Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All You Need is Love

Missaroo and I have had a crappy week. And now today on my Friday, I am happy to report the Missaroo is all smiles thanks to my forgetfulness.

Long story short, I wrote some very important info that I need for tomorrow on my work notepad. After the long night of breaking news, I packed up without the info. I remembered it about half way through our walk. Luckily, I live across the street from work and actually pass it on my home from our walk at night. I was hoping to be in and out, and for the most part we were. But what a surprise for the Missaroo when she saw the love of her life standing there. I thought maybe we could sneak by on the way out, but in the end I was glad he wanted to say hi to her as much as she wanted to say hi to him.

BOY did she go crazy! I wish I had taken video of it. She was up on her hind legs dancing around and barking. She went NUTZO. I think she even scratched his lip with her paw. She really just can't control herself.

After our hello we headed home. The Missaroo was all smiles. She's my little happy camper, if nothing else at least for the night. And when the Missaroo is happy, I'm happy too. Turns out all you need is love to turn a crappy week on it's head. Thanks Missaroo for another life lesson.

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