Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Had High Hopes

Missy and Mister have yet to know and love a dog dad. I know, I know, this is a subject I have blogged about several times before but this time they were really, really close to getting one; or so I thought. For the first time in their lives they had a man who helped take care of them. I mean REALLY take care of them. Like take them out for walks and runs, he picked up poop, and snuggled with them at night. He was also a positive influence on the Missaroo. His overall calmness helped Miss become calm as well. Calm for her anyway. No one has ever taken those two on a walk other than my mom and me.

But as usu, when the dogs are not the only factor and I am involved, it didn't work out. I wasn't good enough, again. The dogs are the ones who will suffer the most. I should have been much more careful. They are my children after all. I have strict rules about who enters their lives and I'm truly sorry I was WAY wrong again. Now they just stare out the window, Missy throws up pretty regularly, and even Mister seems a lot more needy than he has ever been. He's even started growling at the Missaroo when she tries to butt into his time with mommy. They have been left too many times already, they didn't deserve this. They never do.

We'll move on like we always do, together. I'll take another year or so to get my heart right again, but never again will I let someone into Missy and Mister's lives like that. Not when we had such high hopes for a complete family.

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