Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been inactive for more than 90 days and it's down right heartbreaking. I'm not just talking about my lacking of blogging, I'm referring to my lack of volunteering. I felt horrible when I received my email telling me my volunteer status was being changed to inactive unless I volunteered by the end of the week. Guess what? I couldn't volunteer by the end of the week. I am officially hitting my winter time blues that I seem to get every year I'm alone around the holidays and as per usu I am bogged down with homework. I am counting down the days until December 9th when I am officially free for a month! I hope to find time to volunteer my butt off until classes resume for Winter quarter.

Now here's the thing, everyone is busy. I have time to write this blog don't I? It's not a good enough excuse and I need to figure out my life, sleep less, live more, and just deal. Right? Right. Until I can get it together and get to the Humane Society I'm going to ask a HUGE favor from all of our dog blog followers. GET ACTIVE! Since I have to take the quarter off to finish up school I'm hoping someone else will fill my void and volunteer, donate, and help a homeless pet in need. THEN I want to hear all about it! What did you do? How did you help today? I'm going to be more committed to the Missaroo twitter account, website, and this blog until I can become a reinstated active volunteer. That's what I can do right where I am right now. What can you do?

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