Friday, September 26, 2014

The End of the Dog Blog

Missy Mae Baumann died from IMHA September 9th, 2014. She is survived by her brother Mister, her mom Brittany, her loving and attentive grandparents and her aunt Molly O’Brien. Missy or “The Missaroo” was born in an area of Washington State known as the Tri-Cities. She was found abandoned by a woman named Tracy who fostered dogs for Pet Over Population Prevention (POPP) in December of 2008 and was adopted a month later by her forever mom. Each year the two celebrated her adoption date and her birthday will forever be known as January 23rd 2008. Missy loved all things people and had no idea she was even a dog. She loved to go for walks, watch TV, protect her family and curl up to the closest person for a belly rub. She despised motorcycles, being alone and the unknown. In her early years, Missy struggled with other dogs and often tried to attack anything she saw on a leash. Once her brother Mister came into her life she had a constant companion and learned to play well with others, even going to dog parks with him. Missy managed to live a lot of live her 6 short years on this earth. She moved to three different states, walked in the river, chased and caught a chicken, learned to play football, toured two universities, learned to be a big sister, got over her fear of  other dogs, took two levels of obedience school, and about a million others adventures that were all well documented in this blog ((thank goodness)). In the course of her life she also made hundreds of friends.  Although her death was tragic, her mom was with her until the very end.  Missy never knew she was a dog, so she lived and died like the person she truly was.  She might be gone, but never, ever forgotten.

--side note… Words cannot express how much Missy means to me. I spend time next to her ashes everyday thinking about my sweet Missaroo. I am so blessed to have this blog to look back through. Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown us. A HUGE thank you to the amazing doctors and vet techs who took such amazing care of my baby during her stay at the VCA in Aurora, Illinois. If it weren't for their hard work in trying to save her I would have loss a good month with her. I loved every single moment I got to be Missy’s mom for the last 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.