't that sound like what Christmas is all about?? ((And don't get me wrong, I'm big into Jesus is the reason for the season too, in case there was any doubt)) So I have a suggestion on how I'm going to attempt to do just that and I'm challenging each one of you to do the same.

This year as  I head out to the stores, buy online, and shop for my most near and dear, I'm going to make sure that none of my purchases were tested on animals. I was naive once to think that just doesn't happen anymore, but the truth it does and it's sad. There is no reason for it. It is not difficult to avoid. And I was thrilled to find out my fav MAC Makeup made the list of those companies signing PETA's pledge to never test on animals. I actually had the opportunity to pet one of the Beagles rescued from a testing lab at last month's No More Homeless Pets Conference, I just sat there and told Juno, "how could anyone do that to you?" Luckily, I was able to walk away from that experience with a free shopping guide of companies that have already committed to the cause. You can sign up for one here. Now there are all other companies out there ((like Aveda)) that also marks their products "people tested" that didn't make the list so it's not complete. But at least it's a start. For the rest, find out on your own. Call those 1-800 numbers on the back of the products and ask. You can do it. Go animal testing free this Black Friday. I dare you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been inactive for more than 90 days and it's down right heartbreaking. I'm not just talking about my lacking of blogging, I'm referring to my lack of volunteering. I felt horrible when I received my email telling me my volunteer status was being changed to inactive unless I volunteered by the end of the week. Guess what? I couldn't volunteer by the end of the week. I am officially hitting my winter time blues that I seem to get every year I'm alone around the holidays and as per usu I am bogged down with homework. I am counting down the days until December 9th when I am officially free for a month! I hope to find time to volunteer my butt off until classes resume for Winter quarter.

Now here's the thing, everyone is busy. I have time to write this blog don't I? It's not a good enough excuse and I need to figure out my life, sleep less, live more, and just deal. Right? Right. Until I can get it together and get to the Humane Society I'm going to ask a HUGE favor from all of our dog blog followers. GET ACTIVE! Since I have to take the quarter off to finish up school I'm hoping someone else will fill my void and volunteer, donate, and help a homeless pet in need. THEN I want to hear all about it! What did you do? How did you help today? I'm going to be more committed to the Missaroo twitter account, website, and this blog until I can become a reinstated active volunteer. That's what I can do right where I am right now. What can you do?